She Encountered 12 Beings During Her Near Death Experience – Sherry Anshara 458

She Encountered 12 Beings During Her Near Death Experience – Sherry Anshara 458

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Podcast visitor 458 is Sherry Anshara, creator, and healthcare intuitive who has experienced 5 Near-Death Experiences. Through her NDE experience she encountered 12 beings that she calls smart fellas.

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  1. I told my dad that when I was about 8 that all that we know gets passed on copied thru our DNA (polymerase) to children from the parents so we have their knowledge just some people know how to connect with the knowledge and others don't

  2. Awesome guest! Totally followed her with every topic. Now I understand why most people don't understand me. She speaks from the other side, with humans beliefs and programming, it's difficult to open the mind to understand it, but that's ok.

  3. My mom passed away a little over a month ago. She had a NDE before she passed the 2nd time and wrote about it but never got to publish the book. On her death bed she was asking for just 2 more weeks to finish writing her story. My family’s reading it now and it is really breath taking. I know she is at peace now. Thank you for this amazing channel.