She Had 9 Out of Body Experiences | She Collided with God & felt Excruciating Ecstasy | Laurie Majka

She Had 9 Out of Body Experiences | She Collided with God & felt Excruciating Ecstasy | Laurie Majka

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She Experienced 9 Out of Body Experiences | She Collided with God & felt Excruciating Ecstasy | Laurie Majka

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Take note: I am not promoting the use of DMT

This is Section 1 of my interview with Laurie Majka about her 9 OBEs
Observe Section 2 in this article:

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  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. No matter what I’m facing in my life I won’t let go of Jesus! I keep crying out asking for prayers because, I know our prayers are stronger together so please pray for me. I’m struggling to provide for my two autistic children since losing my job over not getting the vaccine. I have pre existing health condition (Lupus) and Heart disease. My husband passed away three years ago, so I’m all alone. Both of my sons are non verbal so things are more difficult for me. I don’t know how we are going to make it through this this month. We are facing eviction.
    I’m still waiting on the state for assistance. I’m so embarrassed of my situation. BUT NO MATTER WHAT I have Faith that God will provide!

  2. Yeah, LCL audience is probably not also JRE listeners. Glad she mentioned doing tons of research because DMT is still classified as an illegal drug in the US, and while there is a history of whether or not it should be illegal, Terrance McKenna famously said, “We are all carrying”, since our bodies produce it, and most importantly the ‘journey’ isn’t just getting a little high. Setting is SO important- read more on the work Johns Hopkins University is doing with psilocybin and terminal cancer/ depression patients. Be safe y’all. ❤️

  3. I've researched this topic since 1994 and God/Source showed me long ago that everything we experience we have planned it before coming to earth. When I go through things in life I would ask myself why on earth would I have ever chosen to do that. Then as time goes on and I look back the answer is very clear! We come from a state of perfection so that we can experience something other than pure love and perfection. I was stuck in religion for so long always judging people for their actions and Source showed me that I did that because it made me feel worthy or better than the person I was judging. Religion and more specifically Christianity is very good at telling people that unless they believe their way or the way the bible says, then you are doomed to some eternal torment and that is totally absurd! The light source told me long ago that He created us in His image and likeness and that is NOT human flesh! It is ENERGY and that energy cannot be destroyed or harmed in any way or by ANYTHING! PERIOD! So, remember that the next time some religious person tells you that you will go to some eternal torment if you fail to believe a certain way. If they only knew how powerful the soul was they would not say such ridiculous statements.

    However, I've been there and done that and all they are doing is spreading a message from something they were taught and that message keeps getting repeated over and over again and has been for thousands of years. If people would only stop and think they could easily snap out of the religious trance! Ask yourself this question if you are bound to religion. How many times have you prayed for something, but yet you are still broke, can't pay your bills, have a hard time at work or finding a job, you have sickness, feel depressed, OR just going through hell and no matter how hard you try or what you do the church always answers back and says, "you have to suffer as Jesus did, or you have to go through things because in your suffering you will one day find glory". Well, no matter how hard you have tried that day has never come and I will tell you this, IT NEVER WILL unless you change the way you THINK and BELIEVE! When they program that mess into your mind you believe it and when you believe it you will attract that very thing. It's called the LAW of Attraction!

    So, how do you get off that messy roller coaster ride of suffering that you've been on for so long? RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!

    Raise your vibrations by spreading a message of love, peace, joy, happiness, and offering a people HOPE! If you are going through hell then I encourage you to look at your surroundings and analyze everything that comes out of your mouth AND out of the mouths of PEOPLE that you surround yourself with and that includes TV, radio, social media, etc.. If you preach hell then you will attract HELL and that is a fact! STOP misrepresenting our Creator and START spreading the message of love and everything else that pertains to our beautiful light source and YOU will see and attract such beautiful things in your life that you won't be able to contain them without bursting into tears of joy!

    I loved this video because even though I have never had an NDE, it just confirms the very same things that Source has shown me over the years. Blessings to this beautiful woman, Laurie, and also to you and your podcast because you do such a great job during your interviews and you have such a beautiful spirit that emits nothing but love and light! Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God… This is exactly where I'm at, minus the plant medicine – but in perception and in writing. THANK YOU MEL for this interview and to the interviewee, whose name I've yet to learn. Can't wait for Part 2. And 3 and 4?? ❤
    PS. What a treat for me!

  5. I was gung ho and super psyched so I purchased a lifetime supply of 5Me0…. Did it once with a heroic dose…don’t remember much but received a serious physical healing and a look of concern with permanent raised eyebrows and new forehead creasing like I seen some shiiiitttt.

  6. As someone who’s listened to thousands of NDE stories, as well as countless 5-meo-dmt trip reports, I always wondered why there’s separation in the classification. Thank you for sharing this beautiful interview. I’ve done ayahuasca which was very intense (to say the least) so i haven’t felt quite ready for 5-meo. But if/when I ever do, I hope my experiences are similar to this interviewee. Many blessings to you both.

  7. I love love this!!! I have had experiences during meditations much like this and know this to be truth! There is no words or feelings to describe this! Thank you for sharing this story, it helps me know that my experiences are real!

  8. Beautiful interview, thank you for sharing! I've done Ayahuasca 6 times. There are no words to describe this sacred medicine. You access a profound intelligence where you enter into what can only be described as a higher dimension. It only sounds woo woo until you experience it firsthand. Afterwards though, you feel like you've had 20 years of psychotherapy in just one or two sessions. You feel like a 100 lbs of stress and pain has been lifted off of you. The medicine is often referred to as grandmother, bc there is often a feminine, mothering quality to it. Each of my 6 ceremonies offered a different experience and level of healing and understanding. The veil is lifted and you see we truly are one consciousness having a human experience. Love to you all!

  9. 5meo is no joke, when it started to work all the stars warped into one and then blasted off. But then the darkness and fear came over, while feeling my whole body clenched like a fist and shaking so intensely, fighting the feeling of being taken and dying, praying never to do this again and then feeling as if I was floating sort of like in a spirit dimension and was ok but hard to comprehend. When I realized where I was again (in the sand dunes near Lake Huron) I felt sick in my stomachache and could tell I had the urge to vomit building. Still sort of hallucinating colors and puking was intense but lucky my friend was there to help make sure I was ok. Definitely had respiratory depression and felt like I wasn't getting any oxygen, and didn't want to choke. My friend said I was purging and he was tripping too and our other friend said he heard him talking with his deceased mom. Pretty crazy experience can't really explain it you have to do it to know it.

  10. Is Jesus real? There was and is so much about this man. Growing up I couldn't tolerate his torture, etc death "for our sins" in order to get to heaven. Some NDE's don't see or interact with him like the bible says. But I only like his kindness, healing, teaching ..if that's even true. I'm so perplexed about that part of growing way away from the family. One particular. Please tell me if there is a Jesus in the afterlife..? I actually saw graffiti in the catacombs outside of Rome with the symbol of the 'good sheppard' with a lamb draped around a man's shoulders. Was Jesus really a real man. Did the church manipulate us ? Was it all a fairy tale ?

  11. Wow, Laurie explained a lot in great detail. Very reassuring information which she brought back to share with us and it strengthened my already strong belief in the eternal spirit and afterlife. I'm so happy to hear another message about the eternal love that is awaiting all of us when we pass over to the other side :)) Its always very exciting and exhilarating for me to hear peoples experiences of having an out of body experience. Thank you for sharing your experience Laurie.