How Quantum Physics & Psychology Affirm Near Death Experiences

How Quantum Physics & Psychology Affirm Near Death Experiences

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Those who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and related experiences are often left feeling conflicted within because their worldview is dramatically different from most others. As a result, many struggle to live from our highest consciousness values and seek validation for our new worldview. Experiencers need a scientific language to talk about their experiences. Quantum physics and psychology offers language to help people understand the nature of light, both “local and nonlocal”, and how it heals. It also gives us a clue as to the physics of love as cohering energy.

Quantum psychology gives us an integrative map of the many levels of consciousness to which we have access, and can help us learn to shift at will from lower “local” levels, to higher more collective and “nonlocal” levels related to Law of Attraction. This video discusses how the nature of light relates to love, levels of consciousness, and healing. It also offers a vocabulary and map for processing about near-death experiences (NDEs) and related experiences in healthcare settings and how you can help (rather than harm) as a healthcare provider. (Source: 2017 Conference)

Valerie Varan is an author, holistic counselor, and coach for those seeking to embrace their higher consciousness. Her new book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness, is based on her experience in life and in her years as a psychotherapist, mental health licensed professional counselor, national certified counselor, energy therapist, and personal/transpersonal/spiritual growth coach.

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  1. Out of all the iands discussions that attempt to use scientific reference, this gal is far and away exceptional!

    When you begin to entertain intelligent consideration, it becomes vitally important to value what you do not say as much as what you do say, and this presentation still continues beyond this to make it very easy to entertain for the layman.

  2. The information you presented in this presentation is excellent. But, I had a difficult time following the details as you presented them. I believe that you would help less sophisticated persons understand how these deeper concepts apply to their daily existence in this plane. I teach fairly detailed and somewhat frightening information on controlling a vehicle on the road. I have my impact on students with visual presentations. Non-technical humans learn complex concepts primarily by visual and emotion. For me, most of what you explained was in one ear and out the other simply because it was difficult to formulate and image in my mind. What you shared with awesome but, I would have appreciated the nuances of your presentation if I could have visualized the information in my mind. Regardless, thank you for your very enlightening presentation.

  3. Very good! Though many still believe that consciousness is a creation of the physical being, the apparent physical being is a result of existing consciousness. The separation of Spirit from Science was intentional. It set us back a great distance from the truth of who and what we are. We are Creations. We were here before incarnation, and we will be here after the death of the avatar. Love is the transfer of coherent energy from one conscious being to another through the field. We are part of the source field. There is ONLY the field. You are simply a focused point of awareness, of coherent energy, in the field. Travel to all parts of the field, the known universe is instantaneous with a single thought and intention. Almost everything we are taught since birth in this incarnation is a lie. Chakras and Karma are the creation of our captors, as is our ego that fills a false overlay on our real energetic souls. Religions were their creation to reinforce the false beliefs. Escape is only possible when one realizes they are a captive. Escape is possible with a single thought to be free – to be elsewhere. All that is, has ever been, and will ever be, is already in the field. You know them by many names, but they are all the same entities – the Fallen Ones, the Overlords, the Archons, the Invaders, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, Thoth, and many others. The Liciferians are their humanoid army on the surface, but they are no longer humans. Even though our captors are our older bothers and sisters, they are damaged. They are infected. It is a sickness devoid of empathy and love. They are centered in darkness. Fear is the defocusing of your awareness. Our captors are well practiced at causing confusion and fear. They are no longer capable of creation. It was taken from them for the protection of the rest of the Universe. They use our co-creative skills and abilities to build and keep this damaged world as they want it by making us believe so much that is not true. Only now are we learning the truth about so many lies we used to accept and believe as truth. You are slowly learning how much pain and fear exists for so many on our world. Our avatars were modified to better contain us. Since we are learning of the loop, the trap of reincarnation and the erasure of our memories, their final solution is The Singularity – to lure us into a cybernetic, machine existence where death is no longer possible, since only in death is there a way to escape. Natural, peaceful death is a beautiful transition of an energetic state. There is no ascension in a flash of light. We already exist in both physical and energetic dimensions. Most simply can't see our existence as energetics from the physical realm at such low frequency patterns. I am compelled to tell you this, but I am not sure why since I now know that each of us must discover this truth on our own journey, at our own pace, in our own time. I suppose I just long for it to be sooner rather than later for all who seek the truth. It is the children of the avatars for which I feel so much empathy since I have seen the horrible pain they cause ones so beautiful and innocent. I know that it is an UNNATURAL progression of life, of consciousness. It is an aberration. A mistake. An accident. An unplanned horror. Fight it. Fight it with Love, Empathy, Compassion, Caring and LIGHT. Each of you has heard the adage that light disinfects. And I assure you that it does. Use every bit of energy you can spare to open what is closed, to show all that is hidden, to light the darkness on this world of theirs so brightly that all must shield their eyes. It is not the original world we were given with which to learn of life. The invaders destroyed our original world and made this place, this construct with part of what was left of it. Disinfect it with the TRUE LIGHT – THE POWER OF LOVE.

