She DIED & Felt The PRAYERS On The Other Side – Near Death Experience (NDE)

She DIED & Felt The PRAYERS On The Other Side – Near Death Experience (NDE)

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Near-death experience guest 1131 is visitor is Leena Zafary, who experienced near death experience owing to her lungs collapsing.

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  1. Thank you for this interview it was beautiful and your explanation of your views and just knowing as far as religious journey s and respect for it but not following one in particular is the closest I have heard my feelings put to words thank you

  2. I loved her beautiful description of what prayer is to her. It’s that to me also. Sometimes it’s me meditating and speaking to God on behalf of others, but it’s essentially me focusing my love and intention to send them positive energy and love and healing light. I do believe there is power in that.

  3. I hear a lot of people who have NDEs say that everything is pre-planned before birth and everything that happens is predestined. So my question is this. If everything is predestined, then why would prayers even matter? For example, if you are destined to die on a certain date/year, then praying to God about intervening would be useless! If prayer in fact does change things, then that means that God doesn't know the end to the beginning which I would think is severely undermining the power of our Creator.