Near Death Experience: I Died And Came Back With Knowledge Of The Light | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Came Back With Knowledge Of The Light | NDE

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This next near death experience is from a girl who died in little one delivery and had an awesome NDE on the other side where she was shown considerably understanding by the light. Her story proceeds right after her return when she describes how her lifestyle was impacted by this experience decades later.

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  1. Dear Narrator – I was saddened to hear that you have ppl post HARSH remarks. Pls remember u are doing terrific job bringing more LIGHT into this world filled with suffering and TRAUMA. Some of US are so TRAUMATIZED.. and so Discouraged by LACK of Justice.. Compassion.. So we Humans LASH OUT .. even those Mass Shootings are Just CRIES FOR HELP by those of us so TRAUMATIZED, UNLOVED, DAMAGED.. by the Brutalities of Earth… So just respond with LOVE..

  2. What you have experienced and tried to describe reflects my own experience many years ago, also after I almost died after giving birth to my 3rd child.) You have seen the LIGHT of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, what the Christians call the Trinitarian GOD Who IS… God the Father, the Eternal Spirit Who created us and everything that IS. He then sent His Own Son, Jesus Christ, (part of Himself)…Who IS what Christians call CHRIST our LIGHT, to enlighten us, our minds and consciousness, to the TRUTH of who WE are and Who God IS. When Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross, to die for us, He showed us the depths of HIS LOVE… Who IS GOD, and the LOVE HE has for each one of us whom He has created. Then He sent us His HOLY SPIRIT, which is His "movement" into our human understanding of HIMSELF, Who IS Love and Truth, Understanding and Wisdom.. Who teaches us all things, and as the Christian Scriptures tell us, "I will send you the Spirit, HE will remind us of all I have said". HE also gives us His gifts so we can in turn reach out to OTHERS, as Jesus told us to: "Go out to all the world and TELL the Good News." Yes we are FAR MORE than what we see here on this earth. We come from Him, LOVE Himself, and we are destined to return to HIM.. As Jesus told ALL His disciples: "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE" . This LIFE with Him, in UNION of Love/with GOD (which the Saints try to describe and have also experienced) begins right here while we are still on this earth. The knowledge of who we are and WHO GOD IS.. That beautiful sense of "One-ness" with HIM, with each other and with all of creation. destined one day to return and be with HIM for all Eternity (which is called Heaven by Christians, or Spiritual Nirvana by Buddhists).. God Bless you for sharing your experience.

  3. CB says 2 near death experience I stood up in my chair and told my sister look. I was sleeping I sat up in bed and look behind me I was sleeping so I layed back down and I woke up .My thought was I must of been dreaming.

  4. The most wonderful side effect to the rest of the world, thanks to those sharing their experiences, is a reminder to all of us that this unconditional love is available to everyone, we just need to be willing to accept it. Again, thank for sharing.

  5. I have experienced similar experiences where yesterday I thought about a specific item, problem or idea only to find someone or something placed it on my table…probably my guardian angel or guide!€#

  6. I really love your channel. I have studied NDEs ever since reading Dr. Raymond Moody's book "Life Beyond Life." I have no fear of death because I know we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. You are doing a great service to humanity. The come away: be kind and do no evil.

  7. i don't know if the light would be loving with all the serial killers and abusers and rapists and so on…some punishment should be applied, otherwise we'd all kill in an instant knowing there are no consequences to our actions

  8. A lot of great information in this experience. I have felt some of the light and peace and how it feels but not to the extent they got to feel. When you get to walk with the light, you know you're not alone. It will take lonely and the frustrating things of Life Away to a comfortable and enjoyable feeling of love. One thing is we need to be kind to ourselves instead of being too strict and hard. We don't have to be so judgmental of ourselves and others. Judging others is a ungodly Act.

  9. In all life is purpose and light. All here on earth, must walk as mortal beings through a world shrouded with darkness. Fear stems from ignorance as light from love. And each must choose from which we will build our lives and to what plane we wish to exist. All are as the mountains. Forever changing, yet always seem the same. Revelations are essential to us all. To put it simply? Without the darkness, we can never enjoy the light….. Blessings to all…

  10. I had an experience last year. It wasn't a dream and I have questioned myself but I know what I experienced was real. I had gone to bed one night, I sat down on the bed and leaned back on my pillows. Out of nowhere I raised up through the clouds and sky and went through the universe I kept going up really fast. I was then in a hand lifted up to a face but I couldn't see the face just my reflection in the eye. I could see myself in the reflection, surrounded by love. I felt so safe, secure, peaceful and so much love. It's hard to describe because there are no words to describe the incredible and wonderful feeling. I don't remember what was said but I know we could understand eachother without saying a word. We spoke telepathically. I felt beyond comfortable and I remember I didnt want to leave. The colors were colors I have never seen before. Brighter and prettier than any neon color or northern lights. I remember It seemed like things happened so fast and slow at the same time. Like time didn't exist. I remember I could see the entire earth, all sides and all people and their lives at the same time. Like I said it's really hard to explain. I really didn't want to leave, I wanted to stay with those feelings of love and peace forever. But I knew I couldn't stay at that time. I really wish I could remember what was said. I can see some parts so clearly and other parts are a blur now. I came back down to Earth, still being able to see everything and aware of everything at the same time. I came all the way back down until I was surrounded by trees and a black wold with brightest eyes, was standing right in front of me. I was face to face with the wolf. I was aware of it being a wolf but I wasn't afraid, we stared at eachother for what seemed like awhile. It was like we could see each others souls. And then I opened my eyes and I was in bed and only like 10 minutes had passed by in real time. I woke up clearly saying we are all connected and being in complete awe of what i had just experienced. I am still trying to process everything and understand what my message was. I know part of it was affirmation that there is life after death and we are all connected and God Does Exist!!! But I feel like I'm still missing something since I can not remember what was said. I hope this helps someone else and let's you know you aren't crazy and you are not alone.

  11. I never experienced a NDE but I had a dream one night were I died and saw a panoramic view of the universe I saw everything everywhere and everyone it was most peaceful I’ve ever felt it was like I was loved beyond mesure it was amazing I will remember this dream all my life , hearing about real NDE give me peace and calms my soul I love it ❤ to anyone reading this have a blessed life and I love you