Following Her Near Death Experience She Recovered From A Brain Tumor

Following Her Near Death Experience She Recovered From A Brain Tumor

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Near-Death Experience podcast visitor 586 Is Susie Pearl, who experienced an NDE experience whilst acquiring brain most cancers and returned with a major up grade and a tale of what Heaven is like.

Susie is a greatest-providing author. She has prepared and collaborated on a lot of books. The Artwork of Creative imagination, with a front go over estimate from David Lynch, Farmacy Kitchen area cookbook, a plant-primarily based foodstuff e-book for London cafe Farmacy endorsed by McCartney family customers, and Guidelines for Pleasure and Success, a book on manifesting and a hand e-book for managing your mind to be successful and tranquil.

Susie operates as a mentor to men and women and organizations. She has labored in tv creating reveals for young ones at The Children’s Channel, she was CEO and co-founder of a movie star PR company in London and has appeared soon after new music artists and talent from Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie to The Prodigy. She offered her PR company to Television creation company Finished and Dusted.

Susie has psychology levels, a BA, MA and MSc and has been a coach for above 15 decades doing the job with people today and firms.

She was Running Director of Paul Mckenna’s private improvement training firm, operating specifically with Paul and the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Dr Richard Bandler. She managed a firm educating thousands of people today personal growth approaches and tactics. .

Susie is a most cancers survivor. She recovered from a big brain tumor subsequent a near death experience NDE, following staying specified 6 months to dwell. Her recovery bundled employing a combination of common medication, her individual equipment such as nourishment, CBD oil, reiki, Theta Healing, meditation, hypnosis and favourable visualization.

Her restoration was explained as a miracle by doctors and clinical groups searching immediately after her. Susie loves sharing her remarkable and miraculous cancer restoration story. Just after her near death experience in hospital, she returned to her body and her tumour experienced long gone. She is composing a e-book about the miracle story.

Susie works as a writer, podcaster, producing mentor, mentor, organization mentor and speaker on inspirational modify and residing a constructive everyday living. She lives involving the British isles and Spain.

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  1. Another great guest. Thank you so much, Jeff! I read about Neuro Linguistic Programming and Dr Richard Bandler's work about 35 years ago and I was always fascinated by it and have wanted to learn more. Interesting to find out that she worked with the creators of NLP. I have also wondered about very successful people and what they "have" that takes them to the top (Billie Eilish, Mozart, Steve Jobs, for example).

  2. 39:17 heart breaking. all visual reminders of the past gone. The Tarot card bit is fascinating and a totally unexpected signal from God regarding a new phase in life, a new mission, a phoenix rising out of the ashes circumstance. Yes, I am a oonservative Christian and I can already hear the righteous indignation of Bible thumpers out in Youtubeland snapping to attention to reprove me for suggesting that Gos would use a "satanic" Tarot card to signal anything good. Forty years in the Christian faith , unswayed by religious "savants" has taught me that God will communicate in whatever manner that will get the information across. God will communicate with every person differently according to their various circumstances in life.
    And we must not forget, that 100 percent of those people who I have become acquainted with who presented with brain cancer have all passed on in a very short time. So the fact that Susie Pearl is even alive is truly a miracle. I give Susie's account of her NDE a AAA rating. Even though her experience does not involve a lot of elements that other experiences have, I give it a high rating for Susie's honesty and lack of guile.

  3. …………. 45:40 "Make your environment beautiful….." Jesus said "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
    In 3 years time I listen to hundreds of NDEs, an amazingly large number involve people who gave no thought whatsoever to flowers, plants, trees while "alive" who during their NDE find themselves in gardens and flowers, and meadows which are indescribable in their beauty, indescribable colors, plants emanating love and this ties into my English cottage garden style flower beds of towering tall fragrant lilies, springtime begins with crocuses, next daffodils, hyacinths, next come the antique, powerfully fragrant roses, hollyhocks. Tall flowers, short flowers , early, midseason and late. Finishing the growing year with Fuji mums taller than I am. Then of course is my massive vegetable garden. When I was young, I gardened spontaneously, interacted with people spontaneously, but I developed into doing things in a pre mediated manner. There MUST be clouds of fragrance around our 1890s Ohio farmhouse. So, yes, I agree with Susie, I agree with the Divine, that our mind will be relaxed, at ease, at peace if we make our environment beautiful. Too many people's residences are Stalinesque austere because they are glued to the television or whatever unsatisfying amusement that others persuade them to pursue. Three generations back, this creating a beautiful environment was very common, but now, alas, very rare. So, yes, those few words "Make your environment beautiful" means a lot to me. Five senses we were given to enjoy, not abuse. Things must look pleasant, sound pleasant, smell pleasant, feel pleasant, taste pleasant, THIS is the ideal that is quite gratifying.

  4. Susie, this was amazing! You recounted your experience with such clarity. I was riveted throughout. I can identify with some of the spiritual sensations you described because I’ve experienced similar ones (spirit leaving the body at night but I never get far!) Also, like you, I I’ve experienced golden angelic light flowing over me in a moment of despair.
    Thrilled to hear of your miraculous recovery! ….The kingdom of Heaven is within!
    -Thank you.

  5. If they have the nerve to present me with another soul contract to come to this lunatic insane prison hellhole of a planet, I am going to spiritually (and mostly peacefully) punch that being right in its face. Remember, you are a sovereign being on the other side, they can only make you do something if you CONSENT!! DO NOT CONSENT TO ANYTHINg!! You give them power over you if you do. There are billions of wonderful planets to go to, I believe they are tricking us into coming back here. This planet is nothing but pain, suffering and slavery for billions. If that's what your into, have fun.

  6. She uses the word "Angels" due to her upbringing in Christian religion, I wonder how people from other religions would have described. How do people get cured from terminal illnesses after NDE, if we can connect to that source a whole lot of people can be cured, this needs scientific or spiritual investigation.

  7. What a beautiful soul she is.
    I too have been fortunate to have had an OBE, I say fortunate as I wasn't in a bad situation like Susie. I managed to have an OBE with full health. I never used to think it was possible, until I experienced it myself. I have also had several lucid dreams in which I met my deceased uncles. My lucid dreams and OBEs are more real than my current waking consciousness.
    Do I think Death is the end? Absolutely not.