Spirit Guides, Angels & The Higher Self #shorts

Spirit Guides, Angels & The Higher Self #shorts

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This limited is from near-death experience visitor 638 is Annalee Stone, who died for about 6 minutes and came back improved …

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  1. I've heard my guides/angels and it didn't alarm me at all. Their message was for me to intervene in a crisis, I didn't stop and wonder who that was speaking, I ran and followed their instructions. Thankfully so, or my kiddo wouldn't be here now!

  2. We have to delete almost everything we’ve been taught:
    – we are schizophrenic if we listen to voices
    – we are a freak if we follow natural remedies
    – don’t follow your heart
    – aliens don’t exist, if we see one they will threaten us
    – death is the end
    – it’s all “coincidence”
    – they ostracize us if we are spiritual
    – angels are connected to religion
    – they drop us in psychotherapy if we are spiritual
    – we commit sins
    – we go to hell for not paying the church
    – we came from monkeys
    – the government protects us
    – wars happen to protect us
    – without religion we go to hell
    – money is evil
    – we need doctors and medicine to be well
    – we are powerless
    – we went to the moon
    – civilization is 2023 years old
    – Jesus died for us
    – vaxx save and cure
    – astronauts in Challenger died
    – wow… everything was a lie!

  3. I woke up the other night with a clear males voice in my ear piece having a conversation with me. It was not a dream or hullincination. He spoke deep and right into my ear and I woke up saying idk but how the fk am I speaking to u and I jumped up quick.