The Soul's Home is Meaning | Elisabeth Lukas in Conversation

The Soul's Home is Meaning | Elisabeth Lukas in Conversation

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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lukas is a entire world-renowned psychotherapist and the most well known disciple of Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy. Her publications (140 titles in all) have been translated into 18 languages.

In this in-depth job interview, she discusses the query of which means in existence, religiosity, the this means of transience, and the matter of dread of death.

00:02:02 The fundamental factors of logotherapy
00:04:06 The variation between the soul and the mind in accordance to Viktor Frankl
00:07:52 How can the spiritual part of a human remaining demonstrate itself in working day to working day daily life for example?
00:09:43 The connection involving the spiritual and the most inner voice
00:11:32 Viktor Frankl and his worldview
00:12:58 The link concerning feeling and our perceptions/our physical senses
00:14:21 The unique intent of lifestyle
00:18:06 The route that operates as a result of our full daily life
00:21:14 Burnout and despair in an affluent culture
00:24:08 No goal in daily life – suicide?
00:27:03 God’s world and the concept of person we carry inside of
00:30:37 The effects of our predominantly naturalistic, materialistic worldview
00:32:41 How to build a liveliness in faith
00:36:31 Behavioral tips, dogmas and precepts of religion can be a prison
00:40:46 Logotherapy and “transience”
00:43:06 Every single concern is the anxiety of death
00:46:19 Every little thing is coming to an conclusion
00:53:04 The most significant legacy by Viktor Frankl

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Alexandra Grasmik
Voice-in excess of: Alexandra Grasmik, Peter Cox
Assistant Editor: Martin Steffens
Original subtitles: Heike Funke
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. “Just a monkey”? I don’t understand why some people feel the need to degrade the state of the other animals in order to make themselves feel more significant. Humans are “just” an animal too – our feet touch the ground just like theirs. All the animals including the human animal have the spark of the divine. This has been confirmed in innumerable NDEs and medium communications. My family has verifiably communicated with dogs of ours that have passed. You, mam, are an animal as well.

  2. I’m glad that Thanatos is marrying psychology with thanatology. I would highly recommend a thinker like Dr. Gabor Maté. He is a legitimate expert.

    By the way, you guys can have a setting on your videos to enable the audience to tip you, if that suits your sensibilities.

  3. at 26:15 or so, there is some timeless wisdom for anyone who has ever contemplated suicide, especially someone who may have felt really alone for a long time and without hope in sight. thankyou Thanatos and Elisabeth for this precious interview. By complete chance, i discovered the truth of this insight at the age of 25, it helped me a lot. Now I am sixty one and VERY happy to be alive!

  4. A lot of food for thought and wisdom contained here – I specially like your comment about quality of life versus quantity of life – meaning years actually lived on this earth – anyone that's been chronically ill or disabled, just for one example, could relate to that. Same thing relates to this show compared to some others out there – your programming is quality which I much prefer over those that just focus on the quantity of their programming – which often contains guests which are often questionable, just saying.

  5. No one knows whether humans are the only ones who contemplate life. To say that we’re the ONLY animal on the entire planet who can think that way is just as absurd as saying that animals don’t have feelings; what a narcissistic (and close-minded) way of thinking about things.

    Science may have proven that certain animals aren’t capable of complex thoughts but it has never proven that we are the only animal who can contemplate life. I absolutely love this channel and its videos but this one is not going to age well.

  6. He, comparing Judaism with Christianity is possible because they are talking about the same God. Buddhism or Islam can totally not be compared with the religions where our society is based upon. It could be you want it that way but in the end they are totally different and absolute not talking about the same and are not having the same values at all.

  7. There is this longstanding presumption among western societies that humans somehow know what is in the minds and hearts of our fellow animals—that other animals don't experience what we call spirituality, or deep emotion, and that humans are more intelligent. This comes up by 7 minutes into this video and is immediately offputting. The presuptuousness and hubris of contemporary society humans is what has gotten all of us, including our fellow animal species, into so many problems we now face, like climate change. I sincerely wish the folks carrying these thoughts along would revise them. ❤

  8. What makes us think that animals don't have a consciousness, that they don't question, don't ponder and don't have spirituality.

    This woman embodies the arrogance of humans who believe that we are somehow above other animals in importance and complexity. Seems to me that humans are the ones doing the most damage to the planet and the life it supports. This fact places non-human animals above us in my mind. Animals have emotions, intelligence, the ability to problem solve and to plan. How arrogant we are to think that we are the only ones who ponder life.

    I watched a documentary about gorillas once. The film followed the life of one individual silverback male gorilla, and the group that he led. At one point as the gorilla was aging, it was apparent that he would soon be facing challenges to his dominance. Rather than waiting to fight a challenger, he took his group up to the top of a mountain and he sat there in silence. He sat there for a long time. This gave the members of the group time to decide whether they wished to leave or to stay. Many of the group members left. while a few stayed behind to be with him. That takes a kind of intelligence that many people lack. Consciousness does not belong solely to humans.

  9. This is a interview packed with a lifetime of wisdom. Much of what has been covered has taken me 73 years to comprehend, and I know it to be true from hard core experience. Watching this video should be mandatory for every student graduating from high school.

    Dies ist ein Interview voller Weisheit. Vieles von dem, was behandelt wurde, hat mich 73 Jahre gekostet, um es herauszufinden, und ich weiß aus Erfahrung, dass es wahr ist. Das Ansehen dieses Videos sollte für alle Abiturienten Pflicht sein.

    Ceci est une interview pleine de sagesse d'une vie. Une grande partie de ce qui a été couvert m'a pris 73 ans pour comprendre et je sais par expérience que c'est vrai. Regarder cette vidéo devrait être obligatoire pour tous les diplômés du secondaire.