“Out of the Darkness Came a Being that was Called Jesus” | Near Death Experience Sarah Snow Part 2

“Out of the Darkness Came a Being that was Called Jesus” | Near Death Experience Sarah Snow Part 2

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“Out of the Darkness Arrived a Remaining that was Named Jesus” | Near Death Experience Sarah Snow Component 2

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This is Component 2 of my job interview with Sarah Snow about her near death experience!
Check out Section 1 listed here: https://youtu.be/C5KxDh3AGkc


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  1. Good night dear. I love your channel and I learn a lot from you. could you give me a video or text indication that explains 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, where you speak of the Antichrist. I need to know the interpretation of Christian universalism on this matter. God bless and protect you. strong hug

  2. Thank you for sharing this ❤️ so grateful to hear this. So many echoes of my own experiences in what you relate … needed to see/hear your messages … we are all ‘doing ‘ this in ‘this’ time and space. This so validates what has been going on in my life, too.
    Together we/I are/am doing this together. ❤️✡️
    Yes, the shift is ongoing in all time and space and beginning to manifest with a conscious clarity in this time and space collectively. The termination and collapse of those states which must transform into its new manifestation is at the core now.
    Thank you. ❣️

  3. I really love the message that we don't have to save or fix anyone, we are not the savior, unconditional loving presence is the savior. That is so true, and something I will try to remind myself of every day.

  4. I would really love to hear her perspective on how scripture fits into leading us to unconditional love that is Jesus Christ, and how the truth in scripture set us free and transforms us. Because I found that nothing she said was wrong at all, but for the seasoned Christian or the Bible teacher might feel offended or threatened by what she says. I feel like I’m called to be a bridge builder between the two without losing the truth if that makes any sense

  5. What a beautiful amazing journey she went through! Wow! I’ve been experiencing my own awakening the past few years and it’s in a completely different way… that was so interesting!