Near Death Experience Where Man Encounters Everyone He Ever Met!

Near Death Experience Where Man Encounters Everyone He Ever Met!

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Modern guest is Watson Grover. Watson had a near death experience just after remaining in a head on collisions. Through his NDE experience he encountered absolutely everyone he at any time satisfied.

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  1. He should get a reiki master to help him balance his energy, elevate his pain and heal. I don't think you have to experience things you do not want. You are your own authority. You are all that there is. All is one.

  2. I know exactly what he's talking about with the music, I listen to this music every night, your body absorbs, the frequencies and it brings your vibration higher, it's actually very good for your soul

  3. I also researched out to a priest before , he called me a blast femur and told me to leave his church that myself and my family had been for 30 years so yeah I turned away from the Catholic Church now I have my own beliefs but I absolutely understand what he meant

  4. This is worrying because how can you get a spiritual upgrade from a grey alien,they are soulless and as for the crop circle this was a warning about those very aliens who have been manufactured by other ets,all clones wanting to downgrade us further and they use exotic technology for all the so called natural disasters,this isn't the work of god punishing us all that is not what the divine is,interesting story up till then,thanks jeff you are becoming my favorite podcast I'm absolutely addicted ❤

  5. Technology is not good or bad it's peoples intention that is the issue power with is power. power over is weakness but I have seen a person walk through Sydney with a meter and the 5g towers were giving off harmful levels so my thinking is if we are conscious why do we need technology because the people creating this stuff are currently unconcious and technology without wisdom is dangerous

  6. Hats off to you Jeff, and the level of patience you have for some of these people. This poor man must have experienced a real brain frying event. Get the feeling he used to be a pretty sane individual.

    I think this was just his way of reaching out as a cry for help.

  7. While I too feel for his wife, we all have to remember that many NDE experiences take years to integrate (as others here have pointed out). Also, Dr. Kenneth Ring wrote about the topic of many NDE folks being shown things like massive storms, etc. and then wondered why they never seemed as damaging as they had appeared to the person reporting what they were shown in the ensuing years. Perhaps they can be altered by our collective evolution? Or perhaps they were just seeing some things that have not hit yet. As a former scientist and nearby death experiencer myself, I have looked at the peer reviewed literature about solar cycles and our magnetic shield, and it seem we are indeed soon going to be encountering cyclic space weather as some ancients did, and which we are not very ready for, but which might also bring outcomes that are very different this time…I'm a prepper, but I am okay if it helps others survive physically while I cross over, and if I can help other souls wake up and not cling too tightly to this realm after they do too (perhaps from massive natural "disasters", and so they don't incur more suffering as "ghosts", etc.). A willingness to serve and be helpful, however opportunities present, helps me remain positive even in conditions like we find ourselves in here, despite many challenges. Thanks to folks like Jeff and those who step forward it has been a less lonely feeling doing so. Respect!

  8. Maybe John Scott, a frequent guest and author of “Gods Mountain “could help Watson navigate this edge of insanity. John had to remove himself from society for years to process and receive all the information and to rise to it all