The Big Departure and The Movie of Life | Sabine Mehne's Near Death Experience

The Big Departure and The Movie of Life | Sabine Mehne's Near Death Experience

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During her near-death experience, Sabine Mehne experienced a “movie of existence” that confirmed a little something about her childhood that she would in no way experienced assumed probable.

For even further details:
Sabine Mehne’s English Internet site. Below you can also sign in for data about an approaching documentary movie with her.

00:01:01 What meaning did your individual “movie of life” have?
00:05:27 Did you try out to verify these information and facts about other persons provided in your near-death-experience?
00:11:15 Do you consider that anyone can basically bear that quantity of fact about himself?
00:13:27 Which is a way to intentionally keep in emotional bondage?
00:15:59 Do you have the effect that with the movie of daily life, facets and experiences are set into the concentration that beforehand experienced been a taboo?
00:20:34 Reconciliation and forgiveness can only come about with comprehension
00:25:28 Why does God allow it to take place?

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Edda Raab
Editorial contribution: Alexandra Grasmik, Heike Funke
Voice-about: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. "Of course every time there are no easy and simple solution~"
    BUT THERE IS !!!
    The system could instigate an automatic life review every night for every Human Being alive, so that they do not have to wait until a near-death experience or upon death to know what either parties are TRULY feeling and their true intent, it would resolve a great many things.
    BUT alas, the system did not instigate this….it was as though…it wanted this chaos…it wanted us to feel guilty about that which we will not truly know until it is too late[death] so that we will feel guilty and be judged for it or if there is to be no judgement, be guilt tripped into coming back to right one's wrong, conveniently forgetting that upon rebirth, all memories will be wiped and one will not be able to remember to correct what one came to correct…
    And the vicious cycle [scam] of reincarnation continues….

    I wrote a book based on this.

  2. What did this experience of universal consciousness inform her about the meaning of life? A huge pool of consciousness would have provided a wide and open level of information and knowledge regarding the existence and life of humankind. Didn't hear this in her "movie of life".

  3. This lovely lady was wrong about one thing. She IS an angel! Thank you Sabine for sharing your experience and for enlightening us to the truth. Sending my gratitude and love to you.

  4. 9:21: "Very often you get to a point where you realize that no one actually wants to hurt the other one. But in certain constellations, it's just about the inability to be the best version of your human self." Such a valuable insight. Thank you for this video.

  5. She asks , "why is more so imminent in different parts of the world?" I hope she did not exclude Germany for it was involved in 2 World Wars in the last 100 yrs that has cost humanity close to 100 millions deaths.

  6. This is exceptional and on a totally different level. It covers so many aspects of life that 'demand' serious attention. It gives the feeling 'we need' a near-death-experience to 'live life' – a conundrum or mystery to go through. No wonder we end up almost 'speechless' after going through that kind of deep and transformative awareness.

  7. This is what i looked for. Finally the better and deeper question discussed. All these superficial religious American nde's were deeply unsatisfying. Now i don't have to put it to the test myself but ca watch it here;)

  8. As far as "Why does God allow such terrible things to happen"? The answer is that we are here to "Grow". How else could we learn what humans are capable of? Isn't it important? We are here to grow into Neighbors Fit For Heaven. Should we understand that Heaven is "different"? How else could we appreciate the "difference"?

  9. As an old man now I have come to the conclusion that the best way of dealing with life is to realize that whatever happens it isn't personal, things just happen, they aren't happening to you although it may seem so, just observe whatever it is with interest, it may be an accident, a divorce or homelessness, certainly try to solve the situation but be detached even if the ego says 'poor me I don't deserve this', it is just something happening for your observation, only if you let the word 'me' in to the equation does it becomes tragic.

  10. Oh my God, I just got goosebumps and then knew exactly what she was going to say when she said then something interesting happens, and others tend to blame her. Wow, that is exactly what I've said my whole life. I have never had a NDE but I have reached a certain familiarity with death and what we are doing on this earth, in this life. People are very intimidated by me and have been since I was a young girl. Thank you for making the connection for me! Wow!!

  11. This ladies story is proof that consciousness is NOT confined to brain.
    I once would have thought that such an idea was IMPOSSIBLE ..BUT one day I had my own experience..not an NDE but an Out of Body state, and I've also had lucid dreams which were equally as real as my "waking" consciousness.
    So to those people who watch this and simply dismiss it as hocus pocus…you really have no idea what you are talking about and I'd say keeping an open mind is imperative.