Her Cancer Was Healed During Her Near Death Experience – Rosemary Thornton 342

Her Cancer Was Healed During Her Near Death Experience – Rosemary Thornton 342

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Podcast guest 342 is Rosemary Thornton. For the duration of her nde experience she encountered angels. For 20 a long time, Rosemary relished a countrywide standing as an specialist on outdated houses. The writer of nine textbooks, Rose has been featured on every thing from PBS’ “History Detectives” to BBC Radio. Rose was diagnosed with a lifestyle-threatening illness. Immediately after a “routine” health-related process, Rose bled to death. For the duration of her near death experience in heaven, she was instructed that if she agreed to return to earth, she’d be restored to wholeness. Subsequently, healthcare tests affirmed that not only experienced the sickness disappeared, but she was also healed of the crippling grief.

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  1. I give Rosemary's testimony/experience a AAA rating, the real deal, nothing fantastical, no piloting UFOs , an honest, unembellished account about things that matter, and the "watermark" is always the same in an authentic NDE, that "watermark" is the desire/love to be an encouragement to people in need of it. Thank you Rosemary. In my memory, her's is the best that JeffMara has had.

  2. 36:20 "I craved beauty, I craved it with everything that is in me, I craved it intensely ….." Describes myself, beauty in my large vegetable garden, beauty and fragrance from my antique, English roses, towering Oriental lilies with clouds of perfume emanating, beautiful sunrise/sunset/ cloud formations. Beautiful , happy summer birds singing. As Jesus said "Thy will be done on EARTH as in HEAVEN."

  3. This woman tells her story very eloquently, but in hearing her describe how devastating her husband's suicide was for her, how hard life was for her, how much she wanted to die, and how she wanted everything to be for her including no life review, I couldn't help thinking about her children. She didn't mention them much at all or seem concerned about how her death might affect them. Something most mothers worry about.

  4. Interesting NDE. A couple of things she reports are problematic.
    She was on Coast to Coast hosted by Georch Snoory last night. I don't remember if she made the same comment in your interview, but a couple of things about it are troubling.
    Toward the end of the NDE, she is shown a door. She believes if she goes through it, she will be dead and not be able to return to the body. If she does not go thorugh it, she will return to the body and continue her life on earth.
    She is informed that if she goes through it, she will have to be reborn, as in MANDATORY REINCARNATION, and repeat everything she did in this life. She will have FAILED KINDERGARTEN. Then she will have to repeat kindergarten.
    It is implied that she has learned nothing in this life and done nothing of merit at the time of the nde. Now, she is what, 67? What glorious contribution to humanity has she done since then? Did she discover the cure for cancer? Solve poverty? Create World Peace? Where is her Nobel Prize?

    See where I'm going? Now, she's pretty old, and it's unlikely that she will do any thing grand enough to save her from rebirth.
    She was 57 years old. This is like saying her entire life had been useless and pointless. 57 is pretty f***ing old. Until recently, most people died before they were 45. What she was told in her nde implies that nearly everybody who has lived since the dawn of humanity has been useless.

    Nobody knows the meaning of life, but she was told in her NDE that her life was meaningless if she were to die.
    How can this be? This is disturbing on many levels.
    My guide refused to tell me the meaning of life, but he was adamant that everybody makes a valuable contribitution no matter how long they lived. The teenager who suicided has made a worthwhile contribution to humanity. Same with the shut in who died at age 90 after having done nothign more with her life than watchign soaps all day. Same with the nobel prize winners.
    My take on it is that everybody's NDE is differnt. They are a lot like dreams except they feel extremely real. Dreams are full of starnge informatin and thigns that are not real. Like dreams, we get bad information in NDEs.

    Another take is that an evil entity, a demon, an archon, some horrible gnostic entity that forces people to recincarnate in order to feed off human suffering– such an entity fed her the bad information to frighten her into coming back. These entities are real. They are the masterminds behind much of the evil that has befallen humanity. My spirit guide told me so. Also, I highly doubt that an experienced RN was in tears in the closet crying because a patient died. Patients die all the time. It sucks but it's reality. Maybe a nurse cries somemtiems, but she gets over it after a few minutes and gets on with life.
    Hell I cried for a week when my pet cat died. I cried every day when I was bullied in public school. Because of it, I'm scarred for life. No seasoned RN is going to be scarred for life because a patient dies. Pfft. Doubtless that gnostic lord of karma has gotten fat feeding off my suffering.
    Also, it's hard to take her complaints seriously when she says her life was hard. If it was so hard, if she knew life was a misery and it wasn't worth it to be alive, why did she have children? Life is hell, so I'm going to have children, forcing them to suffer just like me. Talk about hypocrisy. Misery loves company.

  5. The ‘welding spatter’ — yes, more than a few of us have seen this, as if souls are manifesting in moving rivers of golden incandescent sparks. Who of any religion has ever been told this is what spiritual beings look like? A pleasure to hear such an erudite organized speaker, thanks!

  6. Subbed after this interview. Please bring Rosemary back! Thank you for an intersting channel. I looked to see if you have interviewed Howard Strom. I couldn't find a video here. Have you interviewed him?

  7. What an amazing human being! This was so beautiful, her description, her humanity, the love she has for the Mystery literally emanates out of her. One of the most touching accounts of an NDE that I have heard. Beauty speaks within her and through her.