Robert Caplan – Veteran NDEs / Love: Our true identity, purpose and meaning for being human

Robert Caplan – Veteran NDEs / Love: Our true identity, purpose and meaning for being human

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Robert Caplan, Navy veteran — web site
Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, Col. US Army (Ret.) — web site

Presented at the IANDS 2010 Conference, Sept. 2-4, in Denver, CO

Diane Corcoran talks about her experience with NDEs as a US Army nurse in Vietnam and serving in the military over a 24-year career, including as Chief Nurse and Commander of a Combat Support Hospital. Dr. Corcoran emphasizes the special needs for veteran NDErs getting treatment and benefits in the military. Dr. Corcoran is currently President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).

Robert Caplan is a Navy veteran near-death experiencer: This presentation will address my knowing of my/our true identity. Neither science, medicine, philosophy or religion pragmatically personalizes being in this life. My NDE continues to reveal purpose, meaning and presence 53 years later. I will present four aspects of LOVE relevant to daily existence.

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  1. I had a near death experience Nov 17,1977 I was in labour with twins from Sunday to Thursday Twins weighed 8 lbs 9ozs and 7lbs 8ozs plus afterbirth I carried almost 20 lbs including twins.My heart stopped for 10 mins and I was semi-concious from 2:30pm to 7:30pm lost lot of blood;and I had to get blood transfusion. I was 200yrds from a river the water was almost level with ground, and if was still. There was groups of monks talking to each other on other side of river. They did not acknowledge me the river went in a angle not paralell to where I stood there were many fields and away in distance 3 mountain tops. I did'nt see angels or God. I felt a deep cold lonelyness, and I was scared because I knew I was dead. I pleaded over and over to return to earth because I had 4 children and the twins to look after. It was over near death experience at the start when my heart stopped I was sucked down a cone shape tunnel and then I saw a white colour with no border on it. Later on in my life I was in College in Art class and I tried to draw a picture of scene I saw, the Art teacher said it was ominious. I am a twinless twin my twin sister died at 7 weeks of age, Dr said that I would not survive I did'nt walk until I was 3 yrs of age.

  2. This is not a NDE but is very unusual. A few years ago my oldest sister was in hospice in Steubenville Ohio, she would only live a short time,. I live about 50 miles east of Cincinnati. One of my other sisters, I have 7, and I decided to visit our oldest sister in Steubenville. We traveled a southern Ohio route to get there and spent several hours with her and other family members. When we headed for home we took a westerly route that took us to Rt 77 that goes north and south in Ohio. We got onto 77 and went south for a mile or so and then turned west on Rt 70. We had only gone a short distance when I observed traffic lined up in the left hand lane and assumed they were all taking an off ramp at the far side of the overpass we were approaching, so I moved to the right lane to pass them. When I got onto the overpass I immediately hit black ice and began to spin first one way and then another. I managed to avoid hitting any cars or the railing on the side of the overpass. I came to a stop a short distance from the end of this overpass, setting crossways in the right lane, effectively blocking it. My sister said Oh my God. I looked past her and saw a large truck on the bridge headed for us. I thought "We are going to die". And then another thought, " It will hit Sarah first". At that moment Time slowed down and a still small voice told me to put the car in gear and push very gently on the gas pedal. I didn't know the car was in neutral, but it was, and I did exactly what the voice said. If you see a large truck coming at you and you need to get out of the way fast , you push on the gas hard. But I didn't , and the car got traction and we moved forward toward the cars in the left lane, They were almost bumper to bumper but a space opened up just enough for the nose of our car to get out of the way of that big rig. And he passed us without hitting us and we then backed up and turned west and continued our journey home. But the thing was, the truck was traveling at probably 40 to 50 miles an hour and when I saw him we were only at most 100 feet apart, and yet I had enough time to very slowly move out of the way. I remember having no fear of impending death at all. I am convinced that it was Divine intervention that saved up from sure death and slowed or stopped time long enough for us to move out of the way.

