Travelling to the Spiritual World | Sabine Amrhein's Spiritual Experiences

Travelling to the Spiritual World | Sabine Amrhein's Spiritual Experiences

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Following her experiences as a traveller to the spiritual entire world, Sabine Amrhein features a “Christian service for liberation” (from unwanted spirits).

00:00:47 Please share with us what was heading on in your inner life, your thoughts and your spiritual search – that lastly led to the spiritual experiences you had in 2011.
00:06:29 Return to Christianity
00:07:56 Jakob Lorber and his concept of reincarnation
00:08:23 The invisible globe, the spiritual environment was opened up
00:13:18 When all that took place, were you on your own with all all those experiences?
00:14:28 How did this experience change your beliefs?
00:17:13 Did you have other, identical experiences later on on as properly?
00:21:53 What did these two profound activities modify in your day-to-day everyday living? Did they implant some thing like clairvoyance and clairaudience?
00:23:10 Would you like to inform us about your out-of-body experience?
00:28:14 What would you suggest to people who have knowledgeable such a detail?
00:29:08 What results did your spiritual experiences have on your particular setting, on the men and women all-around you, on your personal lifestyle and on your specialist life? Even on your overall health?
00:35:16 Do you take into consideration all your spiritual experiences as a education or a check of life, as a preparation for your work now?
00:36:34 Did your frame of mind alter relating to the idea of sin? Do you think there is a thing like a “deadly sin”?
00:42:00 Is there an environment wherever it can take place additional quickly, turning out to be occupied by spirits?
00:43:32 In your eyes, habit like alcohol and medicine are also a spiritual risk?
00:44:56 How does these types of a company of liberation operate?
00:49:58 Could you convey to us an illustration of a assistance of liberation that happened lately?
00:54:45 Do you believe that if anyone is occupied by spirits, – if he dies, he is going to switch into an earth-bound spirit as well?
00:56:11 What is your conclusion, how does it go on after death?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Edda Raab
Editorial contribution: Peter Cox, Heike Funke
Voice-over: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
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  1. Luke 10:19 behold I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and all the works of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. I think it’s important that in the natural focus should be Christ.

  2. Deceased people are NOT the ones ‘possessing’ humans with a weak spiritual shield – Deceased people either cross over completely or they are stuck in a state where their own will cannot drive them forward through the eternal darkness that surrounds them – these souls are incapable of doing much to save themselves because inn their Life here they never learned how to turn to a Higher Power for Help & what you don’t learn you cannot repeat or learn in a place not designed for learning …. so it’s unlikely these deceased souls have the ability to ‘take over’ another human body – once Dead your Free Will does not have the ability to Violate or go against the Divine Laws & Order of Things – that ‘permission’ is only granted for this World not outside of it – so the entities she is referring to are NOT the wandering souls of human beings but the lowest vibration demonic spirits that are not of human origin and they are the ‘living dead’ because although alive there spirits are dark and ‘dead’ because nothing ‘grows’ or comes to life there. In Eastern cultures these spirits are call ‘jinn’ (not to be confused with the vivacious and sometimes funny but otherwise totally fictional ‘genie’ characters seen in Disney movies) – jinns are another creation separate from humans entirely but they are not made from the same element and don’t have the same spiritual vibrations as humans. Jinns are shape shifters and can also go in and out of the material world with ease and they have much longer life spans than humans and yes they can sometimes ‘take over’ the bodies of those humans who either deny or are otherwise not ‘in tune’ with the Divine Truth and have by their own actions opened a doorway for evil to enter.

  3. I really respect this channel for not shying away from broadcasting this out of the norm experience. So many NDEs are cookie cutter, and it is nice to hear about these paranormal OBEs. Her spiritual work with clients was fascinating as well! This just might be your most interesting broadcast.


  5. As soon as he said the word Christian I switched off. This is because they have the ridiculous belief in eternal hell just for not believing in Jesus while at the same time saying that God is fair. A fair god wouldn't condemn people eternally for not believing in God or accepting Jesus as savoir. It makes no sense

  6. Some things about this video leaves me disturbed. To just point out one thing, but I use my own words. She said that people have a natural protective energy obround them, that will make it very hard or impossible for lost spirits to enter a body that is not theirs. Let's call it a fire wall. She said that when people get ill, their " firewall" might get weak also and the sick person then can get posseted. That to me sounds so so wrong in many ways. This kind of believe leads to: " fear and judgements." The sick person will become afraid and people around sick people will stand in judgement over sick people. This kind of thinking says that if you get sick, Jesus will not protect you how sad is that. There are other things she said that raise the alarm bells for me. I do not think that God employs humans to deal and talk with spirits to guide them. That is what Jesus does well without our help. We should stay away from these spirits, period. I too had profound visions and dreams so I do know what that feels like. Pure love will not forsake you when you are very sick and allow for the invasion of other spirits without a clear invitation. I leave it at that.

