Near Death Experience: The Ride of His Life

Near Death Experience: The Ride of His Life

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Derek Riddle experienced the journey of his lifestyle when he had a lifestyle-shifting near-death experience where by he was presented premonitions, an understanding of the value of treating others with kindness and the true hope of reuniting with our loved ones on the other side soon after we, too, cross over.

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  1. I disagree with one thing. You don't have to come back to finish nothing. You don't have to complete nothing. You choose to be here. We all choose to be here. We are all Divine and we choose to do whatever the fuck we want. Now, it's important that we let love lead us, because love is the most powerful Force.
    This is all a simulation anyways. It's all a movie that we all choose to be part of, but we forgot.
    Lastly love is all that matters. Live, love and laugh.
    Me, myself and I, I'm not coming back here to Gaia. This is my last and final rodeo.

  2. God decides.

    Just because he interpreted his experience through his human filter does not make him an expert on who ends up where. Even Hitler.

    I can’t help but seeing the Buddha picture behind him. He is not on the right course. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

    Even Lucifer can present situations that appear otherwise. He is the greatest deceiver….even in unconsciousness or during sleep

    Lucifer craves taking the good souls away from God. Don’t let these experiences deceive you.

    Jesus Christ is the only way and Lucifer knows how to turn people away. It’s not always the obviously evil way or obviously bad people that fall short.