I Was Killed By My Husband And Was In The Presence Of God. | Near death experience | NDE

I Was Killed By My Husband And Was In The Presence Of God. | Near death experience | NDE

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  1. Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unsinful humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    Saving repentance is realizing that you are a sinner deserving of God's just punishment in Hell and turn (repent) from whatever you trusted in before, if indeed you trusted in anything; to trusting in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

  2. Now that we are in an age where different or same sexes are married couples (many with children), not describing if it's male with female, or male male, or female female, and just using one sex as an orator seems lacking important information. Maybe in the future you could be more cognizant of this by being a bit more descriptive. Here I'm guessing male, female. Thanks

  3. how do we know this story is true? anyone could have made this up not even a name to go with the story. i watch a lot of these videos and have to remind myself to take things with a grain of salt

  4. Thanks for sharing! You are a blessing! Im praying for you and your family!

    I am watching and expecting for the rapture/event to happen THIS SATURDAY, April 16th 2022 during Passover and the full pink moon, it will also be Resurrection Sunday/Easter on April 17th in the eastern side of the world.

    Right now Putin's heart is being hardened from all the hate from everyone on earth, he is like a modern day Pharaoh, this parallel's with the story of Passover where the Pharaoh's heart was hardened. I heard a few years ago that Russia will be the one to start global nuclear war.

    A few brothers and sisters have had dreams of Passover and rapture dreams with a pink moon. Sister Darla from "God's gifts" YT channel had a dream that "It was all over during Passover" and she said she had a dream where she woke up yelling "The 16th!!".
    I had a dream last year where I saw the date of the rapture engraved in a cement tombstone in Hebrew writing and all I could understand and remember was that the end date was the 16th of a month!

    And a brother from "The unleashing" YT channel had a dream that the rapture happened on a Saturday!

    I believe that 2022 (Up until May 14th 2022) is the year of the rapture because Israel is turning 74 years old on May 14th and the rapture must happen before then in order for the Fig Tree prophecy to be correct. And I believe God is waiting until the very last moment which is the last full moon before May 14th 2022.

    On my channel there WAS a video of a sister that had a very detailed vision of the rapture/event (Youtube deleted it), she says that the rapture/event will be a bright white light lasting a few minutes and we will be transformed into our heavenly glorified bodies and brought up to heaven.

    We will not experience any pain during the rapture/event.

    I give full glory to God/Jesus for this comment because I have been praying everyday for God/Jesus to reveal this information to me so that I can share it with everyone.

    "If God/Jesus is everything, then we must be inside God/Jesus, and God/Jesus must be inside us"

    See you in heaven!

    Pray and repent of your sins to God/Jesus, not to be saved, but to show respect to God/Jesus and strengthen your relationship.

    God/Jesus loves everyone of you like as if you were the only person in the entire universe!

    Share this message with your family and friends!

    God bless you and your family!

  5. Dear, understand the gospel of new testament well, some of us think that we are a real Christian without seeking Jesus to baptize us with His spirit that will regenerate our spirit man, so that we can have a new heart and a new mind of spirit that will enable us to do His Fathers will, the fathers will for humanity now is that anyone who cling on His sons death on the cross and stop living after the flesh until death shall be saved. You know human beings was created in futility (in useless without having another blissful hope for eternal life to live after death) since Adam inherited Satans seed because of his disobedience to God, He was deviated from inheriting eternal life, including us that was as well inherited that seed from him, that's why Bible said death rains through Adam's seed including those that did not sin after the similitudes of adam. Any humans beings that where born on earth haves the mind and heart of a rebellious spirit against God, is not that we wanted to rebel against God but its the sin which dwells in our hearts which we inherited from Adam that causes us to do all unrighteousness in our members, so we can not fully keeps the law of God without stumbling sometimes in it and God did not like it, that's why Jesus come to die on the cross so that he will fulfill the law and send us the "holy seed" which is The Holy spirit, so that we can be freely deviate from the power of our sinful nature that held us bound into sin, because it's written the wages of sin is death. And Jesus even said that a one who practice sin will not continue to live in the land forever. When Jesus came on earth He said clearly that what defiles a man comes from His Heart. Which means in heart comes all evil practices eg lying, idolatry, gossip, slander, backbiting, fornication, evil thoughts, carousing, strife, envy, adultery, masturbation, evil eyes, greed, gluttony, sensuality, wrath, anger, bitterness, lustful pleasure, hatred, false witness, implacable, factions, dissensions, theft, unforgiveness, variance etc… Jesus has done away some condemnations about some certain outward holiness in the law for examples some animals to eat, some mix lining of clothes not to mingle or wear, some food not to eat etc. So our new gospel brought by Jesus now is not based on always looking on later, which is looking always in the Bible in old testament laws, for it is written the latter kills, but by looking and working into our hearts daily by the new spirit that caused us to have a new mind that Satan can not control again to subject us into sin if we can firmly
    through the power of the [Holy] Spirit are [habitually] putting to death (making extinct, deadening) the [evil] deeds prompted by the body, we shall [really and genuinely] live forever.

