7 Famous Dreams That Came True (and 2 of my own)

7 Famous Dreams That Came True (and 2 of my own)

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Can your dreams predict the long run? Can you desire about your death in precise depth right before it comes about? Listed here are 7 popular illustrations of persons who did just that… and two of my personal.

1. Paul McCartney
2. Mark Twain
3. James Cameron
4. Elias Howe
5. JoJo Billingsley
6. Stephenie Meyer
7. Abraham Lincoln

And then two of my very own.

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Precognitive Desires:
(Elias Howe, James Cameron, Stephenie Meyer, Paul McCartney, Abraham Lincoln)

http://www.entire world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/10-desires-that-altered-the-class-of-human-history.html

Paul McCartney:

Mark Twain:

Elias Howe:
http://www.cracked.com/short article_20498_5-famous-factors-you-wont-believe-were-invented-in-goals.html

James Cameron:
http://www.businessinsider.com/james-cameron-arrived-up-terminator-for the duration of-desire-2015-6
http://uproxx.com/videos/how-james-camerons-bad-dream-released-one particular-of-sci-fis-major-franchises/2/

JoJo Billingsley:
http://www.nashville.com/audio/2010/06/jo-jo-billingsley-a single-of-lynyrd-skynyrds-primary-honkettes-dies/

Stephenie Meyer:

Abraham Lincoln:
http://www.historical past.com/information/inquire-heritage/did-abraham-lincoln-forecast-his-personal-death

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  1. I am glad you didnt die. Usually its the oposite. Did you notice anything in the that date you your suposed to die?
    Another theory I read about dreams is: give it a title like it was a book, usually you got the true meaning of it.

  2. I wonder how your brain can predict a future on a dream or how it develops one. Please spit some straight FACTS to me tho it's been 4 years so it's likely no one will see my message

  3. Iv had some dreams that came true. I was on vacation with my family and as we were driving i fell asleep. In my dream i saw a small castle about 15 feet tall with water shinning around it. Latter we stop at a place that had the exact same castle and it was in a fountain of water.

  4. Ok, you haven't open up your whole shaman gift or else you would known what your dreams is. Go to find a shaman master and helped you get your guides and open your gifts or power. Some are open but some are not because you don't know how to interpret
    Your dreams yet.

  5. I was dreaming of soldiers who were lowered into a compound by a helicopter. It was a covert operation. The next thing I see are soldiers sneaking up some stairs. Then there is a man with the look of horror on his face as he is about to be killed. I distinctly remember the eyes. I then hear a bang and wake up. Later on I was on a phonecall to Australia (I’m in the UK) and the person I was speaking with casually said “They got him, they shot Osama Bin Laden!”. For a split second I didn’t believe it but it wasn’t long before I was recounting my dream, very similar to what actually happened.

    Another time I dreamed I was being transported at the speed of light into space. When I woke up and turned on the TV, a rocket had been recently been launched into space.

    There have been more but those stick in my memory the most.

  6. I had a dream Aug 24 that my sister miscarried. In the dream she told me she lost the baby. I told her not to worry, you will be having a baby. He's waiting on the other side for you to be his mother. I warned her of the dream because she has miscarried before. Last night (Sept 3) she told me she's losing the baby. 8 weeks along… She was sad but I think my dream helped comfort her. I believe it was pre-planned in a way.

  7. I had an awesome dream of being at a rave party at an elementary school. Months later I went on a small trip to Wisconsin and sure enough, my friend Dave drove my boyfriend Chris and I to a school and we danced to techno in the classrooms. The school was IDENTICAL to my dream and I was able to know where the gym with the stage was and the bathrooms lol it was crazy. I was only drinking, no weed or other drugs for me that night but still…. I also dreamt of being alone and angry walking in the halls, yep that happened too lol (my bf and friend went to the car for more alcohol, and something happened which upset me) incredible how accurate our dreams can be!

