You Are Loved No Matter What You Do.

My name is Tom Wood and I will confess up front that I’m not an expert on anything religious or spiritual. 

Tom Wood | SouldDoctorTV

I spent the first part of my life as a curious observer and inept philosopher who cared more about what people thought of me and how much money I made than if God was real.

I’m kind of the last person who should be starting a spiritual website.  I’m no Soul Doctor.

If asked what religion I was, I always said I was “spiritual but not religious”.

The truth is I was selfish.

The religion I grew up in has a monstrous history of abuse that continues today and no matter how much I love my parents and the good people of the church, I couldn’t consciously choose to belong to it.

I searched for years but I could never find a religion that didn’t try to tell me what to do, but instead told me I am loved no matter what I do.

Maybe it exists, I never found it.  

My love for science, technology, cosmology, and pretty girls in cosmetology distracted me from looking at who I really was.

Meditation? Not a chance. I took pride that my mind was so active that it couldn’t slow down.

The only glimpse I had of the ‘bliss of silence’ was when I entered the flow state during a long run or when I was learning something exciting for the first time.

So why did I start a website called SoulDoctorTV.com when I’m not a doctor or a spiritual guru?

Because, one day, in an instant, everything changed for me. A Soul Doctor came to me and reminded me of who I really am.

On February 12th, 2022, the Saturday evening before Super Bowl Sunday, I flipped through YouTube videos and found one that stood out. It wasn’t anything the Google algorithm had ever recommended to me before.

The title was “Near Death Experience Showed Me Something I Could’ve Never Imagined” It was a video from the INSPIRED Channel featuring Anita Moorjani sharing her very real Near-Death Experience.Anita Moorjani Inspired Cover

I had heard of NDEs before, but I ‘knew they weren’t real.’

They are easy to explain away if you don’t want to really look at them. 

  • “Hallucinations.”
  • “The brain’s way of protecting you.”
  • “The medications you’re on.”
  • “Just a dream state.”
  • “They are something in the brain we just don’t understand yet. But I read they are close to finding consciousness in the brain.” 

In “The Republic,” Plato treats us to the allegory of the cave, a story where prisoners who were tied up in a cave could see only shadows on the walls of the cave from the fire lit behind them. 

Imagine a group of people who were born in Plato’s cave as were generations before them.

To them, the shadows are reality.

Then imagine one day, one of the people found a way out of the cave. They saw the world as we see it – full of color and light with an infinite sky and an endless variety of animals, plants and landscapes.

What would happen if this was you and you went back to share what you saw?

You would likely be ridiculed, ostracized and labeled. Some may fear for your mental health while others may just ignore you.

What I’m about to tell you is what I saw outside our cave.

What I experienced makes our ‘reality’ seem like mere shadows on the walls of a cave.

There are no words to fully explain what exists outside our apparent reality, but there is now science that shows evidence that what we see, hear, smell, and touch is not fundamentally real. (Ref. 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics).

What I experienced felt more real than real. The best way I can explain it is that I experienced the world we live in as Infinite Conscious Unconditional Love.

It was so transformational that I felt like I needed a new name for myself. I realized that Tom was the shell I’ve been in – thinking it was who I was.

The transformation was so foundational that I shut down all my businesses and re-focused my life on one thing – helping people experience the love I felt.

For lack of a better word, I met God — Infinite. Conscious. Unconditional Love.

This Infinite Love permeated every cell in my body. The Force was so real I found myself weeping with gratitude and bliss.

God said to me that it doesn’t matter what I’ve accomplished in life. All that matters is how I made people feel.

“Have you ever loved someone the way I love you?” God asked

I didn’t even know the Love I felt was even possible. But I was so grateful and happy.

Before I could answer, God said,

“You are perfect. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Not even me.”

I instantly saw every time I tried to prove myself – to myself, my parents, siblings, teachers, peers, priests, coaches, bosses, girlfriends, friends, strangers, and, yes, to a God I wasn’t even sure existed – at least not in the way I had been taught.

I saw it all at once.

There was no time nor space. Just everything happening at once.

Then God said to me,

“You are loved. You always have been and you always will be. “

These weren’t just words. I experienced it.

This is when the infinite Love filled every cell in my body and I found myself in ecstatic bliss.

This bliss lasted for three straight days and nights.

For three months I was so connected to this Force that whatever I focused on materialized.

This happened so often that I stopped questioning it. But I was amazed each time.

I thought about adding a chair to my office and the next day, my neighbor decided to get rid of the most beautiful office chair.

I thought of a friend I hadn’t spoken to in more than 10 years and as I thought about reaching out to them, they called me. 

I recorded more than 20 things in 4 months that happened after I thought them.

A friend of mine took notice and said I should focus on making millions of dollars.

I had no interest.

Once I was outside the cave, money, fame, power, and ego lost all meaning to me.

Money used to be a way I proved myself.

I no longer have any desire to prove anything to anyone.

I began to remember who I was before I was born. I remembered that 1) thoughts are things and that 2) each thought has a vibration, and 3) each vibration is infinite and always available.

“Mind over matter” is more than just a saying. “Mind creates matter,” I remembered.

Nine months later, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the scientists whose experiments showed that that matter is not fundamentally real. Mere observation of quantum space creates matter. Consciousness is more fundamental than matter.

The universe is Mind, says physics. Matter is formed from Mind.

Mind is infinite. Mind is conscious. Mind’s highest expression is unconditional love.

Infinite. Conscious. Unconditional Love.

We are all connected to this Infinite Mind, but our limited brain and body make it difficult to understand this.

This is what keeps us in the cave.

I share this story knowing that it will not be universally accepted. I wouldn’t have accepted it 18 months ago because I was looking for God on the walls of the cave like most people.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about me, my experience or this poor explanation of it. 

All that matters is that you are open to that voice inside you that want to help you find your own way out of the cave.

When you finally exit the cave, you will remember…

Love is all you need.

Love is who you are.

Love is all there is.


Peace and Love,

Tom Wood

Tom Wood | SouldDoctorTV