  3. Thank you for this wounderful work you are doing with the NDE.I personally didnt have any but I am so interested and completely believe in the NDE .Keep getting the word out and helping our military women and men that this has happened to.

  4. Sign me up! Viet Nam vet 67-68 Fwd Observer 173rd Airborne Brigade, and several NDEs. Will study this video and figure out how to reach you. I need and want to help other vets. CPT Robert R.

  5. What about creating a Vets NDE’s Annonamous on Zoom! I have this for another type of meeting & it’s working very well! (I’ve had an NDE, as well, but not a vet…they wouldn’t take me due to my spine, btw.) Get them a refurbished computer or a tablet to have the Zoom App & they can see each other or not see each other! Best wishes to all these people! ♥️

  6. "when you're born
    nobody exhales first; they take in a
    breath, then they express it, and that's the nature of this embodiment and of the Spirit we are graced with, this presence that lives through us (we don't have a relationship with, those are just linear words, it's very deceptive) this energy animates us, it lives through us…" This statement was one of the best descriptions of what we are and why we are here – to embody the Source that lives through us. Well said, Mr. Caplan, well said.

  7. I do not believe in the so called…NDE…..I'm sorry, I am a …skeptic…….I truly feel that if anyone has ever had a DIVINE experience he or she would not be here today to talk about it I don't think anyone is ready to see or hear God or Jesus or any other DIVINE being unless ….God wills it, I don't think you just die momentarily and visit all these beautiful place and see all these wonderful peoples from long ago that have died. There has to be another explanation for these things to occur. I'am not saying that everyone has a gimmick,…. some truly believe and some are out to create publicity and sensationalism.

  8. Women feel the very Comeroderi-love War Women served/saved/bled/died/returned- as the males have done. Half of the account is being told-careful no to leave out the Sisters, half! BTW, I was a Navy Corpsman-5yrs. 45 minutes after 9/11, I joined the Army National Guard/Army War trained Arial Medical OR Tech. I was Medically Discharged after an Attempt of Murder-NDE! FM WARRIORS ARE NOT MERE WEAK SUPPORTERS, with girl issues!

  9. Google search 1981 Documentary about 4 Australian Women, it's 1_11 video clips by Peter Ramster, it says that it is banned, but it is not, and Dr Brian Weiss books Many Lives Many Master's, and one man who defied gravity, it's recommended because it's been a by police officer's, prison guards, sherrifs, landlord's, tenants and several others, Google search for
    Paranormal Witness called
    The Rain Man, this one has the scientific community scratching their heads, and it really blew my mind, when you see it, then you too will understand exactly what I mean, there's something going on here, and it's a reminder to me, to make thing's right, while we can, this video has the entire police station and prison freaked out, but thank God for Salvation!

  10. theres the NDE and what actually happens after you die and whether or not that is controlled much like we are conditioned to believe we are only flesh and bone. id like to see other people talk about the god program or possibly et /id intervention in consciousness experience after death and what we experience as real or simulated or augmented death reality. the conspiracy goes much further down that we know

  11. The trauma of war, of dying, in war is immense and an NDE adds to that but it heals.  Do we medicate an NDE'er because they are "Psychotic " or "delusional".  You do not have to be  Veteran to have an NDE and anyone would be moved beyond expression to be healed, forgiven, loved and sent back. My VA Social worker is helpful as a listener but the shrink wants to medicate as you have told us in this video.  I want to help others, help NDE'ers, and Bless the world.

  12. Hello Diane,
    You and I have spoken in the past on the phone about my experience. I want you and others to know there is help available at . Do NOT add the letter 'm' and make it ".com" because the link will not work if you do that. It ends with .co .Some of us there are military and can help these Veterans adjust to a new reality. Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell is one of the co-founders of the group. So I just wanted to pass that website on to you and your viewers of your video. Also I shared your video with several Veteran social media sites too. So you might see the times viewed number shoot up soon.

    God bless and thank you for your service.
    Tony Woody US Navy Chief Petty Officer (Ret.)