Near Death Experience: Gifts from the Edge

Near Death Experience: Gifts from the Edge

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Claudia Watts Edge had a profound NDE in 1984 when she bled to death offering start, and she has been investigating NDEs and other spiritual phenomenon for about forty several years. Claudia has composed three award successful publications, a series termed, Items from the Edge, and is crammed with her experiences of her time invested in what she lovingly calls Spirit College. Claudia has been named a modern day-day mystic with an ability to pull back the curtain between this globe and the over and above. Her third ebook, just a short while ago released, is a assortment of spiritual experiences from 47 people titled, We Touched Heaven, and is obtaining nods from the near-death experience neighborhood of scientists, together with Dr. Raymond Moody who is calling the ebook fantastic!

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  1. Another excellent interview. What she's saying sounds close to the Michael Newton stuff. I've heard similar from so many other sources now that I feel there must be truth to it. Still not yet sure how all the pieces fit together though. Like how the astral dimensions fit into the equation and alternate realities, etc. There must be a purpose I suppose for the full picture being withheld from us. Maybe that's part of the game we are playing.

  2. I love these NDE's! There from ordinary people, with ordinary lives, ordinary beliefs and then a life altering event. Not just one or 12 people. Millions. And it's not slowing down! But people are still hesitant to come forward and tell their experience. Understandable and you're not alone. It's all about 'The Love' and always has been. Great episode and Great guest. Claudia Watts Edge. p.s. 9 billion people on this Rock…

  3. As per Muslim (Islam) belief one who had died the soul goes to 'Barzakh' A place between death and day of resurrection where souls stay temporarily in between with negative or positive experience. . Actual reward or punishment, according to one's deeds given on day of judgement. Not all will have positive experience. Criminals, murderers, atheist undergo negative, bizarre feeling otherwise there is no point in encouraging to do good works. NDE is only an assumption not proven constructively to be happening outside of brain though scientists are working on it to prove that is real. Genes in organs are active until 48 hours after a person is pronounced dead as per new evidences. Actual death mean not coming back at all to this physical self. Real death must be defined. This is where happenings will take place as per believer.