Into The Spirit World – Recording of Life Between Lives Regression

Into The Spirit World – Recording of Life Between Lives Regression

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Because I promised in the final episode that I’d engage in this upcoming, this week’s exhibit from the vault is a uncommon recording of an genuine Lifestyle-Concerning-Life regression. In fact, it’s my wife, Melissa’s, extraordinary experience that is anything you can love a handful of moments around and get a thing new out of it every single time—it’s that wonderful.

Not only will this episode give you a perception of peace and hope, there is so significantly spiritual perception and wisdom conveyed in Melissa’s ‘journey into the spirit world’ that you are going to experience like you grew spiritually just by witnessing it. I hope you acquire as a lot as I did from hearing it and discover by yourself emotion far better about life at the end.

Would really like to hear what you choose absent from this otherworldly experience. Not only is this Melissa’s regression experience, the pictures in the video clip are taken by her as well.

Sending you so much like you’ll need a selected driver, Bob Olson and

Important notice: Simply because I removed the pauses, it could possibly ‘appear’ that the regressionist, Nancy, is leading some of Melissa’s solutions. That is totally not the circumstance. As I mention in the introduction, Nancy is intuitive, so her response to Melissa’s responses is these kinds of that she is subsequent alongside with Melissa’s experience. It serves no goal for any regressionist to guide, because it’s much more pleasant to learn the story than to build it.

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  1. This was your best one yet . I feel like I want to keep going back and replaying it to glean knowledge . I always felt kind of selfish for choosing to live alone and not wanting kids so I was digging what the spirits were saying lol and just when I was reflecting that I wasn't enough I got there answer at just the right moment ! I'm not a true believer but it doesn't matter .

  2. WOW just Wow
    Thank you Bob & Melissa for sharing this amazing experience. There's a lot that I actually resonated with, the loneliness, strength, love ect. I found the whole recording so softly beautiful, peaceful, & calming. A feeling of total loving connectedness ❤❤❤❤

  3. Thanks Bob for editing this interesting audio , I think that in the last few minutes Melissa's ideas on "God" are interesting .If I understand it correctly rather than being a separate personality God is the energy or consciousness that connects all beings, It doesn't get more profound than that!

  4. It’s great to hear about another person’s experience. I had a between Lives regression but it was very vague and not very clear, kind of disappointing, actually.
    I hope to someday have another one, but feel that I need to have an in person session, because I actually had two, and the remote one was even more disappointing.
    I have had much more detailed past life regresssions, several times, but hope to have a more intense between lives experience, hopefully, when the Covid pandemic is over.

  5. Thank you, it was so interesting and insightful. I have both of your books and I just love them. Thanks for writing them and sharing them with all of us. I thought it was so interesting to hear about what we call being alone and how it's valued from a spiritual point of view. Thanks to both of you ❤❤

  6. I have had 2 NDE's. In one I was suddenly sitting on a bench in a totally white room and this woman with bright red hair came up to me with another pushing a bicycle. They smiled at me and gave me a huge hug. The red head got right up in my face and said while laughing, " I missed you so much but what are you doing here silly? You are not suppose to be here yet." and she shoved me really hard and I came back into my body. Both my shoulders hurt for awhile cause she pushed me there.