Powerful Healing Meditation // 6hz Theta Binaural Beats // Reiki Healing // Chakra Balancing ❤️✨

Powerful Healing Meditation // 6hz Theta Binaural Beats // Reiki Healing // Chakra Balancing ❤️✨

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Highly effective healing meditation employing 6hz Theta Binaural Beats for healing and chakra balancing. Healing Meditation & Reiki healing. Can you feel healing frequencies embedded in the movie? This healing meditation is very good for stress, snooze, manifestation, pressure relief, chakra healing, chakra balancing, like throat chakra healing, sacral chakra healing, root chakra healing, coronary heart chakra healing, solar plexus healing, and 3rd eye chakra healing (opening of the third eye). Shaman Oaks is a reiki master, spiritual, and electricity healer.

This healing meditation is related to those people performed by the healer Charlie Goldsmith, Bruno Gröning / Bruno Groning, Teal Swan, and Dr Joe Dispenza.

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:00 – Countdown
1:08 – Intro
4:08 – Guidance
11:00 – Healing #1
28:30 – Talking
43:50 – Healing #2
51:15 – Conversing and Healing

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DISCLAIMER: Alan Chapman (aka Shaman Oaks) is not a health care doctor nor does he portray himself as a person. He does not diagnose your body, thoughts, or prescribe prescription drugs. His services do not swap the expert services of other industry experts, this sort of as health care doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, and so on…

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  1. I got some the usual yawn and tearing up. I got lots of colors. Some turquoises & blues as well as pink. (No echo here)
    Felt light. I was hoping to focus on throat & ear healing is found my throat being more open. Some unidentifiable sensation in my right ear. And some burning/tingling at the back of my neck

  2. You are Amazing!!! Thanks, I greatly appreciate the vastness of your open-minded approach to all of this, it's a joyful pleasure to listen to you as well as receive your incredible healing energy -kindred spirits indeed!

  3. 1st time listening to this. I was in bed, fell out from being so relaxed. Then I suddenly woke up and had to take a huge breath as if some energy left my body…almost like the movie Pulp Fiction. I wasn't scared. I am fascinated as to why it happened. Cheers

  4. Magnificently and Profoundly Divine…!!!
    Applause and thank you for all you do and share via the internet…!!!
    Father John of The Holy Spirit, SOL
    AKA. Padamasambhava
    Namaste and Pranam to ALL…!!!
    Agape in Pax Profundis, to ALL…!!!

  5. Something that might be of use to someone is to try using this energy of Intention to clean your chakra system consciously by visualizing corresponding colors of light for each chakra. Starting at the base of the spine (red) moving up to 2nd chakra (orange) , 3rd chakra solar plexus (yellow), 4th heart (green) 5th chakra throat (silver turquoise) 6th mind's eye (indigo blue) 7th chakra crown (violet) some systems also use an 8th chakra (white) above the crown chakra outside the physical body. With conscious intent help direct the energy, guide the energy, up and down the spine/chakra system as if scrubbing it back and forth. Spend as long as you need in each chakra visualizing its corresponding color of light filling up and clearing each chakra but try to speed up the movement (with practice) so there becomes a flow of energy up and down. Moving up with a long inhalation, and back down with the exhalation .

  6. I feel it when you talk. I think it's because your body relaxes. Have you tried sending energy just by spirit through heart brain coherence? Get people to connect physically by relaxing/releasing with you. Then practice tensing and flexing your energy/ spirit/aura while your body is relaxed. I find bone breathing helpful (exhaling then sucking in while holding your breathe) or reverse breathing where u suck ur body in while u inhale then release it all. then teach them how to accept energy and give energy and flow energy. And help them keep a strong flow to clear out blockages so they can heal and help others who are clear to connect and share your healing energies. This way you are not draining yourself. Your energy is amazing and just so soothing. Thank you

  7. I felt like in the middle of it I saw eyes appearing infront of me and I saw them sending energy with a sort of white light into my chest. I felt my whole body vibrating at that point and it was very interesting and calming… thank you! Excited to try more of these!

  8. About story of avocado like object teleportations happen when the spirits from other side are playing with us they take something from near our hand and we look all over the place but then suddenly it reappears where we looked before and didn't find! They borrow it from us…