Near Death Experience: 180 Degree Turn

Near Death Experience: 180 Degree Turn

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Tricia Barker experienced a transformational near-death experience after a huge, head-on collision with one more automobile. As an agnostic, her experience with clever light beings, the appreciate of better consciousness and a profound being familiar with of knowing that her real essence is not her body, her mission in daily life went from materialistic to the recognizing that love is all that matters. In the course of her yr-extended restoration, she started heading out of body and then began working towards lucid dreaming, and she shares about some of these phenomenal experiences. Now as a instructor, she is capable to use her items to reward her learners in way that go considerably outside of her profession as a trainer.

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  1. Something about Tricia’s demeanor or voice just screams likable teacher. I don’t know exactly what it is though. Lol I have to disagree though. It won’t be heaven without my grandmothers grilled cheese and it’s taste and everything though there is not reason for food and physical relations those experiences can be important. The idea that we have to come back and suffer for pleasure that we may not even end up getting to have just seems too twisted for me to accept.