Synchronicity and Three Reasons Why I Think It Happens

Synchronicity and Three Reasons Why I Think It Happens

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  1. But there was nothing meaningful about your Carl coincidences (i.e., nothing came of them). You noticed the word "Carl" and it made you hyper-vigilant for it's next occurrence. In a life filled with discrete events, some are statistically bound to clump up now and then. The real strangeness would be if no coincidences occurred. A synchronicity is more like when I read or hear a Bible verse that gets my attention, and then I hear a sermon on the same passage within 24 hours (out of the many tens-of-thousands of verses in the Bible). That happens to me probably 5 times a year. That's when I start to pay added attention.

  2. A trail of pages torn from a book leading to my daughter’s school. I looked closer at a page and it was from a bible, headed John something or other. Looked at my watch it was 3:16. Lots of my synchronicities seem to involve time/ clocks.

  3. Within seconds after I looked at an old picture of my pug on my fridge, you started talking about how a woman said you should get a pug and name him Karl. Karl is also my grandfathers name and has since past.

  4. I was talking about my grandpa today – his name is Carl and I sometimes I have dreams of him. And I asked a friend if she’d seen “Llamas With Hats” – one of the llamas is named Carl. I haven’t thought of that video in ages.

  5. Ok I’m going to say the unpopular thing. If you look for coincidences, you will definitely find them. Even if we had absolute conclusive evidence that an after life or other realm do NOT exist, we would still find coincidences in our daily lives. This is because it is totally random and sooner or later in the western world you will come across a name like Carl 3 or 4 times in the same day. Then you will go years and it won’t happen again because of the odds of it. It might well be a spirit world thing or the universe communicating or whatever, but I’m just throwing it out there, that coincidences will happen in the randomness of life.

  6. My life is littered with synchronicities. I’m always astounded by the seemingly impossible connections that happen. A regular occurrence in my life is having clients with the same name as the last client of the day & then the same name as first client of the day. Or a variation of a name like once I had a Rick book a massage then shortly after that Rich booked one!

  7. I watched the video with Jeff Tolley and his experience. I’ve been spiritually seeking for my life, since that really is our purpose. So I subscribed to your channel and found this video. I think once we are aligned, or become spiritually awakened, we see the messages our spirit guides put out there for us, to help encourage and guide us in our souls purpose path. I love you too! Thank you! You are doing great things and helping people, and that is what we are all meant to do. Blessings ya’ll

  8. I told my dad about a comment I postet 5 months ago about the kickboxer from the van damme movie ,,kickboxer‘‘ I wrote in the comments that tong po is stronger as a joke and exactly at the day i told my dad about it someone responsed at my comment. It is the only respond the comment has. He said he isnt a real fighter and my dad said the same thing. How can this be a coincidence

  9. My son was born same day same exact time on my 21st bday with same head size even to me n both were meant to b expected on the 23rd but we were born a day after mind u my father committed suicide when I was 12 which u switch the numbers n that =21 lol which is still blows my mind away tho his pm I’m am

  10. Crazy strange , I was just watching your near death experiences n I was thinkig about my dad who passed away 30 years ago. Then I came across this video about carl . My dad's name is Carl also.

  11. My husband and I have joint synchronicities. When I first started pointing them out to him he was like okayyy and? As they continued he started noticing them and now he gives me a look like yes I noticed. I don’t understand why they happen. What’s the point? Maybe you will answer in the second half of this video lol

  12. Synchronicity with Carl. Five hours ago, I set a toy llama on my niece's table. The conversation quickly turned to a running joke I have with my now grown children. If we see a llama we say, "Llama llama llama". Or we touch it and say, "I touched a llama." The source of our running joke? Carl, from the movie Jimmy Neutron.

  13. I have some sort is sync every single day. I'm pretty spiritual. Not religious, just know there's unexplained things that happen in the world. But every day I see things that correlate. This has led me to do research. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  14. Walking along heading to watch a movie. Its the evening and it's been a hot summer day and I still have my sun glasses on. The song 'Sunglasses at night' comes to my mind. I watch the movie 'Nope' and the song comes on. And it just feels really weird. It's just a coincidence but it really felt like more.