Near Death Experience: Boom!

Near Death Experience: Boom!

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Chris Batts experienced really rough start off to everyday living and by the time he was a younger adult, he was deeply depressed and tried to take his lifetime. He had a near-death experience that was so transformational he went from deeply depressed and attempting to acquire his possess existence to suicide survivor, published creator and motivational speaker.

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  1. What a beautiful story of perseverance and love. Chris is an absolutely remarkable young man. A beautiful spirit in this world and we are blessed to have him. After all he has been through, he still has love and compassion in his heart to give to others. How resilient is the spirit of love. Wow!

  2. 1. Thank You for creating this Youtube channel, and your dedication to help people find peace & salvation ! 2. Many thanks as well to your guest for sharing his story – will be seen by many and will help them rethink and discover God; will save many souls ! Such stories have such deep impact on many people that see them first time; more than many people assume it might have, at first.