During Her Near Death Experience She Saw Her Grave From A Past Life – Dr. Renata Bartoli 307

During Her Near Death Experience She Saw Her Grave From A Past Life – Dr. Renata Bartoli 307

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Podcast visitor 307 is Dr. Renata Bartoli. Renata experienced a near death experience. In the course of her NDE experience the teleported from area to location by thought. Dr. Renata Bartoli is a hugely experienced medical hypnotherapist, released author and speaker, with a strong tutorial history in Neo-Latin Philology with far more than 20 educational publications to her credit history – which include two books – and she has introduced papers at international university congresses. She has properly trained with Dr Brian Weiss, the international major authority in Past Life Regression Therapy. She specializes in Reincarnation and Spiritual Disciplines and received her intercontinental popularity by regressing hundreds of persons about the planet, the two one-to-just one and in workshops. Some of her regressions have been printed in the national press, and her own tale is featured in Dr Brian Weiss and Amy E. Weiss’s e book: Miracles Transpire.

Dr. Bartoli’s web site
http://www.footprintsfromthepast.co.british isles/

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  1. Jeff thank you for bringing all these wonderful experiences to us. I remember she was saying that the negative experiences are the ones that make you grow the painful ones. Perhaps that's because on the other side if everything is just love and light, you have no reference point to understand how good you have it. So you have to go to negative experiences to have a reference point. Like if you never cried you wouldn't know how good laughter is. Like food tastes better if you're really hungry. Maybe that's what it is. And that's depressing to me.

  2. Thank you to this lovely lady for sharing her personal experience of an NDE. Her compassion, warmth, and sense of humor, made it a joy to listen to this podcast! As an animal rights campaigner myself, her explanation brings hope that there is justice for both animals, and humans alike, who suffer from cruelty and persecution. Thanks again for another wonderful account Jeff x

  3. Living here offers the illusion of being separate from God Supreme, it is within this struggle the contrast helps us get a hint and begin to realize how awesome God is. Only if we 'all' could realize how everlasting God's love is, all would not worry, fret, fear or envy again.

  4. Very delightful. I like her accent. I like her use of the word contradictory she said in one word what people have a difficult time describing. I was also intrigued that we may be communicating with other(s) including our higher self or different parts/aspects of yourself. It also makes sense to me that a person that wasn’t nice shouldn’t be rewarded for being so. I think that an important part of living here is to be a better person & in doing so genuinely you will go to a realm that reflects that.

  5. Eternity freaks the living shit out of me. Sometimes i ponder and think, i will never stop existing. It will go on and on and on and on and on. I terrifies me. And what freaks me out the most, we aren't ware of it. We don't know what, when, and how we've lived before. Permanent amnesia. The 'me' at this moment is wondering if iv'e lived before, and my past and future self are also wondering the same thing. It's feels like i am trapped in life and there is no escaping. This would give me panic attacks in the past and still give me an uncanny feeling

  6. Jeff, Dr. Bartoli was such a bright, thoughtful and likeable guest on your Podcast 307. The ONLY thing I questioned was her comment about visiting, as a small child, the gravesite of her grand aunt who had been born with physical difficulties and died in infancy. Her interpretation was that SHE was the reincarnation of this infant who – like other unfortunate babies – did not want to live in "broken down" bodies. Having seen so many medical stories about children living with such horrific issues, it's difficult for me to simply accept that these drastically ill babies had/have a 'choice' as to their immediate futures (reincarnation).

  7. Yes, I think its possible that objective reflections (a physical life) combined with the limitations of time might enrich pure consciousness immeasurably. Pure subjectivity might be able to be whatever it imagines instantly …but… that imagination may limited. So it chooses solid hard physical challenges to boost its creativity. Does consciousness turn itself inside out to take back experiences that connect it with a wider range of multi-dimensional frequencies – to reach across the universe with. If pure consciousness exists in no time, then eternity would be as incomprehensible to them as infinity is to us. Physicality is highly relevant its like a booster rocket for consciousness.

  8. I find hard to believe in reincarnation because we're alive now, we know the now now so why the need to reincarnation if 7.5 billion people are alive now on this planet. If you reincarnate that means there is a fine night number of souls in heaven maybe 15 billion and that 15 billion are constantly getting reincarnated here on earth, so now what about other planets that has life there how does it work with their reincarnation

  9. Why negative experiences to grow? Whatever happened to positive experiences, like settling goals and challenges for ourselves to become a great writer, painter, teacher, athlete, or professional? Whatever happened to enjoying the process regardless of the outcome? It all sounds twisted, inessential, and arguably nihilistic.

  10. That’s my question, also, Jeff! “If we are eternal, why do we have to grow?” Wouldn’t one he access to the knowledge of all things? So why go through the motions & be tormented, even if temporarily? If we are coming back here, that same torment may be carried over into many other reincarnations…

  11. Oh! Thanks for posting her story! I have that book, Miracles Happen & will look for her story! Thank you! Great to see people you’ve read about…though I’ve forgotten many individual accounts, it surely is a great book! Thank you! How wonderful she trained with Dr. Brian Weiss!

  12. In the book, Miracles Happen, Dr. Renata Bertoli’s accounts can be found on pages 121-124. “…I am happy to say that past-life regressions are among the most common techniques I use with my clients.” This is her last line in the book! Really fascinating! Both her accounts & her work! Thank you, both, Dr. Bertoli & Jeff, Mara!
    Btw, the accounts in the book, are not things she had spoken of here! It’s all really very interesting! It’s a great read!

  13. An interesting account, but it again spawns the question, if earth life is so "irrelevant" why does the experience itself seem so hell-bent on "sending people back"? Also, we can see the past or the future but for some reason can't anticipate that an egregiously premature fetus with a fatal defect would only survive 40 hours. Was the idea of living as such a fetus also a joke to be laughed about beyond the veil? I don't get it.

    That there is a radically different perspective that humans just can't understand over there is the one (and perhaps the only) thing that can even make these contradictions somewhat coherent. But it still seems like a contradiction. If it's so irrelevant, why are we here?

  14. I had a beautiful NDE in 1989. I give talks about it, because it changed my life completely. I have become a healer, starting with being a Reiki Master, and a channel too. Life is bright with meaningful actions and “coincidental” insights. I have done counseling, specially with Aids, Trauma, etc., and write poetry and stories and do painting as well.
    My NDE has helped me to channel God to people in a desperate situation. I love your site, and thank you for your gentle, healing questions. I live in South Africa.