    14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. That's why it's written that if you love to marry, love to have the opinions of parents, love to have children, love husband or wife over me, or love to live like the world, then we will not worthy of him, the part of the lord is long suffering until death before you can have eternal life (for they overcome Satan with the testimony of our lord Jesus and they love not their life until death) so it is not easy, that's why it's written if you loose your life you will have it eternally but if you gain your life by living in the flesh like the world you will loose it. All humanity are created with no hope of eternity because no flesh shall be justified before the lord, so it is better we suffer in this world and live according to the spirit until death than to lives in flesh and die spiritually after our life ends here. It's not easy but it's a war of faith, Romans 8:12-13 So then, my brothers, you can see that we have no particular reason to feel grateful to our sensual nature, or to live life on the level of the instincts. Indeed that way of living leads to certain spiritual death. But if on the other hand you cut the nerve of your instinctive actions by obeying the Spirit, you are on the way to real living.

  6. I left my ex after he got extremely drunk and high at a birthday party for his niece. I tried to get him to give me the keys to drive but he already had our two boys, 18 mo and 4 years then, in the car seats so I had no choice I had to go. When we got home I was so angry I flipped the car seat hard to get the baby out and it shattered the whole windshield. It was a Yugo. He flew around and grabbed me by the neck and literally had me inches off the ground and I just remember seeing my four yr old watching on the house steps. When I came to my neighbor across the street was stooped next to me and told me to come inside which I did. I had no purse or keys he had taken everything inside with him. I was going to try to get inside later but after we talked she convinced me to stay the night. I went to our house in the morning and my in-laws car was there. When I walked inside I heard what he had told them that I went out and got drunk never coming home. I told them what happened and they knew it was true. They had witnessed abuse when we lived with them. They left and I called my mom who had moved to California a few years earlier because of the east NJ winter's her and my father couldn't handle it anymore. She made arrangements to have tickets waiting three days later. I called a friend who agreed to get me that morning. When my ex came home from work i heard the apologies and the it'll never happen agains and i thought I could be dead right now, he could've easily have killed me. As it was he just left me laying in the street. So I went along with it but told him I wanted to sleep downstairs for a few days I couldn't bear the thought of going up with him and he agreed. The night before I left I told him I was going to the beach with my friend and the kids so we'd probably get home late. As soon as he left I pulled out the three bags I had already packed and called her. Within a half hour we were at the airport and then I was on my way 3000 miles away. We divorced and we stayed here in San Diego. He had always been afraid of flying and planes so he never came out here not even to see his boys but I was more than fine with that. I never felt completely at ease though and it took a long time to stop looking over my shoulders. He died a few years ago not even 60 and I've forgiven him but I'll never forget. I'm extremely proud of my sons who are in their 30s now and I'm grateful to God Yahweh and Our Lord Yeshua for me still being here. If this sounds familiar to you ladies, leave get out now and don't look back. Guys, if this is you please get help before you do something you can never ever take back. Otherwise lives and families will be torn apart from wounds that never heal. ♥️

  7. Isaiah 54v5,13,17 Ezkiel3.10 Jereminah 30.17 these scriptures turned into prayer believe by Faith that ALMIGHTY YAHWEH will protect my children me be our protection heal our wounds restore our health uproot trauma may these scriptureshelp you and those who going through and have come out of domestic volience, those who are in it not know may there eyes be opened now In JESUS name Amen .. myself endured
    domestic volience 28yrs!! Understand ONLY by ALMIGHTY YAHWEH Grace children self alive.. residue trauma working through daily process although I'm divorced the decades of being on hold and running on empty taken toll on my health.. few weeks beginning to allow myself to feel… to do things for "me" rest relax mind body soul must learn new normal instead walking on eggshell.. day at time with my Ever Faithful ABBA FATHER… Zepaniah 3.17 Psalms 32.8