  8. Sorry for my broken English, I'm 36 year old and when I was 16 year old I had a dream and in my dream I suppose to get married, walking through the altar I could see my bride but not the face , her face was blurred and I wake up and tell my dream to my grandmother and she said that is death and to not leave the home in that day, I say to her that is too much and I left , after few hours I had a terrible car crash and my luck was that I didn't have a seat belt and I was thrown through the car windshield , apart from few scratches and back pain nothing happened to me but the shock was huge , I'm still thinking how my grandmother now something terrible will happen, just found your amazing YouTube channel searching for dmt and I'm very happy and pleased to follow someone like you, thank you.

  9. Alan, you're certainly a different person now than you were then. I was at your healing last night, and I have been working through your back catalog of videos having just discovered your channels. The transformation is remarkable! You could certainly see it as a death and rebirth. I was thinking about that last night, not having watched this one yet. Then I hear your comment about being dead in a year! Well, I hope it feels as amazing as it looks. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  10. I started a business 3 years ago, I couldn't get a client account from the bank that I was applying to for my business account. I couldn't start my business without a client account. Once night, I dreamt I went into a specific bank and opened my business account and my client account… I went into that bank the next day and did exactly that! My business has been running for 3 years now!

  11. I dreamt that I was attending the funeral of my fiancee at the time woke up crying telling him how I just had a dream that he was going to die…My fiancee comforted me assuring me he wasn't going anywhere but sadly a week later he was accidentally shot and killed my one of his good friend's while laying in between my legs later dying in my arm's! I still love and miss him every day and it's been 25 year's! I've never been married because I have never met anyone who I've come close to having the connection I had with him not even close and I truly believe he was my soul mate and I know I will be with him again one day!

  12. Then in a dream my fiancee who passed away came to me sat next to me on my bed saying don't be sad, do not worry because you're golden day is coming soon then you know! To this today day I have no idea what he meant but I know it means something significant I'm just not sure what!

  13. This youtube video of 7 Famous Dreams That Came True (and 2 of my own) via the Shaman Oaks page contains some fascinating stories. I admit that I have had some sleeptime dreams unexpectedly come true before in my real-life. One sleeptime dream I feel comfortable publicly admitting is a sleeptime dream that I had around the June 2020 timeframe in a shopping center that I had yet to be at in my waking real life. Strangely enough less than 4 months later I was in that similar real-life shopping center that I had seen in my sleeptime dream four months before because I luckily had the good fortune of being able to relocate with plenty of money saved after unexpectedly being offered an out of state job (the job offer was a pleasant surprise to me because I was previously aware from some previously written material I had seen online that out of state job candidates competing with local area residents for jobs may sometimes have great odds to overcome). I confess that there are more sleeptime dreams I have had that came true in waking life it is just that the one I referenced in this comment is the one I feel safest to comment/share on this forum for privacy reasons. Obviously, I also look forward to viewing more youtube videos via the Shaman Oaks page- after unexpectedly gleaning some spiritual insight from one of Shaman Oaks youtube videos I saw yesterday some time after viewing it in the features of my online youtube recommendations connected to this youtube account (that I am commenting on).

  14. I've had a number of prophetic dreams that came true, but me being a fanatical fan of my alma mater they've been about football games. Not always a score, but the emotions I feel during a game and the win/loss outcome. The most recent was that I knew months ahead of time that Clemson would win the National title in 2018, because I dreamt a conversation that I had with a colleague when I got back to work after going to the title game. I was explaining to him how Clemson had won 2 titles but with a year in between. I also had the sense that it wouldn't be close.
    To this day I regret not betting everything I had on that outcome, since I knew it well in advance. I did book a trip to the game in San Jose about 9 mos ahead of time though, so at least I was there.
    Its basically a deja vu, but I get those from time to time where I experience an episode that I already dreamed.

  15. My mom had a dream she got in a car accident and broke her back. Then two weeks later on valentine's day she didn't want to go out with her friends bc of the dream. She ended up going and the same accident as the dream ended up happening.

