PMH Atwater – Near-Death Experience Aftereffects: The Real Story

PMH Atwater – Near-Death Experience Aftereffects: The Real Story

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PMH Atwater – Near-Death Experience Aftereffects: The Real Story, 2016 IANDS Conference

Nobody talks about the real story of near-death aftereffects. When the experience is over, it isn’t over. Whether you felt angry to be back (you wanted to stay) or excited about telling everyone only love is real, the fact is: your body has changed. Your mind, emotions, and sense of the numinous are suddenly different. Experiencers have been known to walk out on their families; divorce rate within the first 10 years afterward is inordinately high. The question of whether or not you can integrate your NDE rests on how well you can handle the aftereffects.

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  1. Interesting. Humanity needs to shift or face the mirror after effects of their own behavior. Be still and look within. Avoid judgement. See and release the negative.

  2. "my wall talks back to me"… I have to take this into consideration after reading her book… folks, the govt has mind control technology, they can talk to anyone at any point in time, this tech was brought over with ~ 700 nazi scientists that they patented around 1974, they 've been improving them ever since. Unfortunately they target regular citizens making them believe they are schizos and they also use mediums and possibly this lady. ( I will trust the people who give her NDE experiences and that's it). Many govt whistleblowers: Snowden, Binney, Duncan, etc.

  3. In all NDEs, why does God always say "it's not your time yet, you have to go back" (oops)? Wasn't he responsible for sending the dead person to heaven in the 1st place? It surely wasn't the dead person's decision. Who's mistake is it, anyway? So confusing.