You Are Loved No Matter What You Do.

My name is Tom Wood and I will confess up front that I’m not an expert on anything religious or spiritual. 

I spent the first part of my life as a curious observer and inept philosopher who cared more about what people thought of me and how much money I made than if God was real.Tom Wood Profile Option Soul Doctor TV

I’m kind of the last person who should be starting a spiritual website.  I’m no Soul Doctor.

If asked what religion I was, I always said I was “spiritual but not religious”.

The truth is I was selfish.

The religion I grew up in has a monstrous history of abuse that continues today and no matter how much I love my parents and the good people of the church, I couldn’t consciously choose to belong to it.

I searched for years but I could never find a religion that didn’t try to tell me what to do, but instead told me I am loved no matter what I do.

Maybe it exists, I never found it.  

My love for science, technology, cosmology, and pretty girls in cosmetology distracted me from looking at who I really was.

Meditation? Not a chance. I took pride that my mind was so active that it couldn’t slow down.

The only glimpse I had of the ‘bliss of silence’ was when I entered the flow state during a long run or when I was learning something exciting for the first time.

So why did I start a website called SoulDoctorTV.com when I’m not a doctor or a spiritual guru?

Because, one day, in an instant, everything changed for me. A Soul Doctor came to me and reminded me of who I really am.

On February 12th, 2022, the Saturday evening before Super Bowl Sunday, I flipped through YouTube videos and found one that stood out. It wasn’t anything the Google algorithm had ever recommended to me before.

The title was “Near Death Experience Showed Me Something I Could’ve Never Imagined” It was a video from the INSPIRED Channel featuring Anita Moorjani sharing her very real Near-Death Experience.Anita Moorjani Inspired Cover

I had heard of NDEs before, but I ‘knew they weren’t real.’

They are easy to explain away if you don’t want to really look at them. 

  • “Hallucinations.”
  • “The brain’s way of protecting you.”
  • “The medications you’re on.”
  • “Just a dream state.”
  • “They are something in the brain we just don’t understand yet. But I read they are close to finding consciousness in the brain.” 

However, just a few weeks before that evening, my good friend Jeff Southmayd and I were talking about “The two biggest questions in the world.” 

To us, the two biggest questions in the world are 1) What happens when we die? and 2) Are we alone in the universe?

We both agreed the evidence of ETs was overwhelming but most people don’t take the time to investigate the phenomenon.  

It’s understandable. Not even scientists wanted to believe the earth revolved around the sun when Copernicus showed the math that proved it. Changing your ‘worldview’ takes courage. 

I never took the time to investigate NDEs. A physical-centric worldview was comfortable, thank you very much. A metaphysical-centric worldview meant I have no f*king idea of what’s real and what’s not. 

I politely said that NDEs are interesting and changed the conversation.

That was then. And now…

I’m home alone (with nothing mind-altering in my system) on Saturday night watching YouTube Videos. I was drawn to this video on NDEs.

I clicked play.

Anita’s voice was warm and melodic. She gave her account of her near-death experience, which was captivating beyond anything I had ever heard.

The left side of my brain seemingly abandoned me and I found myself experiencing the NDE with her. 

I had no judgment, no fear, no analysis, and no smarmy sarcasm.

I went with it.

It was as if I was there with her, seeing and feeling what it would be like. She said that she felt an unconditional love that that is impossible to put into words. 

From there, I experienced something so profound that it completely changed the direction of my life, forever. 

After the video ended, I found myself with one hand on my head, whispering to myself, 

“It’s real. It’s real. It’s really real.”

I kept saying it, each time getting louder until I woke myself out of the trance I was in.

When I felt myself back in “reality” I almost expected to realize it was just a dream.

But it was like I was remembering something I had known before. 

I said, “I knew it. I knew there was a reason I never fit into a religion or a belief system.”

I started remembering who I really was and my life here changed forever.

I no longer have to have faith or belief in the afterlife, the soul, or consciousness, because now I know it like I know my name. 

I told one of my “spiritual friends”, Jerod Foos, about it and he said, “before you tell me about it, let’s record it.” 

I didn’t want to record it because it was so personal. 

But a voice inside my head said it would all be ok.

Here’s the video

While this video is deeply personal I also understand it is universal.

Before this event, I would have thought this video was about me, and I would worry about what people thought. 

I no longer worry.

About anything, really.

I don’t worry about death, deadlines, opinions, or any of the activities of the people around me. 

If a worry or an emotion comes up, it goes away as soon as I remember what I experienced that evening.  

I didn’t have a Near-Death or a Death Experience, but I certainly had an experience.

Some would call it an Empathic NDE or a Spiritual Awakening.

Whatever you call it,  

I no longer hoped life continued when we died, I REMEMBERED IT DID.

Over the next several days I watched more than 100 videos on NDEs and started reading everything I could.  As of the launch of this website I’ve watched nearly 300 videos and countless pages of the science behind NDEs.

I started having conversations with God.  I realized anyone could talk to him and that I could have been talking to him a long time ago.

But that doesn’t bother me. I am on a mission to help people remember the truth that they are not their bodies or their brain. They are part of pure love, like a drop of water in an infinite ocean of conscious, unconditional love.

To do this I decided to create SoulDoctorTV to help people “Experience the Near-Death Experience” as I did. 

I stopped trying to build things by myself a while ago. I am fortunate that I had a few very smart friends who will listen to me and guide me in building this site. I am deeply grateful to Jeffrey Southmayd, Michael Carnevale, and Jerod Foos for their unconditional acceptance of me and my experience and their brilliant guidance in building a website without a spreadsheet or a financial plan but with love as the only goal. 

We’ve done our best to make this site simple to navigate.  But please let us know how we can improve it by emailing [email protected]

Finally, think about how you got here. Why are you reading these words this far down in an article about NDEs? 

It’s not an accident. 

We are supposed to be here, learning and working together. 

I believe we are kindred spirits and that together we can do more than we can do anything by ourselves.  

If you would like to volunteer and help us grow, know this, you are worthy and welcome. 

We are looking for responsible people with a variety of skills. Click here to see.

Be ready for some exciting times together!

Peace and Love,

Tom Wood