Full Near Death Experience (NDE account) – Mary Helen Hensley (IANDS)

Full Near Death Experience (NDE account) – Mary Helen Hensley (IANDS)

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  1. It was meant for me to hear this because I have been struggling with a lot of things.. when I heard her say her birthday is February 23rd I knew I was supposed to hear her story as my birthday is also February 23rd ❤️

  2. I wonder what happens to psychotic or narcissistic personalities when they cross.. would they return and tell the truth or would they be suddenly changed or never know it happened? Would they totally lose all those traits in the experience?..

  3. Somos espiritos milenares.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  4. Did I really hear you ? We have been dead multiple times ? Therefore we have had multiple lives ? WOW, so the God you say you were raised with and believed in is a liar. Let me refresh your memory Heb 9:27 You die ( really die ) ONCE and then the judgement. So now we have to decide who is the liar here, you, or the Bible.

  5. Ive listened to literally thousands of ndes & over time u become to realize that sadly some of the stories are completely made up & its sad. This lady was kinda a little too silly but she was able to articulate an incredible experience & I believe her 100%. Its so similar to alot of ndes that has nothing to do with being judged except by only yourself because thats the big secret i believe. We are our own gods. And we are experiencing. Nothing more, nothing less. If youre miserable, youre experiencing what call hell. Etc. Its about ur present vibration because we are always in this eternal moment. And since I was a boy ive always pondered this. Learn to respect yourself. Learn to love yourself. You cant love anyone else if you cant learn to love yourself first. Its the most fundamental thing we posses.

  6. How do we struggle with sin labels. You are a fornicator, you are a liar, you are an adulterer, you are a cheater, you are a fill in the sin blank. All of us fit some sin categories. How is this detached or thought of in the afterlife when you see other light beings? Apparently souls don't point and say, oh apparently you were a fornicator on Earth. Isn't there judgement in heaven? We have to separate in heaven that our identity is not our accumulated sins here?? All very confusing.

  7. Just so touching and what a marvelous storyteller! What a gift as I, too, see how there is that of god within all of us. Regardless of who you are. I believe that’s why empaths are so attuned to those around them and often slip into the desire to make others feel better. Because if we all have god within us, when we join, so much genuine “magic” occurs.

  8. I believe, I really do. And I understand everyone's story is different. But I don't believe that you set it up to happen the way it did. I believe that the Lord did that. Please don't think I mean it disrespectfully. I just don't think humans get to set up a NDE for themselves and decide how it plays out. I maybe taking it out of context. But either way, it's a beautiful story and you are very blessed! Much love from Nebraska!

  9. I saw Pixar’s Soul and that reminds me of the scene where the guy enters a space and he sees all the events of his life happening simultaneously, all around him. He had a 360 degree perspective and he could see where depending on where he puts his awareness.

  10. The "time slowing" happened to me once. I was close to an auto accident & at the time of the crash time slowed and I watched the accident in slow motion. As soon as the crash ended time went back to normal. Very strange.

  11. Older woman who has been on a spiritual path for years. I am going through a challenging life experience right now. I believe everything you say. I will be fine but your words uplift me. Thanks so much!