May the Force Be with You- Near-death Experiences & Interdimensional Communication

May the Force Be with You- Near-death Experiences & Interdimensional Communication

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“The Force”, a idea created by George Lucas for the Star Wars movies was motivated by his NDE. “The Force” is another way of explaining Quantum Physics which is the foundation for knowing the afterlife and the fact of near death Experiences.

Mark Anthony will go over how near death experiences, life after death and interdimensional conversation (Get hold of with Spirits) is dependent on audio scientific concepts, quantum physics and human physiology. He will clarify how these spiritually transformative experiences can not only assist people today lose their concern of death but how they also grow one’s consciousness to an elevated state of currently being.

A lot of revered folks in ancient and modern-day occasions have described a Near Death Experience (NDE) and obtaining communication from spirits. Some of these luminaries incorporate: Plato, Apostle Paul, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor and George Lucas.

This entertaining, academic, and uplifting presentation by Mark Anthony is for anyone who has puzzled if there really is lifetime beyond bodily death.

Mark is a recurring visitor on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Tv and on key talk radio demonstrates these types of as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and Sirius XM as a psychic medium, paranormal and after death communication qualified and lawful analyst in substantial profile circumstances. He has been showcased quite a few publications which includes The Hollywood Times, The Huffington Put up, The New York Article, Publisher’s Weekly, Lifestyle Magazine, Horizon’s Journal, The Inquisitr, Staten Island Now, OM Periods, Elite Male Magazine, Normal Awakenings, Infinity Journal (Canada) and Spirituality These days (Uk).

Mark Anthony is a globe-renowned fourth era science dependent evidential psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is the writer of the critically acclaimed Amazon and spiritual bestsellers “Never Permitting Go” and “Proof of Eternity”.

Mark’s qualifications and experience are unparalleled in the paranormal planet. He is an Oxford educated demo legal professional licensed to exercise in advance of the United States Supreme Court. In England he analyzed mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science.

Dr. Gary Schwartz, Professor of Psychology, Medication, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgical procedures at the College of Arizona and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Wellness is just one of the foremost industry experts on Survival of Consciousness and After Death Communication in the globe. Dr. Schwartz studies psychic mediums and has rated Mark as a person of the top rated mediums in the United States.

Mark Anthony Web-site-

Founded in 1981, IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) business with a mission to progress an understanding of near-death and connected experiences by research, schooling, and assistance. We imagine a foreseeable future in which all individuals embrace near-death and similar experiences as a supply of this means and inspiration for a far better earth. We feel a near-death experience can completely transform an individual’s daily life, impact the sciences, and embolden modern society. The International Association for Near-Death Research, (IANDS) engages in significantly much more than research now. IANDS has users from about the world. We invite you to contemplate turning into a member of IANDS

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  1. My experience with interdimensional beings was so loving until doubt and fear crept in, I miss that faith I had in them and myself, this dark night of the soul sucks . The reality is there are things we don’t understand , experiences that are not of the light, so what are those? How can we discern ? I had no desire to be a medium , I resisted it and questioned it all my life ( 67 years) but when I was bought into a ‘mission’ I responded because of the love, but now I am confused and so tired .

  2. Love this. I had contact with my decesed son during the day and my life has changed . There is something so profound and beautiful after we pass. I am ready when my time comes. Blessings to all, thank you for having a venue where we can share our spirtual encounter and NDE's.

  3. Oh, Lord God, so horribly wrong! I must dislike this stuff, because there are such idiotic confusions of notions. There is an substream of NDE misuse where various pundits cannot take the observations (the NDE:s) at face value and stand the uncertainty properly, but must instead construct flawed interconnections that are decidedly pseudoscientific, that hinders and makes deep trouble for the civilizations in the Matter Plane by presenting possible future dogmata that may obstruct the scientific developments necessary to create the NDE visions of an advanced final Matter Plane civilization in peace and harmony.

  4. As for the confusion between energy and the Eternal Form that constitutes the Spirit, energy is physically just a parameter that doesn't contain mental things such as memories and thoughts, a form is something pretty much different — it may very well have memories and thoughts … AND energy. There are a lot of pseudo-scientific stuff in this Jedi religion, please don't make up imaginary connections!

  5. I urge you all to please pay attention. Many will not seriously consider what im about to tell you. There is a massive deception going on and awaiting you in the next realm. The spirits of the dead will NEVER appear to you or contact you, its forbidden. Its always demons doing that, they tend to impersonate dead relatives and such in order to deceive. Furthermore, a false white light is awaiting you in the next realm, do NOT enter it, and test the spirits. Im not a christian in that sense but the Bible says that Satan and demons are beings of light and they can appear to you as whatever they wish, they can take on any form, of any dead relative, whatever they desire. If you enter the light you will be reincarnated, thus you are kept in the loop as a slave / battery for them, which is something you want to avoid, unless you enjoy coming back to this evil place called planet earth. The white light may indeed be an reincarnation soul trap. Souls are recycled, you have been warned. Search for a website called "TrickedByTheLight" and read up on it or stay ignorant, as always the choice is yours.

  6. I believe in the veracity of many NDE accounts, but sadly the speaker does not do the science he speaks of justice.

    His understanding of QM is flawed at best, as an example.

    Entangled particles don't necessarily change one another upon collapse of the wave, we may try and understand entanglement with a simple analogy of a pair of shoes. One stores each of the sides on separate boxes and ships one to the other side of the planet. Upon opening one box and realizing one has the right shoe, we can infer the other previously uncovered box contains the left, its pair.
    It works much the same with entanglement. Could a case be made that upon opening the box, a metaphor for collapsing the wave, casting an observation, one of the pairs is created, thus creating/influencing the result other box across the planet? Perhaps.
    But we don't know the mechanics of that which we cannot see. All we know is that with entanglement, we simply gain knowledge of a separate system from studying its entangled pair.
    That is the only argument the science makes- one of knowledge.

  7. I’m absolutely obsessed with Star Wars. I didn’t know that George Lucas had an NDE. I’ve been down a rabbit hole of NDE experiences for the last year or so. I love that this lecture combined two things that I’m passionate about. Thanks for this! ❤️

  8. A lot of phenomenon. I haven't experienced 1 speck of anything supernatural in any way. I've had close young loved ones die. I was raised to pray, and to believe I gave it 30 years and it turned out to screw me by church and thise within to take sore advantage of me. Until I have proof I will believe nothing! Damn God, Satan, and mankind to hell for ever.