Her Near Death Experience Changed Her Entire Outlook on Life! | Dianne Sherman NDE Part 2

Her Near Death Experience Changed Her Entire Outlook on Life! | Dianne Sherman NDE Part 2

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Her Near Death Experience Adjusted Her Entire Outlook on Everyday living! | Dianne Sherman NDE Element 2

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This is component 2 of my job interview with Dianne Sherman!
Below is the backlink to component 1: https://youtu.be/wrfdQmfSwoY

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  1. Melissa, the big three lies of Christianity..1 Bible is the Word. 2 Hell is eternal if Put there.3 Christ is coming back to earth in physical form. How sick are they! These lies are proven as such with scriptures! Easy to prove…they lie and worse are totally spiritually and scripturally lost as they think, the human mind can just read scripture and get the real meanings…that’s not possible.my email vfp111@yahoo.com

  2. I had to pause and replay part 1 and this too. There is so much I have learnt from Dianne's experience.
    The experience of being pulled out of the body is what we in Sanatana Dharma know is lord Yama or his attendants come with the noose where they pull the jiva / the individual soul who is the size of one's thumb with us. This Jiva is the pat of the whole Paramatma or the superconscious eternal self.
    We are complete as Dianne said in part 1. We come from the whole :
    ​Om Purnamadah Purnamidam

    Purnaat purnamudachyate

    Purnasya purnamaadaaya purnamevaavashishṣyate

    Oṁ Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ

    Om, That is Wholeness, This Wholeness

    From Wholeness comes Wholeness

    Though this Wholeness is taken from that Wholeness

    This Wholeness remains Whole

    Om Peace, peace, peace

    The life review is again in Sanatana Dharma, Lord Yama's assistant chief among them is Chitra Gupta who lists down the events of one's life.

    The barrier that is in place so that we can't remember many details that are revealed is called Maya. This veil is necessary because our lives and the experiences that we undergo are meant to break this barrier with knowledge. Once we break it here on Earth we never return/ reborn again. In the womb the jiva/ individual soul relives everything and once he/she takes the first breath the veil is put in place. The baby does remember sometimes and that is why they laugh or cry when they are asleep.
    Yes, the jiva asks to be reborn in a particular family. It's like we go shopping and choose what we want. No one gives us for free when we walk into any store. We choose and we pay for what we have purchased. In life to we have chosen the family and the circumstances that we are going to be born into. So don't complain. Learn from the experience. If we complain we have to be reborn. It is like we failed the test we retake the test.

  3. I found transformation from fear to love, by encounter of God with me, which began & has continued for 20+ years, through a process involving prayer & then being granted by the Holy Spirit, perfect Words in daily Bible devotions that match very specific prayer concerns prayed before reading. I just had a feeling listening to this talk, by a person who rejected her Christian faith & path, of missing a lot of all that is possible in being led by the Holy Spirit. I sense she has filled the gap, with her own searching & stuffing in answers & devising a path, with her personal ideas/ the 'self' prominent in it, rather than primarily Spirit led. My experience did not derive from my opinion or own ideas. I feel that the path described in this talk was a result more of personal interpretation & opinions, rather than what she was directly shown in her NDE, or by leading of the Spirit through the living Word of God in the Bible. I had actually prayed for a few years to be shown the "Truth" when I lost my Christian faith for 7 years due to abuse issues. I was miraculously answered. I know we can live with a very real leading of the Spirit, & I feel an emptiness in listening to this NDE talk, that the self is more prominent, which should be the place of the Holy Spirit. It has been totally an act of God that transformed my life & led me back to Christian faith, showing He is with me, & leading & guiding, as the Bible promises. So it has become very difficult for me to connect with people who share from the level of their personal ideas & opinions & path, rather than focus on the Way of the Bible & the Holy Spirit & God with us. God truly led me into a daily walk through life with Him, in a way I had never realized or even dreamed was possible. I just feel longing in my heart to tell people this is possible— more than you can imagine or expect. Through a miracle with the Living Word of God, in Bible based resources/ devotionals, & seeing God so clearly with me & guiding me, He took me from a person of severe anxiety disorders, to living in connection with God & filling my life with His love, joy & peace & hope & contentment & trust in Him; all through His Word (with daily Bible devotions, or teaching books or Bible based sermons). I was shown clearly, confirmed 15 times that God has a will for my life, to be an artist, which I always dreamed to do. I have seen the goodness of God, bringing so much joy to my life. Many churches & ministers failed to help me know how good God really is, & the aspect of our Christian faith of all such good things in walking with God. So many people misunderstand Christianity, & reject it on a faulty basis. I disagree anyone needs to reject the Christian faith life path to live free of fear & to live in God's love & incredible Way. I was also led back to attending Church (online during the pandemic, etc)/ & Holy Communion, & to see the Bible can be a living Word, not the distortion many people/ Churches infuse into it. Through God with me, I have found great joy in life, God's wonderful promises of hope for my life; help in difficulty; contentment; daily help amid life challenges, on & on & on; all through my Christian Catholic faith that centers on my walk through life with God. I see on these youtube discussions & testimonies so many people unfortunately look for answers & connection everywhere except for where God intends for us to find it. God totally led me to return to & immerse in my Christian faith path. The interviewer explained it is not her intention to lead people away from their faith path; yet what I find presented is a strong vibe in this direction, from the titles, to the questions, to the focus of what is shared in testimonies. So I just want to share my true reaction to the video/ testimony, & say that I have seen a miracle of God with me, & learned to listen to the Spirit, & not relying on people or led by their opinions/ ideas, which I find promoted here. Blessings. Love wins. I can say that one thing good about this NDE testimony that truly is on track is that we do not have to live in fear, when we are grounded spiritually, as God intends for us.

