The Continuation of Life in the Afterlife! Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode

The Continuation of Life in the Afterlife! Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode

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Afterlife Tv set:
The Continuation of Lifestyle in the Afterlife!

In present-day chunk-sized Afterlife Tv set episode, I discuss the continuation of lifestyle while in the afterlife. Mainly, I’m conversing about the life we proceed to have on the other facet (in the spirit environment). This will assistance you recognize what your deceased loves kinds are enduring now AND ALSO what you will experience when it is your flip to go property. It could possibly even alter the way you are living if you recognize it thoroughly.

In the initial half, I’m chatting about folks in spirit recognizing the ripple outcome of their existence. This is where they get to experience how their feelings, phrases and steps influenced every human being in their lifetime. It demonstrates them how their existence developed a ripple influence that affected other people, not only at that minute but in the upcoming as well.

What I’d also like for you to acquire away from this episode is that if you happen to be grieving an individual who has handed, your romantic relationship with them is not about for the reason that they died. You can however talk with them and have a new marriage with them. And I discuss how they now have a new, clearer point of view of you from the other side.

All the gorgeous photography on the video clip was taken by my wife, Melissa, as usual. Permit us know what you assumed of this week’s episode. We have this sort of an wonderful audience and we often really like hearing from you. If you loved the display, we’d recognize your assessment on our iTunes podcast (link underneath). See you future time…

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  1. Thanks so much Bob. It helps to be reminded that we are expanding and eternal consciousness and that we are interconnected, part of one Source. The journey on this physical plane becomes all the more easier. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. So weird, I was literally just thinking about this yesterday. I lost my brother recently and I find myself thinking about the after life a lot more. Investigating even 😛 ..its how i came across your videos.. But yesterday as I was thinking about his life and the next stage of his journey, I had a thought about how he is still connected to this realm through all of us and it made me realise there is two parts to this life – as you said, in the living and in spirit. I agree so much, as mad as it sounds I still talk to my brother daily, hes still communicating with me. As you said… its just different. This video is a cool synchronisity and clarification 😛

  3. loved this episode bob! i have an incurable, dibilitating chronic illness , & very unfortunately, its not fatal. as a bedridden 44 yr old, unable 2 speak, handle any noise (other than some short online interviews) light, or visitors, i can't do anything other than just lay in bed, having all my basic needs met by my 71 y.o. dad, all i think about & look very much 4ward 2, is the next part of my life, in the afterlife!! i also know, all in thx 2 having been an avid fan of urs over the past few yrs, that about 1/3 of my soul is embodied here & the rest of it is elsewhere…. hopefully having wonderful adventures. this all gives e such enormous peace. ty bob!

  4. I love your bite size videos, Bob! My commute to work is about 20-25 minutes so it's the perfect time for me to listen to your videos. 🙂 BTW, I just ordered your book on Amazon (Answers About the Afterlife). It should get to my door step this weekend so I can't wait to read it. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for another great video! I love the shorter segments – it's so much easier to fit them in. I am excited for your book as well. I don't see it on audible though. Do you think it will be available on audio? It's the only way I can really digest books since my husband passed. thanks for all you do!

  6. Thank you Bob again always good to hear from you, I have told you many things that has happened to me since my husband passed away in Sept ,2011, and I am glad to tell you he is still with me to this day and I am very grateful for that.

  7. Very good lecture Afterlife TV with Bob Olson, very good. From what I have gather from Metaphysical/Occult writers that we still can eat, play, work, and perhaps not to mention have sex in Afterlife. Just saying. Kudos!

  8. Now more than ever I needed to listen to words that give confort. I wish I had the chance to speak with a medium to hear from the love of my life,who passed because he suffered dementia. I’m thinking about our unquestionable happiness, the attraction,the love, the romance and the beauty of our life together. Our generation was the one that was in love with love, sang to each other,and romance involved us 24/7. Not only he was handsome outside, but beautiful inside. He was 77, when he passed, 5 month ago.,I am 74. I talked to him day and night, about anything that comes to my mind. I believe he is here besides me,watching me,but is sad not to be able to get a response, or advice,or his tenderness. Thank you for your channel and your support.