Cate Flanagan – Examining the Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences

Cate Flanagan – Examining the Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences

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Examining the Aftereffects of NDEs, and the Relationship Between NDE Components and Aftereffects

Cate Flanagan, Ph.D.

Presented at the IANDS 2011 Conference, Sept. 2-4, in Durham, NC

Abstract: This presentation will detail the aftereffects of near-death experiences as reported by 14 adult near-death experiencers. Additionally, an initial examination of the relationships between experience components and aftereffects as well as the relationships between and among aftereffects will be presented. In an effort to preserve the sanctity of the individual experience at the time of death and the resulting growth from such an experience a qualitative approach was used to collect and analyze data. Seventeen change categories will be presented as well as the beginning of a relational model between and among components and aftereffects will be offered.

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  1. I really wish people would start making reference to Greyson Scale (or NDE-C Scale) scores.

    I see lots of people who have had STE's (spiritually transformative experiences), or OBE's (out of body experiences), etc and they are commonly trying to convince their selves and or others that they have had an NDE.

    it is disappointing and generally confusing, every time someone in good health goes out of their way to try to identify as an NDE'r.

    NDE's are important because they are associated with scientifically measurable observations and determinations. this quality of information is compelling to the postmodernist paradigm, that does not trust the philosophical powers of reason. so if everyone is going to subscribe to this paradigm why throw away Bruce Greyson's scientific organizational tool in the Greyson Scale (or the NDE-C Scale)? there is no good reason.

    I personally have had an OBE that scores 80 out of 80 on the NDE-C Scale (similar to the Greyson Scale), that was the result of being ultra healthy. I have had a handful more of experiences that score between 17-39 out of 80 with NDE-C Scale too; this is all the result of healthy culmative practices.

    these are ineffable experiences that can help us to evolve, if we are reasonable, and we are not even using the language that we have, to orientate our selves on the path.

  2. im watching this many years later! But I feel to say, as a healer, and someone who has been through spiritually transformative experiences (including astral travel as a child)..that people who have had NDE's and other STE's and their experience of being rejected by those close to them, doesn't surprise me….we are so resistant to our true nature and to unconditional love….which is what NDE'rs represent in a way! NDE's completely eradicate so many beliefs that are present in religion and society…it literally makes all those beliefs irrelevant, and most people are not ready to let their perception be altered. It is just the fear that their perception of reality may not be true…and that would be a very hard thing to accept! Im glad IANDS and communities like this exist to support NDE and STE people…I believe at the current time on earth…these people have a huge purpose 🙂

  3. Life Is A Near-Death Experience

    There is a very fine line between death and life,
    As fine as the edge of a double-edged knife.
    And we think we're on the brink
    of forever losing our inner sense:
    Life Is A Near-Death Experience…
    There is an indefinable line between life and death.
    It's all in our mind within our very next breath,
    And Time is the wall we are all up against:
    Life Is A Near-Death Experience…
    Listen to the whisper of the whispering wind
    Feel The Breath Of Life whispering deep within,
    See the sun arise: See the sun descending
    Life has no beginning. Life is never-ending…
    Behold the far-away twinkling of a far-away star
    We are Life-Itself, Life is who we are
    Beyond what earthly senses
    could encompass through their lens:
    Life Is A Near-Death Experience…

    Words&Music © Ronnie Kahm 2018
    This is the centerpiece of my Joyful New Afterlife Oratorio:
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  4. I have an nde,,and twenty one percent of ndes try to kill themselves after there nde,,,they cant talk about it,,they cant tell anybody,,,nobody believes them ect,,,not to mention they are changed forever,,for those that believe I hope you believe also what we are going through on the inside

  5. Fearless Mack, no there is nothing funny about what you mentioned.  She wasn't referring to that, I think she was relating more to her own personal experience of what she believes to be God.  On another note, I'm not certain why people think of God as some man in the sky using all of us as pawns creating war, death, genocide, murder, rape, and child abuse, as you put it. 

    Let us not forget that it is we humans that create all of this havoc in our lives, not some God in the sky sitting back with an amused smirk as he watches some of the awful things that people can do to one another. 

    People who use the argument that there is no God because bad things happen also tend to tout how great it is to have free will.  Yet if we mention a God force allowing us this free will, then that's just an absurd concept to them.  So it's okay to deny the potential of a God existing because a loving God wouldn't let bad things happen.  Yet if you mention a God that "allows" things to happen because we all have free will is not acceptable either? 

    I think the sooner we come to accept that, if there is a God, he/she/it might have a few other things going on then constantly trying to redirect some people's behaviors.  Just my thoughts.    

  6. The honest, intelligent study of NDEs will grow our paradigm and lead to so much advancement in the human condition that it is difficult to imagine the scope of the beautiful potential.