  4. I listened to this and it gave me pause. I’ve been puzzled by the trauma in my life that I didn’t even realize was traumatic. None the less I still feel so alone no matter whether I’m alone or in a crowd. I’ve always been the outsider. The one person I got close to, truly close to was the one who I found to be more traumatized than myself though I wasn’t aware of it at the time. All I wanted was to be her knight and rescue her from her abusive life. In the end I didn’t save her even tough I gave everything to the effort. The harder I tried, the behinder I got. I’m the end I found I was dumping my trauma into hers as she gave me hers into mine. We dragged ourselves down instead of raising each other up. But I figured that out too late to make it right. And the only refuge from the storm I thought I had found became an unsafe harbor of my own making. And now I’m back in the absolute most lonely state, filled with fear, hiding from life, slowly losing my mind. I feel unable to catch up with myself sliding down the garbage chute to the flames that consume all the trash and toxins and that will render me to the simplest components to be re-used by someone more deserving. My greatest fear is a drawn out death, though in some ways that is what I’m living. I pray for an instant death, a painless death. I haven’t found or much looked for help as I can’t afford food much less a therapist . I don’t know where else to look. But I know that I do feel so lonely I want to die. If I could master my heart beat and just slow it down to a stop one late night… Sometimes I get hope from these videos. At sixty I thought I’d have it better figure out, especially since at 17 I knew it all. Though it should be pointed out that my life’s plan only went to 33. Then when I passed that I thoughts “OK, then 40, but that’s it. But I keep find reasons to live a bit longer to take care of my son in spirit at least, and to keep hoping that my now ex will forgive me and tell me how I can make my way back to her.
    I had no plan for after 40 and I’m sure that contributed to everything going to hell in the proverbial hand basket. I truly don’t know what to do now nor how to even figure out what to do.
    All that said, I still feel a great deal of compassion for all who struggle in this world. I grew up thinking, hoping that I could be a beacon in their darkness. But I feel like the deeper darkness in the dark places.

  5. Knowing the truth about how life actually is with Soul groups and prebirth plans is making life easier for me in that I try to see the lesson when events hurt. It makes me see things so differently with the story of Jesus and his persecutors, Hitler and his actions and all the other dark energy stories that exist.

  6. I never heard anyone who had a near death experience speak about those who have disabilities . Retardation , autism, down syndrome ect……I always felt those people are special souls.
    My family has been a volunteer to a man who lives in a group home for over 20 years.
    He has a developmental disability. What a beautiful soul he is !!  When ever I go there to visit the home and see the residents, I see God in their eyes. I feel they are special beings, enlightened beings if you will… This is just my guess.However, no one has ever talked about those who have such severer developmental disabilities. They cannot be the same people when they cross over. Did they choose to have such a disability ? Some worse then others. Who are they when they go to the other side. ? They can't be the same people. Some just sit in their wheel chairs and can't even speak. I see them as enlightened souls to have choose such a life. I would love to hear if any NDE's has any knowledge of those with such disabilities and why would they choose such a life ? Than there are those with horrible deformities and are ridiculed by cruel mean people. I feel the parents are special souls too. But I love love to hear if anyone who has had a NDE come back with any information of this subject.
    Also, people speak about organize religions but this group home in run by Catholic charities and they do such a wonderful job in caring of those residents. They have such a rich wonderful life there. They have spiritual services and taught about God and Jesus. They are so well cared for and loved and given the best life they can. I believe organize religions play a huge part in this world for the better. Catholic Charities is a wonderful organization that does such great work thoughout the world.

  7. Dianne is correct your trust and expectations effect the external world! God, I personally believe put a safety valve on this, so not every negative thought becomes reality! it takes repetition and feeling as if real in the present moment. I used to think this was complete BS, until I actually put it to use. What you find out is everything from the air you breath to the sky above you, it's all a miracle!

  8. Unfortunately there are those in the world that are in service to self exclusively. They are in the minority but they are the ones that gravitate and aspire to the positions of power. Politicians, Clergy, Secret Service, Military, Finance, etc. They are completely sociopathic and lying and manipulating is as natural to them as swimming is to fish.

  9. I like how you said, “What the hell is happening to me?” when you could hear others’ thoughts! Exactly right! The demon you allowed to possess you can read minds, not you! Trust Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will drive the demon(s) out!

  10. It's always surprising to me how an NDE induces people to turn to crystals and anthroposophy and similar things. I take the NDE completely serious and believe it does mean there's more to our life than matter. There is enough evidence for that. But there is no evidence at all for New Age beliefs about crystals, or anthroposophy and the like. What is it about these beliefs that NDErs turn towards them? And why crystals? Why would crystals be any more divine than any simple stone, or lump of Earth, or grain of sand?

  11. I'm not going to believe we are precious until all people are provided with health and peace from that "source". This "source" is a very bad keeper of its creations. It lets them suffer with some excuse that it makes them "grow". Right. It's like telling lab animals they will "grow" with suffering in the lab. There's something truly unconvincing about this "source" creature.

  12. i wish i knew why before i was born i chose to be a drug addict in my 20s and 30s which led to a nerve problem in my 40s. every day i wonder what the greater good is in this suffering i have. i know theres so many people suffering a million times worse than me with terrible afflictions so i feel guilty complaining about it even to myself, but at the same time theres gotta be a reason.

  13. Wait a minute I’m confused… So we ask people to abuse us in this life? So what about children that are let’s say… Raped and murdered… Children… They asked for it? So anyone that was ever a victim of anything it’s their fault because they asked for it?

  14. This, as usual – is pure 'gold-dust'! Im a counsellor and I know only too well that people's behavious is not what they 'are' but a reflection of what they're going through. Please folks – give others a bit of slack. You (and me) have little idea what they're going through.