  4. Sorry to hear she talks from the old paradigm where science are having their careers. Light has been debunked by Walter Russel, General Relativity has been debunked by Nikola Tesla. But hey no surprise here as science only allows main stream talks

  5. SIMPLIFIED SLIDE: 22:51 "Quantum [Physics] NDE/ STE > in a nutshell".// THIS IS GREAT RESEARCH & BRILLIANT DELIVERY!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE/HEAR: SCIENCE {{LIGHT}} MEETS *SPIRITUALITY {{LOVE}} [{both} ~ Knowing] = *CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION !!!! THE NEW AGE- HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN DELIVERED: THE WAY I'VE LITERALLY BEEN WAITING FOR. It's so weird because ever since last summer 2018* especially!!- (until today) Before I was lead to research more in depth, I knew right from the start that Dolores Cannon's "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" Regression Therapy; Alba Weinman; Suzanne Spooner, Allison Coe, among other Quantum Healers and modalities, she was onto something big, even though there wasn't test tube proof, but there was YOUtube proof lol.

  6. We THINK we have mass in this dimension but it is just the construct of the mind. It is the mind (thought that creates with light love energy) that makes this whole dimension …….It is NOT actually existant!!!!

  7. The brain is an area of neurophysiologyactivity. Neurophysiology activity consists of electrochemical reaction. Thus at any given time, the brain state is defined by a subset of electrochemical reactions, derived from a large set of possible reactions. Consider the phenomenon of a. conscious thought. As at any given time the brain physical state consists of a collection of electrochemical reactions (events), it can be inferred that they are collectively responsible for the conscious thought. This means that at least in part, simultaneous events are responsible for thought. In other words, thought creates a connection between simultaneous events. This is in contradiction to the consequences of special relativity, which states that the fastest connection between events is the speed of light and thus excludes the possibility of connection between simultaneous events. Consider the memorizing of, say, the value 5. This would necessarily involve more than 1 point in space as, say, if it is assumed a single electron records 5 by taking a particular potential. Then it by itself cannot define (or know) 5, as its magnitude would be defined only with respect to another datum or event defined as a unit potential, thus involving at least 2 simultaneous events. Consider the experience of vision. While we focus our attention on an object of vision, we are still aware of a background and, thus, a whole collection of events. This would mean at least an equal collection of physical events in the brain are involved.
    Take the experience of listening to music. It would mean being aware of what went before. Like vision, it would probably mean that while our attention at any given time is focused at that point in time, it is aware of what went before and what is to follow. In other words, it spans the time axis. Many great composers have stated that they are able to hear their whole composition. Thus their acoustic experience is probably like the average person's visual experience. While focusing at a particular point in time of their composition, they are nevertheless aware of what went before and what is to come. The rest of the composition is like the background of a visual experience. Experiencing the composition in this way, they are able to traverse it in a similar fashion to which a painting is observed. In this sense, an average person in comparison can be seen as having tunnel hearing (like tunnel vision) when it comes to music, thus making it very difficult for him or her to reproduce or create new music. It can be seen that consciousness is a 4-D phenomenon. If it is a physically explainable phenomenon, such an explanation would involve EPR type effects and as such physical explanations at a quantum level will be involved.