NDE: Veterans' Near-Death Experiences

NDE: Veterans' Near-Death Experiences

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Veterans, specially overcome veterans, have a higher incidence of NDEs. In this movie hear veterans recount their profound experiences and their hard aftereffects. Healthcare suppliers have small education to realize NDEs and routinely confuse it with PTS or psychological sickness. Therefore, Veteran NDErs may be dismissed, misdiagnosed, about-medicated and offered high-priced, ineffective procedure. Veterans, their family members, counselors, and researchers share their insights into these strong transcendent experiences and the have to have for appropriate responses by healthcare suppliers. See other movies by Veterans Glenn Brymer and Tony Woody on this channel.
For much more information and facts visit www.IANDS.org
To see interviews with near-death experiencers, subscribe to this channel, NDEvideo.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this awsome video! On a personal level, I can understand how transformative a NDE experience can be, but also how distressing as well.
    Your work provides hope and integration for many. I look forward for more enlightening videos.

  2. Egnorance is fear. If your fearful of anything, stop and ask yourself “why am I so scared”. These experiences are lessons and it’s important to learn from our experiences. We grow and develop and that is the goal of our coming here. Knowledge is powerful.
    My NDE was life changing indeed. Long before it had a term that we could reference.

  3. I'm a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. I have also had a NDE, but this was not connected with my military service. I was in my late twenties and I was electrocuted. The dying part was terrifying, but when I came out of my body, everything changed. I noticed right away that it was very peaceful and calm. There was no pain and I was completely at peace. I sensed that I was some kind of energy and I was pure mind. I also felt completely free for the first time in my life. I knew I was accepted and I was sensing perfect unconditional love. This love is so overwhelming that it's difficult to describe in words. It would be like taking the most euphoric moment you have even known, and multiplying it by a billion times. When my experience had ended, I returned to my body.

    I was left with many questions. What was that all about? I knew that I have just had an extraordinary experience, but I was trying to understand the true meaning and what was this message about?
    This event occurred over 40 years ago, and I now realize that the meaning has come to me over the past 40 years. Wisdom should not be pursued because it can become like chasing after an elusive butterfly who is evasive. It's a matter of allowing wisdom to come to you. It will arrive in it's own time. My NDE is a blessing. What occurred during my NDE was a spiritual awakening. I have been been able to experience the afterlife for a short period of time, and I'm not afraid of physical death nor do I fear the unknown.

    If you ever have a NDE or an out of body experience, you are not crazy. On average, 5% of the population of the US have had a NDE. You are not alone. Don't worry, you will be alright.

  4. I appreciate all the people who put this together. Thank you for your service and thank you for going even further by honestly sharing. I really hope the support gets better and better for those having these experiences. Im profoundly grateful to you all.

  5. There is little help in the Military as well as wefare with free insurance. Misdiagnosis and having both CPTSD and many NDEs.God help me.I have done well but have trouble moving forward. Purposeless.Have lost so much more taking advice than using myself.Just have to do everything my self.As time goes on it gets harder. Care less and have more peace. If I could only get to the woods I can escape. Them all.

  6. NDE of everybody is the same , this guys don't need medications they need spiritual canslers that understand about why God put us on earth. They saw the truth but we're blind in this dark, material and confused world full of miss informations. We should listen to them and believe them. I'll give you one example, Woody said about the love he felt is like all the mothers of the world hugging him which agree about what been said about God the Devine Light that when He created love He put 1% of it to all creations on earth and He kept 99% with Him and same thing for mercy that's why NDEst feel high ecstasy of love when close to God, the bottom line everything they say fit the revelations of the Creator.

  7. I have met and spoken personally to Tony and Diane. Whatever you may believe about NDE's, please do not put their sincerity or belief into question. These are impeccable people whose conviction drives them to help others.

  8. To this very day. The department of veterans affairs refuses to acknowledge or address this issue. They turn a deaf ear to us. It is very depressing to be treated like this by people who say they care about our welfare. The VA is beyond broken. They don't get it.
    I've tried for 51 years.
    Between the ptsd, the nde and all the rest of my issues everyday is a struggle.
    I truly wish it were different.
    I wish that the VA would realize that this is a wide spread phenomenon in the military and stop ignoring us and treating us like cattle.
    They seem to not give a damned about us.
    I truly wished it were different.