She Met Her Childhood Imaginary Friend During Her Near Death Experience – Mycailin 354

She Met Her Childhood Imaginary Friend During Her Near Death Experience – Mycailin 354

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Podcast visitor 354 is Mycailin who had a near-death experience where she discovered that her childhood imaginary mate is serious.

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  1. By taking ownership of the circumstances when someone has done bad things to you, that lets them off the hook entirely. An abuser is acting wickedly and sinfully and will be held accountable by God, if they don't repent and find Jesus. She said we are divine and gods, this is not true. Only God is divine. God created everything also.

  2. The concepts and messages throughout this interview were so incredibly resonant with my intuitive sense of understanding of the reality in which we find ourselves, I felt almost as if I were watching myself reinforcing my own thoughts through a separate though strongly-similar manifestation of myself (and in a manner of speaking this is true). The message of finding the meaning in things that are happening for you rather than feeling as if things are happening to you is right on point!

    That fear causes one to summon all sorts of frightening aberrations and scenarios from the void, and that the energy we put out generates that which we get back, is something I bang my head against the wall trying to get across to my mother, who is older now, and who is experiencing and has experienced so much suffering. I feel, as I'm sure is a common feeling for loving children to have, that our roles have now reversed, and I am here to help her now, to guide her, to protect her, and to show her the unconditional love that she had shown me and which gave me such an unwaveringly strong and resolute determination and character. It is frustrating to see her lack courage and to have a negative outlook, because of how she was programmed in her childhood, and I often juxtapose the differences in our formative experiences and how that has affected our ability to direct our individual realities, and ask myself what lesson, through careful reflection, this was supposed to impress upon me.

    To hear that Michael was Mycailin's higher self, the daemon from which she sprung, felt so obvious, like information being validated that I often tell myself and have always believed… likewise with being able to insert oneself back into an "earlier" stream in the timeline (but with lost memory of the "future", and really, the true nature of time being much different from our corporal interpretation of it. I think being a computer programmer as I am entwines very well with all of this. Again the whole interview in fact was like a message I had arranged to be delivered to myself, to reassure myself of all the intuitions about reality I have always been so convicted of and needed to hear at this time. I also find it very interesting she has a similar flare and gift for language as I happen to, and is a writer, which many have told me I am quite gifted at and should pursue. I really enjoyed her engaging and dramatic story-telling, and the precision of her language and depth and coherence of concepts.

    I got excited when Mycailin went into quantum physics and probability of manifestations of different realities, the intelligent awareness of the "thought-substrate" and the concept of "reality" being a consensual cooperative dream.. it all just hit the nail on the head for me! I also learned some things, like the distinction between the lustrous void, aka quantum eminence, and lateral planes. I do also very much agree that I have chosen to manifest at this time to experience this great awakening and revolution which we are on the cusp of. Many are afraid and see negative times coming.. I see overwhelming freedom and positivity on the horizon. Regarding this as well but many things in general, I often act perplexed why what seems so incredibly obvious to me is so veiled in the mists for others, but in reality I feel it is part of the experience they have chosen. It often feels they have strongly filtered/narrowed their understanding due to an emotional immaturity (which may be merely the assumed role of the facet of the higher self who has chosen to experience from that particular vantage point) which prevents them from being able to look at truth or be truthful with themselves. Of course, I'm sure I'm guilty of this as well, as we all have much room to grow, and furthermore, I believe the human experience by no means is the most evolved or advanced.

    Anyway, hands down, my favorite episode and guest! Count me on the team.

  3. She made my heart swell when she said dying is like waking up from a dream. I have leard alot of explanations of death but this one is so simple and makes sense. I listened to a book by Andy Stanley, the Noticer returns. Jones, the main charactor talks about a woman in the storys death process. As when we are born, people on this side rejoice, in the death process, others are waiting on the other side to rejoice in their return. That book along with other things I have learned over the years led me to believe we are not in the true reality. Some call this place we are at now, Hell, the hell christians talk about.