After Her NDE-Like Experience, She Was Warned By God and Didn't Listen! – 412

After Her NDE-Like Experience, She Was Warned By God and Didn't Listen! – 412

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My visitor is Cindy Phillips, who quite possibly had an NDE like experience following a drinking water skiing accident. A long time subsequent this God spoke to her and warned but she did not pay attention. Observe to see what transpired. She also experienced a lucid desire wherever encountered her mom.

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  1. Ive had a dream like that when my grandad died, 2 weeks after he died he was in my dream i was talking to him over the phone it was a landline phone with the curly part to the mouthpiece. I didnt have a landline or mobile this was 30 years ago when he was talking i could hear and see him at the same time, he looked like he was in some static tv. He told me to sort my grandmothers finances out and he was okay. He said ive got to go now, i shouted him back he said yeah i told him i loved him then he said i love you too cocker thats what he always said to all his grandchildren cocker. But not only did i hear that i love you i felt it go right through my body. I never wake up in a good mood ever, i woke up that morning as fresh as a daisy still feeling them words for days after. Im now 51 i was 23 when he died and i can still remember every word and feeling he said.

  2. I’ve had vivid prophetic dreams all my life although I don’t know if I’ve ever had an NDE but I did have a dream that was like I saw god and will never forget it. I was on the roof of our home and there was a huge storm and a flood all the way up to the roof and I was yelling the name Yahweh up to the sky. As I was looking at all of the flooding and devestation I had thought about all of my original artwork that I painted which was in the house and I thought I might want to get but only for a split second did it think of this and then I immediately thought that those things weren’t worth it and my life was worth more. At that split second of thinking that life was more important then my most precious possessions I immediately felt this unseen force that lifted me all the way up to the sky and I was laying on my back looking into the face that was a cloud. My instinct said this was God. It wasn’t a really clear face however but definitely a face. Then I woke up. At that moment I wondered what the dream meant and it was all so vivid and I’ll never forget but I knew what it meant and that there’s no material possession in this world that’s worth as much as your life and that perhaps my split second decision that I made was the right decision because i went straight up to the heavens. But this was not the only dream of religious figures I had as a few months later I had a dream where I was down the hill from our home and under cedar trees and I met Jesus and he gave me a hug. Also that was a very real dream I won’t forget. And one of the most vivid was many years ago in the 1990s when I was in a bad marriage and lived in a bad neighborhood and felt all alone and I dreamt I was in the living room where I had fallen asleep but standing up looking toward the sofa I was on. There was a being standing or maybe floating above where I was in sleeping in reality. This being wasn’t like anyone I’d ever seen or thought about and was about 4 feet from the floor and tall with what looked like soft brownish gossamer long hair covering their entire body. What I remember most vividly was the eyes of this being which were the most expressive and deep I’d ever seen. I remember saying to him and I think it might have been a male for some reason but I looked into his eyes and I was apparently aware of who he was and I was saying to him that I was so excited and happy to meet him. I took his hand or arm and held it and I’ll never forget that it was the softest hair that I’ve ever felt and his entire body was covered with this except for the eyes. I don’t know who this was or why he came to me then but I woke up feeling so happy that I had had this dream. I always wondered if it was an angel. I often feel like that I first met the angel, then I was taken to meet god and then I met Jesus in garden under the cedar trees. I’ve never been religious either so this was very strange to me to have these dreams. I changed my perspective after this as I’ve been an accumulator of worldly things and now I don’t care as much for those things and enjoy nature more than ever and have a different view. That split second decision to forget about my treasures and that our lives took precedence over those things took me to the heavens. I’ve never been baptized and now if feel like I saw God even though religious people say that if you don’t get baptized you will never see him. Weird thing though that this was several months before hurricane Katrina and when I saw the footage of people on their roofs it as exactly like my dream.

  3. She just proved my point! She said God told her what's true IS MY WORD! The other woman two podcasts ago swore that God told her that serial killers go to heaven a and the Bible was "Man written". I know this lady's testimony is correct and the other one was deceived.

  4. I love your manner when you ask your well thoughtful questions, and that you also give the person time to reply to your question without butting in whilst they are answering the questions. You only carefully encourage them to expand on their answers without adding your own opinions while they are answering the question. You arena great interviewer as you use active listening during the interview. Thank you for your excellent interviews.

  5. @21:00 where she speaks of the dancing grass and water drops singing.. There have been others that have experienced an nde and explained in detail of the songs that the blades of grass and everything was singing.. She stated that EVERYTHING, EVERY blade of grass, drop off water, rocks trees etc were all singing praises to God.. "everything was praising God" (I wrote this comment before I got to her explanation of what she thought it was) what she stated is in sync with what others have said about the singing.

  6. Thank you for your interview, Jeff. I enjoyed listening to Cindy's inspiring story. Like a couple of other commentators have said – I too find it difficult to understand how God could say He would allow Satan to kill her if she didn't do as He asked. I too, think it may have been someone else saying this.

  7. I will never understand why would anybody say that G-D told them they will use satan to curse or inflict pain on his child. THANK YOU Jeff for letting us know that every experience of the sort of NDEs are personal, different and unique.

  8. I'm not a parent, but I've had enough life experience to know that sometimes a person needs tough love in order to make a change. That's what this sounded like. And if it helped her in life, then I would say it came from love – aka God. I also suspect that shadow, evil whatever you want to call it, works in conjunction with God at times. The way Gollum did in Lord of the Rings. If someone is very much off path for too long and not trying to get back on track, then there are likely exit points that are taken earlier than planned. Maybe evil inadvertently has a helping hand in this so to speak. I would rather be warned than not warned. I see that as loving.

  9. Very sweet lady. One may argue it’s all her imagination but you can’t argue with her detailed memory & sincerity of her change of heart in her life & her father’s reaction.