Self Love is Not Selfish: What’s the difference and why does it matter? (Psychiatrist Rebecca Valla)

Self Love is Not Selfish: What’s the difference and why does it matter? (Psychiatrist Rebecca Valla)

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Self-love is a hugely important concept in the context of expanded consciousness and “inner child work”. As distinguished from selfishness, which is ego-based and without regard for others or for one’s best self, self-love is a manifestation of heart-consciousness. We have an enhanced awareness of our own lived experiences and compassion for our once innocent selves. The longings and pain that have been generated out of loss, misattunements, abuse, and fear are ours to resolve. This is the soul work we have come here to do.

This presentation will be relevant for all participants and will draw on what we know from NDEs and STEs, Law of Attraction, Psychosocial and Spiritual Developmental theory, Past-life Regression and Soul Retrieval work, and Soul-Purpose work such as presented in the 2014 Conference keynote by Rob Schwartz. (Source: 2016 IANDS Conference).

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  1. The belief that consciousness is merely a brain function arises in ignorance of the "Literal Present"; i.e, how long is the present? If what's already happened belongs to the past, what's yet to happen belongs to the future, and what's happening right now belongs to the present–then we must ask, how much "time" passes between present and future: A year…a week…a day…a nanosecond? Logically, there is zero time! Too short for anything physical to occur. Not even the orbit of an electron around an atom! So then, if not in a physical universe, where is the experience of life? Only in Consciousness, the timeless here and now, the ultimate singularity, comprising an infinity of multiverses and all life lived and yet to be lived. Here is the home of eternal Soul, which many visit in a near death experience.

  2. I don't quite agree with her ideas. I think many people are selfish and have self-love. Then there are people who are selfish and don't have self-love. Then there are probably spiritually evolved people who have self-love and are not selfish. I don't see how just loving yourself, without having a way to support yourself can work in society. I suppose some women who truly loved having children and were supported by their husbands could fall in that category, of not having to find a way to make a living. Basically most of us are tied into the corporate world to make a living. Lastly, I think she could have gone into more detail about healing the inner child, how exactly do you do that, other than seeing a therapist?

  3. Isn’t that funny that there is no
    one that comes back from an NDE Saying: “God told me or Jesus told me that if you don't accept Jesus as your savior you are going to hell'. Or tell them that they can only go to heaven trough Jesus.” That is really scary for these
    Radical Christian, and they get angry that is why they post these hateful
    messages, they are no different than the people that put Christ on the Cross,because he was not telling them what they wanted to hear.Yes! and a snake talked to Eva, and Eva talk to the snake , isn’t that laughable and an insult to the intelligence and wisdom of God , Ho wait and the Earth is only 6 thousand years old, and God created the universe in six days. And the bearded
    man with the son Jesus they are both sitting on the throne, waiting for us.
    Actually now God is nothing anymore because Jesus the Son told us that we can only go to the father if he agrees, so,he is in charge now and God has no power
    anymore. Fundamentalist are so narrow minded that yes will believe in Santa. These are the people Jesus warned his disciples not to talk about the mysteries, you know the pearls to the pigs. 

    By the way I do believe in Jesus and his mission and that he is a son of God just has we all are. The bible was written for uneducated people living in a desert That is why Jesus had to resort to say things in parable to the crowds because they were not intelligent enough to understand his esoteric message and the bible is written the same way in addition it has been misinterpreted and lost through the dark ages. But noooo wait it is written by God!

  4. I have extreme DID from being tortured in early childhood newborn to age six. I would be willing to allow study of me . I have seizures that replicate exactly what happened. I occasionally turn into a small child.. Been this way nearly 17 years