  7. Death is one of Satan name. Death is the son of perdition. Satan is darkness full of deception. Satan is the only one by name by the written word of GOD to parish to be no more. Ezekiel Ch. 28. King James Version.) My advice is do not touch anything that is dead.

  8. What do you think happened to me I was Pepper sprayed in jail I was outside of the jail looking in at myself burning it was a crazy exp I cried hysterical when I came back I told 3 people on the phone I feel like I'm on the outside looking in

  9. There is no reincarnation. When people die, they either go to hell (definitely), or in purgatory (which ends in heaven sooner or later), or directly in Heaven (very rare apparently).
    See the teaching of the Catholic Church. It is true.

  10. Wonderful story from Sabine and very intelligent questions from the interviewer. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I never had such experiences, but I am a mental health specialist, and it was a very deep insight for me in this world, what makes it possible to recognise such cases. I have been around 20 when I have started to do yoga and I have noticed I have started to believe in God and Jesus, and when I have got into a very tough situation I always do the same. One of my sons was between life and death for 2,5 months and I kept praying even doctors kept saying no hope. I have accepted it is not up to me. But I have never given up hope. I am a happy person as I know whatever happens I always get spiritual guidance when I need it.

  11. When your awareness expands, you are bound to experience things beyond the physical world. Fear can stop this from happening. Taking a step back, as an onlooker, can help overcome fear. Experiences can be very intense. Reincarnation, a souls journey from life to life to learn and grow, like a university or rather kindergarten. The physical body is like a heavy overcoat covering the lightest of being.

  12. I enjoy the information but get to the point and cut the elaborating! It’s like watching commercials all day! I hope and pray that there is an afterlife. God help us all

  13. I am glad this lovely lady shared her experiences and thoughts with us, but I must say this is one of the most bizarre and totally wild interviews I have ever encountered in my life. You do realise that most professionals would say this lady is mentally ill, yes? She believes spirits inhabit people and that she talks to them, for example. I am not sure what to think myself. I have always been much the materialist, so this is very difficult for me to hear and believe…e.g spirit possession. This lady does not look deranged, but this story is totally fantastical to say the least. For example, what about people who believe Jesus may have been an historical being, but cannot go to this extent (as do Christian religious sects) makes this an absolutely wild idea. This just does not seem credible. Sorry.

  14. It would have been wiser for this women to steer clear of any involvement in any paranormal pursuits due to her religious upbringing and the unnerving phenomena she was exposed to. Later she talks of conflicts that arose which would only exasperate the inner demons she harbored within. Her subsequent experiences are clearly manifestations of all the fears and guilt that lay buried deep in her subconscious. These psychical energies do exist and in the wrong hands can prove dangerous or detrimental and not just to one self but also to others, both physically and emotionally.

    I only watched the first 20 minutes at which point I lost interest but that was enough for me to form an opinion.

  15. When I was young I went through a time when I had episodes of sleep paralysis and out of body sensations when falling asleep. I would feel myself sinking through the bed. One time I heard a plane above me, and I actually felt myself start to rise towards it. My fear instinct kicked in and I slammed back into my body. Another time during a lucid dream I left my body and wandered around my house.
    Twice I woke up suddenly to the feeling of not being alone in my room. The second time just for a second I saw a man's face hovering above me.
    Another time I awoke to the sound of a man's voice saying wake up, followed by a woman's name that I don't remember. The voice said it several times, and sounded like it was in the room with me.
    I have experienced paranormal sensations in all the homes I have lived in, although most of the activity took place in an old farmhouse that was converted into apartments. It was over a century old.
    The scariest experience I had was having an episode of sleep paralysis while I was laying on my side. I heard a male voice whispering in my ear. It sounded like a foreign language, so I couldn't understand what it was saying, but the tone of the voice was unmistakably malevolent. It only happened once. Since I was a child I don't thing I could have handled that regularly!
    I was fearful of sleeping at times, but somehow I managed to shut off most of what I was experiencing as I got older.
    I am still fascinated by the paranormal, but I am conflicted about experiencing it again!

  16. I loved hearing her story. I believe her path was meant to be this way for her to help people in these predicaments. However, I suspect that Jesus is just a name that some have assigned to an energy. Also, her fears surrounding mediumship are still Christian fear based. Not to say that we shouldn’t be careful, but that doesn’t make them “wrong.” As for “do unto others”, this is law of attraction to me and and the Christian influence makes it seem more like a directive, unfortunately.

  17. I would love to have a NDE awakening where I can touch heaven and god and all the energy of the universe. If it could teach me something about my mixed up complicated life and guide me to something incredible, that would be awesome.