Ayahuasca Will Show You The Real Truth | Graham Hancock

Ayahuasca Will Show You The Real Truth | Graham Hancock

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▹ After and earthshaking experience with Ayahuasca, researcher, journalist & bestselling author Graham Hancock radically changed his life.
▹ Thanks to Brian Rose & London Real for allowing us to use this recording.

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  1. I’ve been interested in this for so long. I wish there was a way to easier gain access to these good shamans, but I suppose it’s a journey just to find them for a reason. It’s just hard not to feel trapped, these life changing experiences are so far away from me.

  2. I find Graham Hancock to be an offensive profit seeking charlatan not unlike P.T. Barnum. He uses Ayahuasca and his experiences with it, as a tool to help project himself to his audience as a man-of-mystery and of worldly experiences, in hopes of selling more of his misleading books.
    "There's a sucker born every minute" was a saying in the 19th century about P.T Barnum's ability to trick inexperienced people into believing in nonsensical things like the ‘Fiji mermaid,” “The Cardiff Giant” the “161 year old nursemaid” and many other hoaxes, all designed to earn an income from.
    Graham Hancock is a modern day version of someone who uses those same kinds of hoaxes on inexperienced people.
    I find it unfortunate that he tries to convince people that an advanced, Atlantean like civilization from the stone age Americas once existed, that traveled the world by sea and taught the civilizations of the world about geometry, astronomy and the "otherworld" and how "souls" could traverse the world using the "otherworld" …but were then wiped out by a comet, causing the younger dryas period, and that's why there isn't any physical evidence of them left in the archeological record.
    As someone who has taken Ayahuasca lots of times in lots of different settings from Peruvian shamans to the União do Vegetal & Santo Daime churches and also with friends in south, central, and north America, my own experiences with Ayahuasca were more like truth telling sessions with myself.
    For profit driven charlatans however, who deliberately exploit the inexperience of others in life for an income, it's just another tool to use in becoming more rich and famous…which is a sad and pathetic thing to witness.

  3. I think it's incorrect and dangerous to equate magic with any of the visionary plant, any of the healing plant… the forces of darkness have been way more powerful and active on this Earth than most are aware… when people participate in magic, need to be aware from whence power comes, and,.I don't think most people can discern that. I think that the forces of darkness have been at work for a long time to influence culture and most aspects of the way that people think… that's why it's important to have the right container for journeying with these plants so that you're journeying into the places where goodness and health and healing for all can come instead of into the realm where there's only darkness… also, there are people in the United States and other places in the world that are leading people to drink these medicines and charging them a lot of money and these people leasing these ceremonies are drinking this medicine and participating in other South American medicines that are meant for special times and special circumstances for healing and dedication to that healing, not to be done so often… my opinion.

  4. Hi, All as I have never taken hard drugs. Heroine, Cocaine, Crack, Crystals, Meth, Opium, dependency on Medication. I think that covers it. Why? one would need to take Ayahuasca. Cos!!! it's a Fad. Whatever Floats your Boat. Cigarettes, Coffee, Cannabis(My Prayers) you can't say that about the hard drugs. Can Ayahuasca, clothe you, feed you, keep you warm, build housing etc, the list is endless & I haven't even started on the healing powers or medicinal use with Cannabis.The Eqyptians( EXPOSED) were doing that hard drug shit, before they were mummified. Lool. For sure Self- Love, Self-Respect & Self- Worth all play a Massive part especially for Creatures Big & Small. We are all in this together. Having my Prayers, coming. Lool. BEAUTIFUL WORLD with BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Infinite Love is the Ultimate Truth

  5. It sounds like the most god almighty spiritual laxative !!! The more blocked up with shit you are the more sessions you need and the stronger the medicine… I have vomiting phobia as much as I would love to be purged of everything I can’t get past that phobia which developed from an intense childhood trauma.

  6. There's fantastic podcast/youtube-channel about this called "My Journey Through the Pantheos". This guy did about 10 trips and has very detailed and amazingly deep/profound/mind-blowing reports (episodes), including several trips to "hell". It is quite possibly the deepest subject matter imaginable. TONS of amazing listening material. There is a particular episode called "Trip 5 – The Answer" that is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard in my life. GAME CHANGER

  7. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
    But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!
    -Jesus; Matthew 6:22-23

  8. Don't do this ppl, PLEASE! When you ingest this drug, you're prone to negative, low vibrational beings, whereas when you Astral project, you actually have to raise your frequency in order to successfully Astral Project, thus leaving you LESS prone to become a host for a negative being. Actually, you can tame a negative being, a low vibrational being, not a high vibrational negative being, that's pure hell!

  9. I hope to try it some day. If you cant get to Peru I suggest Netherlands has some programs. Make sure the people you work with are safe. People have come to harm in their pursuit so do your research. Its supposed to be life changing. In a way the govt would not want you to understand yourself and the universe in that eye opening way. The buy buy buy spend spend spend life as a debt slave idea will be shaken to the core. And we all need to be reconnected with source in a journey with a trained professional or experienced guide to help you. Not safe to do alone.

  10. How convenient.. ‘I make the trip down onthe Amazon every year or so and have about 5 ayahuasca trips.’
    As if my life isnt fucked up enough already for ppl to be dangling shit like this in front of my face.