She Got Answers From God During Her Near Death Experience

She Got Answers From God During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 231 is Brooke Jones. For the duration of Brooke’s near death experience she had a query and respond to session with God. Brooke’s nde experience laster for 8 minutes on the earth airplane. Brooke is the author of the reserve Why are there Monkeys? (and other issues for God. She is also a comedian, radio character and meme maven.

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  1. I am 30 minutes Into it and have not heard the word love yet. Also haven't heard much if her experience, just a bunch of words. It's apparent at this point I must purchase a book to actually hear her story. I'm out.

  2. I see lot of people are not getting the point about book- chill that f** down! Book does not cost a lot and would you really have understood the meaning and point if she tried to tell whole book in this interview?
    Book costs less than a coffee cup, if you cannot afford it you should really think what you are doing if you cannot afford book for less than a coffee cup. You need to understand that you are dismissing something that really could change your life. But anyways loosers out there who accusing this lady of raking in the money- what are you selling in this world, are you sellingg food? Are you selling healthcare? Are you selling basic stuff all should be free for every human being? I think you should be ashamed of yourselfs you are more guilty if you try to accuse someone just selling the book which is her time to put all this together and print it also costs money.

  3. Just purchased the book! Thank you for sharing your story!

    Update: I finished the book. The book is refreshing, short, funny (quite funny actually). The last portion, I’ve heard that before. Not sure where I’ve heard it but 100% confident I did. (Maybe from another YouTube vid?)

  4. Jeff, probably the most annoying, frustrating guest you have ever interviewed. She withheld so much important and relevant information about her experience presumably just so people would have to buy her book. She said she wanted to tell the whole world about her Q&A session with God and here was the perfect medium for her to do so and she didn't. I wonder why. The only guest you have had who has been selective about what happened to them. If someone is going to tell a story best to tell the whole story. Not your fault Jeff, you did try and get the answers too. Most disappointing that she withheld so much when she clearly stated she wanted to tell the whole world. Yeah, right, only if you buy her book. God, how many times did she mention that.

  5. Must say I got mad at your so blatantly pushing your book, but I went to Amazon anyway and downloaded the Kindle free sample. You are a smart, funny lady and I believe every word you say. Off to download the rest and thanks for doing what god said. In meditation I’ve been in the empty, alive place too but instead of asking questions I asked that what I was feeling be shared with everyone in the room! Which happened, of course, god being the best genie ever. Now I get to read what I would have learned if I hadn’t been so busy thinking of everyone else!

    Jeff, I adore your podcasts.

  6. Yea I wasn’t happy that she kept information from us just so she could make money. I would have considered buying it if she hadn’t held info hostage. I mean it’s only 100 pages. And that character flaw made me question the authenticity of her story. But I’m working on not being judgy so that last part is on me.

  7. So she has some misunderstanding about what is being won being one with God allows you to have the feeling of being one where all things are the same that's why she thinks that all religions are the same but she's not getting to the actual judging that happens or you have to stand before Jesus and God and explain what you did on this Earth she's only getting the very first part of that which is the Life review and after the Life review she thinks that she knows what she's talking about it's not true God will literally sent her back he didn't actually go through any of the judgment or any of the s*** that's in the Bible and that's the part where a lot of people get wrong with reincarnation when you go to the other side you are 12 dimensional being that has many attic attributes and abilities that are much greater than here they also have the ability to you're like for reflections of self exist there to all part of you you're more like the creatures that are described in Revelation having four faces and a bunch of other attributes these are attributes of the 12th dimensions and you are just a tiny piece of it which is called a hologram of your actual soul so when your soul actually returns back to your real body on the other side you're also connected back with the oneness which gives you the ability to actually know everything but the problem is she hasn't gone through actual tribulation which is where at the end of tribulation All souls are judged she's just seeing the very beginning of it and sent back