Remote Viewing and Mystical Powers Explained w/ Omar Angulo

Remote Viewing and Mystical Powers Explained w/ Omar Angulo

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Omar Angulo is an Author, Artist, Actor and Host of In A Great Way Podcast. He has printed 3 books, produced 22 Albums as an artist and been involved in the planet of acting for near to a 10 years. Omar can date his very first Spiritual experience to the age of 5 and has been on an infinite quest to have an understanding of these Spiritual happenings all over most of his existence.

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  1. I was doing qigong this morning and spirit goes – go watch this video! And I must say that Omar you shared things that connect so many things for me! I have also learned many things and navigated my gifts through the experiences from relationships. I see why I was guided here this morning. Thank you for sharing, I’m grateful to know more about you Omar!

  2. I wish these podcasts were a little longer, especially this one. There are many key moments that I deeply identified with and wished Omar had more time to expand on. I'm extremely grateful to Betty for doing such an amazing job!