Jayne Smith's Profound NDE – Near Death Experience

Jayne Smith's Profound NDE – Near Death Experience

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Near-Death Experience: Jayne Smith describes her profound NDE through childbirth in this movie filmed in 2016. The release of this online video is a tribute to Jayne who handed into the infinite in the spring of 2021.

For extra information and facts about NDEs stop by www.IANDS.org
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  1. So articulate, simple and straightforward!
    It gets so tiring listening to people use "like" 3 times in every sentence and floundering around trying to express complex ideas. Jayne communicates a beautiful experience in such a clear and elegant way. What a great lady! Sounds like she had a wonderful husband too.

  2. I think that we are not supposed to know the essentials because our motivations to stay alive must be up there. Our lives would be very affected in many ways if we would know everything. The idea is to maintain the level of curiosity and the element of surprise. Certainty,what we all want is illegal in this reality,lol! Very nice story,I was very much in the picture,taken ,it brought me so much comfort,very much needed!

  3. I’ve always struggled with death since I was a kid. Terrified of it and the unknown. Being an ICU nurse for 16 years has somewhat eased that fear but I have always wondered what happened to the many people I’ve watched pass. Videos like this provide so much comfort and ease as we live our lives here on earth. That there is something else …

  4. Wherever my most beloved aunt is the one i grew up, the one and only loving beauty who worship god almost daily and gave me good advices even tho i dint pay much of attention due to being young and naive, i know for a fact shes rejoicing in heaven golden gates, i will fover remeber her sweet loving soul.

  5. All I could feel was love to the highest level I can perceive, I was completely suspended in light, I was warm, and I remember a constant hum. She’s one of the very few that have accounted for almost the same experience as me. Hers is much more detailed than my experience. She was gone much longer than me. This experience has sent me on a journey to find others and come closer to god.

  6. I had an NDE together with my dying daughter. I was shown judgement on the other side in the hall of truth, the life result and spiritual life danger. I was able to escape from a with the help of my daughter, who was my spiritual coach during my NDE.
    Although just a newborn baby in this earthly life, she was a tremendous spiritual teacher for me during my NDE.
    I realized the importance and power of forgiveness. I realized that I couldn't find a positive life result if I don't FORGIVE the person who I blamed for the death of my child, from my heart!!!!

  7. This is so beautiful.
    What she is describing is all very real. I love listening to someone who has been connected with the total purity of the other side.
    I experienced much the same back in 1971. She was totally connected. Just beautiful.

  8. Why were those people in robes? Was it to keep them warm, like maybe it gets cold somtimes? Or were they ashamed of their natural form, so they had to cover up? I don't understand all the artifacts that people report. Why would there be buildings? Why plants? Are the plants getting nutrition from a soil beneath? And if so, how would the soil be replanished, assuming those plants never die, since they are already dead. If those plants are some kind of creature from God, wouldn't it kind of suck to be stuck in one spot for eternity? Why aren't spiritual beings formless blobs of "energy" existing in some kind of void? Is heaven like earth, but just more? That would be somewhat of a letdown, it seems. Just wondering, that's all.

  9. I truly believe this, my Grandma had a shared death experience and it was beautiful and I've had her tell me at sometimes before she died. I do often wonder though about really evil people that do horrible things to children and kill them, and they don't seem to have any love in their heart they seem to be pure evil. I still can't wrap my head around that but this is a beautiful story!!!

  10. I also had nde back in 2014 and I also experienced all that she said except mine were five ppl nameless, faceless. And I also had that experience of being shown me my core of my being's deepest recesses and being shown my soul's core and essence and the foundation of my whole truth, which I already knew as a child but had forgotten on my way to adulthood. And I was shown that. And I also exclaimed "of course, of course, how could I have forgotten that?!"

  11. I’ve probably watched this video over 10 times within the last few months, because it brings me some peace. Life is hard, it can be hard for everyone, and it is comforting to hear that we will be going to this better place when it is time we leave our life’s here on earth. I can tell this woman is genuine with the telling of her experience. <3