She Argued With Jesus During Her Near Death Experience!

She Argued With Jesus During Her Near Death Experience!

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Podcast visitor 202 is Jenefer Hageman. Jenefer had a near death experience when she was younger in the Philippines. During her NDE experience she argued on the other aspect because she didn’t want to appear back again.

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  1. 51:20 The artist's name is Akiane Kramarik. She was a child when Jesus introduced himself to her. Her parents were atheist as many in communist countries are taught to be. They are not atheist now. When Jesus singles you out for an encounter, just realize, you are meeting the being that made life on Earth possible.

  2. I deeply resonate with her words, when she said she is jelous of people who died. Me too. Even though I think I had NDE as a baby, and I dont remember anything but always felt something happened and my mum mentioned something that made me think so. And I have never been afraid of dying.

  3. Akiane Kramarik. Her painting is Prince Of Peace. Her mother is lithuanian but she was born in the US in 1994.
    Watch her channel in YT and her wonderful, dumbfounding miraculous story of this painting and of hers too. Or Wikipedia.
    Plus her astonishing- moving paintings and their beautiful stories behind.

    Your interviewee Jennifer is the third one I can count so far Jeff that points out to Akiane's Jesus face in her Peace of Peace portrait.
    Amazingly, all of the three had their NDEs years before they knew about that Akiane's painting existed. It's just when they learned or saw in the media these Jesus' facial features of the portrait (Akiane's had a couple of weeks of fame peak in 2004 and 2005) that alike Jennifer, the other 2 guests also mentioned it was the same face they saw in their NDEs.
    I wonder if among all your interviewees are more saying this Jeff.
    I learned of Prince of Peace by that first guest whom I don"t remember. I looked for it in the web and printed on photograph paper immediately. There is the original painting and the one she painted years after due to the first one was stolen and lost for 20 years.

  4. I love this so much! I just listened and heard of this last night while waiting to sleep. But she is so funny in a way only a Filipino could understand or get. I am now listening to her again and just a joy to listen to, her expressions , gestures and facial expressions that is so innocent and genuine. I'll search your channel when I get a chance. Love to you

  5. I have been to the Phillipines a few times And have seen suffering most people never see I have also been to many third world countries were it is the same or worse Can any one tell me what these people have done to deserve this To.say there life is hell is a massive understatement What would there life purpose be Or mission Let's be truthful earth is a planet of misery created by ETs Why does Jesus allow ETs to do this And faulse us against our will to come back here I don't just accept the narrative of learning like the new age cheers