  16. It can sound crazy well people are thought to believe it’s impossible however along time ago I wrote a scientific paper on psychic phenomena including precognition it was pier reviews and taken well

  17. I've had a couple of dreams that either symbolized or straight out said the meaning.

    When I was 11, I had a dream that my mom would abruptly take my laptop and find out about my fake accounts. Something did happen like that, 1 week later, but on my phone.

    At age 15, I had a dream about a baby girl… I don't want kids, so I didn't understand why I was seeing a baby girl in my dream. Nothing happened then
    A year later around the same month, I had the same dream at age 16. I told my grandma and she said "Maybe someone in the family is pregnant.." I said "Maybe…"
    The next day, my mom says that my older sister who I'm closest to is pregnant with a baby girl (Not only that, but apparently my sister was pregnant last year around the time I had the dream, but lost the baby and never said anything)

    I've had a few other dreams… At age 15, I had a dream of watching the news… People was sick, there was disasters in other countries… It wasn't specific, but I had the dream 3 months before 2020. Then Covid happened along with fires and hurricanes and stuff.. Along with uh.. People thinking WWIII was gonna happen because of the whole Iran thing, missiles were also in my dream.

    Recently last month, I had a dream about missiles and me being very scared, many missiles from an enemy country which was not specific. Then the whole Ukraine thing happened yesterday.

    I've had other dreams that happened whether small or major, but I can't think of them on the top of my head.

  18. Crazy! I had a dream of my grandma telling me that my uncle should watch out for his lungs. I woke up that morning and just had a feeling something was up. I told my mum about my dream, who told my uncle. Sure enough, my uncle had COVID and my grandma died of having weak lungs so it could've been a warning from her to take care of himself.

  19. Yes all my dream come out in some way.just this past few months 3 car crashes.first 2 -I warned them, nope the mom didn't listen.third was black ice in new York their was a storm that nite. crashed operating on this kids spleen.i asked myself to dream again ( more info) dream was quick just car hit hard head on left leg broken.yep next day his leg broken at top.all people I know.cops can't figure out how I know things ahead of time. Writing a book this has to be documented .

  20. 21 years ago I dreamed I was sitting on the carpet of an unfurnished apartment looking at a baby. I woke up and did a home pregnancy test. My daughter will be 21 this year.
    On a family trip to Disneyland . I had a dream in the hotel, in the dream I lost my daughter in the Disneyland park. I was crying when I woke up. The next day at Universal Studios in Southern California, I lost my daughter. Totally flipped out screaming her name and running around where I saw her last. A security guard was walking to the lost in found when I found her.

  21. I had a dream a week before my dad died.
    I was in a sky blue room, there was a glass cup next to me with water in. God walked in to greet me. Next I was before a throne and there were Christian there I knew and God was saying to them that it was their faith that saved them.
    I said the dream at church the morning of the dream in Sunday. my dad was there to hear it but I didn't know he was going to die the week after. he died in his sleep after trying to self medicate.
    funnily enough at his funeral, there was a rainbow around the sun and a halo in the sky around where we committed the body for about 5-10 minutes. it was awesome.

  22. I had a dream that my old friend from college tried to commit suicide on the same night he tried to commit suicide. I knew it was over a girl, a blonde girl, and that she called 911. I hadn't talked to him in years. I also sung out numbers in my sleep once as a child. My mom played them for a few day and the day she stopped playing the numbers came out. It was four digits, but I don't remember which.

  23. Precognition happens–awake or asleep. I once got on a plane with my family to return from a vacation. As soon as I got on and sat down by my father I panicked, begging him to get off the plane with me because there was something wrong with it. I knew for certain that it couldn't fly and that we'd die if we didn't get off. He thought I was nuts and tried to convince me that I was getting all worked up for nothing. I knew he was wrong. So we taxied down the runway, made a turn and sped up to take off. Then we slowed down, the pilot came on the PA system and told us there was a serious problem with one of the engines and turned back to the terminal. We all got off and took another plane.. Thank god the pilot figured it out before takeoff.