Man Dies While Donating Blood and Has Near Death Experience!

Man Dies While Donating Blood and Has Near Death Experience!

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Podcast Guest 134 is Khadham and he had a Near Death Experience at age 19. He died even though donating blood and had a NDE experience. Considering the fact that his Near-Death Experience, he has committed his lifestyle to assisting other individuals with remote healing periods, clairvoyant counseling, individual coaching, self awareness training, electricity healing courses and considerably additional.

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  1. Wow a third of a pint only? He is not lying when he says he must have been literally starving. I lost 5 pints of blood in childbirth and I was in that space of "being" not half a pint

  2. He still has no self- awareness of the consequences of his acts…for example of how he was endangering the lives of others by donating blood under false pretences. He lied to the medical staff and expresses no regret for having done so. The integrity of the blood donation is counted on by very sick people to save their lives. His account seems very narcissistically self-involved and uncaring.
    The only consequences seem to be that he has developed a multi-layered way to make money.
    I believe in the near death experience but not in this sly fiction.

  3. I love the way Jeff's face looks while this fantastic description is taking place! Jeff, you are such a cool guy. I love the way you are so, excuse the expression, "turned on" by this topic. You express no judgement. You always have the BEST questions. YOU ROCK!

  4. This guy is pure energy, I love listening to him.
    Ive done energy work, Reiki and remote viewing thru meditation. Its wonderful listening to others when they describe it. Love it!!!

  5. I heard the velcro ripping sound the first time I astral projected/lucid dreamed fully from being awake directly into the dream. I was laid down perfectly still and after some time my consciousness dipped down into unconsciousness or sleep and as I gently rose back up in consciousness vibrations started in my body and white lights were whizzing past my vision (eyes closed) and then it felt like my feet were actually lifting off the bed and then I heard the loud velcro ripping sound and then it’s hard to describe to someone but I heard the words “Pick Up!” And I had this clear experience of that coming from something entirely separate from my consciousness. Unlike when you have thoughts that seem to come from another source but you still feel that the thought came to be within your mind.

    When I heard pick up, my first impression was like pick up the phone. All this excitement started to kind of pull me out of it and I was back to just laying in bed, still not moving a muscle. After awhile the vibrations and lights started happening again but this time I motioned to roll out of my body and could feel the two separate bodies and with the astral body I could feel my “face” pressed into the pillow next to my physical body. Then my whole awareness faded to black and then the dream or astral world started to form. Ive had a lot of lucid dreaming type experiences but don’t really seek them out anymore.

    I have read in some places the velcro ripping sound can be common in the beginning for lucid dreaming or astral projection but it’s cool to hear an NDEer experience it too.

  6. It’s funny I’ve done ayahuasca and I’ve also watched a ton of nude videos and illl tell you they are really similar experiences. I’m fact when I was in ceremony I was convinced we all had died, and I guess we kind of did!

  7. Wow A completely unique NDE experience coming from a being who clearly brought no programming or preconceptions to the moment.
    I have been studying NDE's for years now and I learned so much from Khadham. I will be watching his videos. Unfortunately, I could not find his website. Great, great energy and his enthusiasm for life is beautiful.

  8. I'd love to learn more about this guy and what more he's learned since 32021. He projects awesome honest energy. I imagine just being in his presence, how exciting that would be. Where are you mister…

  9. Oh man. This guy is awesome. Thank you for sharing this one! I’m AMAZED and had chills the whole time because it made me realize I had a very similar experience! I have chills on top of chills! I feel so validated! Thank you to infinity for this!❤️❤️❤️