Be Yourself & Live Fearlessly- Anita Moorjani (Near-death experiencer)

Be Yourself & Live Fearlessly- Anita Moorjani (Near-death experiencer)

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Near-Death Experiencer Anita Moorjani discusses why it truly is critical to be by yourself and dwell fearlessly. This usually means accepting all pieces of on your own without having judgment. Ahead of her NDE, Anita was a people today pleaser who struggled with anxiety, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy. Soon after her NDE, she understood that currently being herself and dwelling fearlessly is the most important detail we can do.

About Anita Moorjani
In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Possessing experienced from most cancers for numerous yrs, Moorjani was in a coma with malignant tumors in the course of her body. Doctors explained to her husband and mother that she had only hrs to reside. Following coming out of a 30-hour coma, Moorjani emerged from an out-of body experience where by she claims she skilled the afterlife and attained a new knowing of our bodily lifestyle. Professional medical records show that Anita was miraculously identified cancer no cost in just three weeks of her NDE.

The classes from her experience in the other realm have been highly effective: Adore you unconditionally, dwell fearlessly, release your fears and be oneself. Surviving most cancers and a NDE have formed Anita’s lifestyle and perform.

Her total near-death experiences is shared in other YouTube videos and in her most effective marketing e book e-book “Dying to Be Me.”

Resource: 2020 IANDS Convention (This is an excerpt video clip from the complete hour and 50 % prolonged presentation).

Anita Moorjani’s web-site-

” Dying to Be Me”-

A lot more info about IANDS and near-death experiences:

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  1. OK this might sound crazy to others but maybe not to you I had a dream about making a purple butterfly wagon and then I woke up ever since the dream I’ve been seeing butterflies which seemed to disappear for quite some time

  2. I had spent many years on Earth and life exploration. I found out The True. Your talking is The confirmation from my discoveries. I always try to follow intuition. You are absolutly Pure Holy and Real. Thanks for your Care for us and Great Help. You are absolutly Lovely. Best grettings from Poland. PIOTR

  3. Anita everytime I hear your story, I learn something new from it. Lately I’ve been made aware of the power of decisions we make in our life and I heard you say your illness was because of the thoughts and “decisions”. I would love if you expand on that some day.
    Also, when you talk of indian culture, it seems like your family was very conservative.. that’s not the case in middle to upper middle class households in big cities anymore at least, I grew up in a very liberal family, I am not married in my late 30s and no one forced an arranged marriage on me.

  4. Ms. Moorjani, I respect you a lot. I am very thankful to you as your talks are very inspiring and motivating but i have a request that pls don't keep saying that because of your culture you had to face so many problems and that you were a victim of your culture.
    I am a hindu women born and brought up in india. In my family we read bhagvad gita daily which teaches to live fearlessly and to face the life courageously . My parents always taught me to be independent and nobody forced me into a marriage." What i wanted was always important to my parents" and i am not the only one to have a family like this. So it was not your culture which made you a fearful, suppressed person it was the ideology of your family .

  5. But Anita u r what u r becoz for ur experience my dear! I have been listening to you every night….I simply love you…but there's a strange, strong sense of connect yet a stronger disconnect. Bottom line do I need to actually wait until I reach to the other world to actually realise my worth!! Rest whatever u say definitely resonates n keeps me glued, yet seems nothing but following an illusion! No reality check for me….do u have a solution for me…n hard core empath

  6. Thank you Anita! Your words towards the end had such a ring of truth, I listened to them again, repeating so many of the things you said out loud to myself in the first person. Thank you! I should listen again…!!

  7. I'm 76 I've heard you speak a couple of times before and do enjoy listening and learning. Today however, I was feeling so depressed I felt I have had enough of life. Now I feel uplifted and can get on with the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

  8. You have given me permission…that we are energy literally frequency with one another and the planet. I had two NDE experiences. I’m only just now 14 years after the last one coming to terms and growing in my own personal development. i’ve grown enough so far to have come to you and hear your story. Thank you for sharing with me the same sort of experience because you communicate it so beautifully.

  9. I am interested in videos like this because at my age now of 72 I like to know what is next after we die and I have seen a few on YouTube about people who die and then come back to life and most talk about a God or even Jesus that they met after they died and I would like to know why has Anita Moorjani not said anything about God or Jesus.

  10. Could anyone recommend one of Anita's video that would help me face the uncertainty of being diagnosed with lukimiea, but on watch and wait no treatment yet, but the uncertainty is taken over my life, tia

  11. Anita , I believe all of this, but what I’d like to know is does everyone who is dying or has just died and gone to the other side , does everyone get the choice to come back? Or is it just for the people that “ it is not their time “ ??? And get told that by the people that greet them on the other side??