3 Near Death Experiences, Suicide, and Soul Contracts w/ Michelle Clare

3 Near Death Experiences, Suicide, and Soul Contracts w/ Michelle Clare

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Michelle Clare is a multifaceted practitioner with a rich tapestry of spiritual expertise. As a Qualified Medium, Angel Intuitive, and Spiritual Mentor, she seamlessly navigates the realms outside of our physical existence. Furthermore, Michelle provides her gifts as a Medical Intuitive and Energetic Healer to illuminate the paths of healing and self-discovery. Having survived a few Near Death Experiences (NDEs) in an 11-calendar year span—April 2000, Could 2006, and a pivotal function in November 2011 ensuing in a traumatic brain injury—Michelle’s journey is marked by resilience and profound transformation. Her ability to obtain messages from departed loved ones, Angels, and Lifestyle Guides provides a special dimension to her offerings. Michelle is psyched to share info about Soul Programs, Shared Death Experiences, and navigating the delicate landscape encompassing suicide. With a compassionate spirit and a prosperity of individual and skilled insights, she serves as an Intuitive Existence Coach, guiding some others on their transformative journeys.

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  1. I lost my 14 year old son to suicide last year…I am struggling with grief. I am not suicidal as well but I have asked God to let me leave too and send a “walk in” so I no longer have to suffer here. I am still trying to figure out why I’m still here…

  2. This was great, I'm so happy she emphasized that we have FREE WILL in life despite life plans. Because so many people lately are trying to say every single aspect of our life is a planned script, even our deaths, which means we DONT have free will to change anything. What would be the point of incarnating if we don't have free will? You can't learn and grow without free will. I totally reject these types that push the idea that our lifetime is a pre planned script