God's Mercy Saved Me From Dying | Near Death Experience | NDE

God's Mercy Saved Me From Dying | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you ever experienced a near death experience (NDE), encountered an angel, or visited the other side ? If so remember to ship your story of the afterlife to us via e-mail, we would really like to hear it.

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  1. I have seen the end, I asked to be shown things and I am shown. The end isn't pretty at all, the good and the evil are separated as this was the end of Earth too, everything was sucked up into space or off of planet, the good and the bad. I saw what had to be the bad trying very hard to grab a hold of others legs or whatever they could get their hands on because everything was going up like it was being sucked up, the good going in One Direction and the evil or bad going into another. the evil or bad was pulled in a direction of Chaos and panic,and doom. it was like one would reach for another who was going in the direction they wanted to go into because everyone knew that it was the end of everything as on Earth things were being sucked and pulled off into different direction and nothing was surviving this. so you could tell the evil from the good as they were the ones trying like hell to hang on to the ones that were going in the direction of God, I knew this because of what I saw on Earth before I was pulled up as well. I surrendered to God something I learned a long time ago during these experiences I have during sleep or meditation, but there was nothing left to do but surrender or leave it up to the fate of our maker. trucks houses, it didn't matter the weight of anything it was going just like everything else and the planet was off of its access and was just spinning off into nothing as it seemed. I was holding on to a staircase that I was sitting on outside of a building, I was holding on for dear life on a metal bar attached to a stairwell attached to a building. as I saw everything just drift by me with a wind I knew it was all over for everything on earth and the planet itself and that's when I surrendered to God, I looked up and realized there was nothing left and that was going to be nothing at all even if we survived this so I threw my arms up in the air as if to give up as I said "I Surrender
    God" " surrender to you God" I mean there was nothing left for me to do. But when I said it I said from my heart because my love had to be enough to save my life. So as I watched the airplanes just passing by me with no one flying them as the wind was taking everything off of the planet including buildings I knew there was no tomorrow for this planet or this world. after I said those words to God it wasn't but a second later as time wasn't a factor then, I was placed in my bed vibrating maybe a couple feet from my bed, but I was aware of everything that was going on I wasn't asleep. When I realized I was in my bed,this is when I was so very grateful, when I realized without a second thought that this was a preview of what will happen as the people of Earth were being separated and one group was going in One Direction and the other group was going in another. I had no reason to doubt what I saw because I've seen many things like this and you just know what our dreams and what are not. When I was placed in my bed after this experience I'll call it,I vibrated with so much love, So much I never dreamed that I would feel like this ever, the love you feel the love I felt, I never knew existed. I knew was there but I had never felt so much of it before. After this experience I knew my life had to change just because if this experience would prove to be true I never wanted to be the one to verify it. So many more souls have testified to things like this, the ones that have died and come back similar experiences. I'm not messing around when it comes to my eternity. I'm not going to be one of those ones who looks back and says wow I should have done this, but saying this now I don't think there's time to think about anything if anything like this were to happen to this planet and us. about 18 years ago I died on the operating table as well, I went to a place that I would call hell, I wasn't doing much good with my life at that time but this is a verification of what people would classify as hell. The thing that you fear the most that you don't even want to think about that would be your hell. most people need verification or things that are proven without a doubt before they will believe anything, but this one is something you can't do over, when your life is over and it's time to pay back what you borrowed or did during this time in this life, you wish like hell that you'd have done things differently.

  2. I was laying in my bed one evening laying here trying to sleep, I do a sort of contemplation or meditation before I let sleep take me, I think about my day how I want my life to be, what I need to do to make it better that sort of thing. So I was done with my contemplation or meditation before bed I do this every night, and right up underneath my ceiling fan just beneath it, what I will call him is Jesus as he was deep in meditation with his arms crossed across his chest and his eyes were closed, he was dressed in a white cloak, I don't know what else to call it but it had a rope of sort where the belt might have gone. I looked up and he was deep within himself in his eyes were closed, he was meditating above me as we know that the holy ones, well we don't have a name for all of them but there was no mistake in this one look just like all of his pictures and what we say he looked like, but as I looked up and saw him looked as though he was sleeping I let out a scream because he startled the life out of me as you can imagine I wasn't expecting to see anyone never mind Jesus just a few feet above me, he looked to be about 6 ft 2, a tall man from where I was. That was a wonderful experience for me and certainly not what I expected. The word linear says so much about this experience when he can be everywhere or anywhere he wants at anytime as he is "everywhere." so many verification stories I have,but people will only believe what they want to believe, even when they see it with their own eyes they still doubt their own verification. so many things in my life I've seen that nobody would ever believe that's why I really don't bother ever saying anything to anybody except family members, everyone wants you to prove it, how is a soul to do that?