Near-Death Experience Leads to Insights about Happiness – Barbara Ireland

Near-Death Experience Leads to Insights about Happiness – Barbara Ireland

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In the course of her near-death experience, Barbara Ireland acquired insights that has led to far more pleasure in her life. In this speak, she shares some of these and other classes.

Barbara is a musician, writer, filmmaker, and collage artist. She has two solo albums and a third underway, recorded and toured as singer with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, and played bass, keyboards, drums, and harp in a ton of bands in Seattle and New York. Her textbooks contain “How to Quit Negative Thoughts: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience and Happiness” and “The Transformative Electricity of Near-Death Experiences: How the messages of NDEs Positively Impacts the World”.

Video Resource: 2020 IANDS Conference
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  1. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to constantly hear you just have to change your thoughts in order to be happy but to be absolutely incapable of changing the intrusive negative thinking that happens every day.

  2. Ok, opening question answer: no
    Now what part of the video do I skip to?: 13:40

    The way to get out of a mind loop = wanting JOY (not happiness/service to self), combined with META-cognition. META-tation, without self judgment (lot easier if you are not seeking happiness/service to self). META-cognition, enables letting mind-loops to pass. Joy is enough, you don't need possible, maybe, or to get lucky in any way; JOY is enough.

  3. This last year has completely changed me. I haven't had an NDE, but I have become more spiritual, awake, and happy than I have ever been in 37 yrs. I was a hardcore atheist for the longest time and this past year, I have found God. There's something definitely changing on a global scale.

  4. Butter, I love butter. Not lard not margarine but BUTTERRRRR. I think at the moment you die you should be at peace with yourself and with GOD. And since you don't know when you die you should work on that state of being at peace right now. The life review while you are alive is a good way to start. I loved the vid. Good points.

  5. Question: How come these NDE'rs claim they get ALL this insight.
    They saw EVERYTHING!
    Yet they completely fail to mention the vast amount of conspiracies going in the world?
    Every idiot on the planet can clearly both sense and see something is VERY wrong in this world!
    Hmmmm? Food for thought!

  6. If she was broadcasting from the living room of a 20 year old trailer in a thirty year old trailer park some where in the desert or south, without out all the products she uses to keep her hair in place and all the make up, with 3 or four toddlers running around and a dog and a cat, inbetween her job at mcdonalds and the gas station on mainstreet, I might believe her message and be happy with it.

  7. Thought stopping and thought replacement isn't enough. We need to process our thoughts, including, maybe especially, the negative ones, and that requires focus. Some even say that the unexamined life is not worth living. We can either focus on negative thoughts to give them power over us, which is self defeating, or transmute and integrate them into something meaningful to us. Maybe we can do both?

  8. Based on my having had the honor of working in medicine treating cancer patients and in being a meditator for 45 years…I think looking for your own personal happiness feels like going down the wrong path. What I did find is a path of equanimity and spiritual maturity through my own meditation practice and in helping others( and never asking for thanks).
    Best Wishes

  9. Thank you for relaying your experience and the information you've garnered from it! If you or anyone else is really interested in taking further steps to reprogram your subconscious mind and open your heart (and align it with your brain/mind) you may want to consider researching Psych K (a SIMPLE and profoundly effective way of aligning your concious and subconscious systems) and heart coherence (Heart Math institute).