Transformational Power of NDE Accounts- 3 Near-Death Experiencers Panel

Transformational Power of NDE Accounts- 3 Near-Death Experiencers Panel

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3 near-death experiencers examine their near-death experience (NDE) and the transformational electricity of NDEs. 🌸 Subscribe and hit the bell to receive movie notifications! ↓↓More info↓↓

Kenneth Ring, author of “Lessons from the Light”, explained “…the NDE may act like a benign virus, and by exposing yourself to it, you can catch it that is, you can experience some of the very same benefits as do all those who basically have the NDE by themselves.”

Claudia Watts Clayton Edge is a happily married mom of five kids, a few stepdaughters and 9 grandchildren, and is a doing work real estate agent in Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah. During the birth of her very last child she experienced a near death experience. She has used the entirety of her everyday living given that then concentrated on all areas of research into everyday living after life phenomena, pushed by her curiosity, openness, and acceptance of new strategies in her relentless search for responses and a deeper knowledge. Claudia has been creating stories of the Afterlife for a lot of a long time. She spent 5 yrs in volunteer hospice services in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working towards a few of these years on “the bridge” (concerning worlds) at Pikes Peak clinic. She has also labored as a volunteer for the AFSP American Basis for Suicide Prevention.

Pat Johnson expert an NDE as a final result of a kayaking accident in 2010. Pat has been a self-used businessman most of his life. He and his spouse Jody very own a home furnishings keep and personal loan company in Brenham, Texas. They have 5 little ones and sixteen grandchildren. Since Pat’s NDE he has been an lively member of IANDS. He was the chief of the Austin chapter of IANDS for two several years. He is the cofounder of the newly fashioned Houston IANDS chapter. He was a vital organizer of the “Wisdom of the Near Death Experience,” symposiums. He has been highlighted in various articles and tv demonstrates. Pat is a standard lecturer at Texas Condition University the place he speaks on his NDE, the right after consequences of it and how learners can use what he has uncovered to increase their lives.

At the age of 24, Chris Kito went into anaphylaxic shock from a meals allergy and it direct him into a everyday living altering Near-Death Experience, in 2012. He will be discussing the occasions major up to the NDE, the NDE experience, the NDE event’s aftereffects upon him, and how he has been integrating the experience into his daily life, both equally personally and professionally. Chris will also examine the opportunities and challenges of this life-altering party and how it has an effect on people moving into adulthood.

IANDSVidoes is brought to you by IANDS- Started in 1981, our mission is to advance world wide comprehension of near-death and connected experiences via research, training, and help. We imagine a upcoming in which all persons embrace near-death and similar experiences as a resource of this means and inspiration for a far better globe. We believe a near-death experience can rework persons, culture, and the globe.

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  1. I’m not convinced that there is an afterlife but I dread the thought that an afterlife may even be possible. I dread the thought that I might have to come back to this painful cruel world. I am barely surviving this life and I certainly would not want to do this again.

  2. Para quem quiser assistir à vontade.
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    17 O juízo
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    21 programa da rede Globo chamado: linha direta com o título: Arigó
    22 Causa e efeito
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  3. I Don't have more doubts.
    We are millenary spirits.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  4. I have to disagree with the man with the purple shirt. As a non-NDEr, I feel it'd be a lot easier to act better to people (especially those who don't act well to us) if we experienced the love of the Divine in a way to remember stronger than this plane. I get tired of trying to be compassionate and understanding. It's exhausting to change my defensive ways without the guidance of some type of spiritually transformative experience.

  5. Thank you three so much. So very much. You have really been of service. I feel that alot of us feel so confused about our purpose. Hearing these stories makes me, and I'm sure others, want to reach out make this place better as long as we are here.

  6. Very beautiful.

    There ARE words we don’t even know yet.

    There are colors we can describe.
    But LOVE is the most understandable experience beyond the level of unconditional Love.

    The light tunnels seem as if living via an octopus which can adapt and morph through space and time.

    It’s all about the readjustment of realty.

    So beautiful.

    We are Energy.

    We can manifest IF we allow our soul contract to reveal.

    Heart emoji for all …

    It has meaning beyond just a “symbol”….

  7. Is it my imagination, but if you skip to the time frame around 18:36 when the gentleman is speaking the left of your screen right above his shoulder (right) is a black chair sitting on a shelf in the distance. Underneath the chair on the left of the chair what looks like a hanging bat or something of shape suddenly disappears and reappears did you see it?

  8. I am a near death experience researcher and have heard over 700 NDE testimonies. My book GOD TOOK MY CLOTHES talks about the lessons learned from the other side of the veil. I really appreciate your testimonies as they have had such a positive influence on my life. Thank you!

  9. I'm 4 months "back" from my most recent NDE and I'm so disoriented. He described it so well. I'm still processing. People want me to talk about it but I'm… still very internal. Thank you for talking about that.

  10. I always ask myself. All the nde are Christian countries, so they see jesus. What have people in other countries experienced. If say Islam country what do they see? They have nde do they experience their countries representation of Jesus.

  11. These accounts are great but no man comes to the Father Gid except through Christ. To say it's all about being loving and doing good things for others is ONLY A PART OF IT. Remember you DID NOT DIE therefore having an experience that excludes Jesus who is the only way, truth and life is erroneous.

  12. Hard to believe, but I just found perhaps the most special song, ever. It's a short song – by a singer many say is the best one on earth, Dimash – that sounds like the perspective from the other side in an NDE. Its subtitle could well be, "NDE Song" but it's called *The Meaning of Eternity:

    Be sure to turn on the captions. The music & images are awesome, but what the lyrics add cannot even be spoken. Only 2:38 long – deeply touching & amazing. It can really take you there if you let go & just flow with it. Injoy. 🙂


  13. The purpose of this life is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.
    True, if we love God we will obey His commandments.

    Thankfully we aren't saved by loving God but rather because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.

    Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unfallen humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    Jesus paid for all the sins of all the world at the cross (past ,present ,and future). That payment is put to your account when you have believed on Christ alone for salvation.

    The only reason anyone will ever be in Heaven is solely by the perfect life, shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ alone.

    Anything added or subtracted from this is another gospel.

    Our good works, repenting of sins, and obedience, are solely for rewards in Heaven or a lack thereof and have absolutely nothing to do with salvation at all.

  14. If Claudia's testimony was given one week ago to a rough backdate to the year 1988. My question is: Medical professionals were really performing such barbaric procedures on people that late into the 20th century? Damn! I'm blown away! It's a sad reality that a ton about women's anatomy & functions has been thrown to the wayside. God bless all ❤

  15. Depends on age and family situation. When I tried to explain some things that were happening I sensed my family thought I was suffering from Dementia. I attempted to talk on numerous occasions but to some degree, they are beginning to kind of listen.