She Received Dreams and Visions as a Child, and saw Angels in her Near Death Experience

She Received Dreams and Visions as a Child, and saw Angels in her Near Death Experience

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This is element 1 of my job interview with Amber Celestial Angel about her Near Death Experience!
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  1. I have watched dozens if not hundreds of these kinds of interviews, and it seems to me that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING anyone believes is "real". I gravitated toward these kinds of testimonies because I was just fed up with the dogmatic nature of religion. But I am coming to a view that spirituality in general is actually devoid of any firm ground on which to stand. Maybe that's a good thing, but it's awfully confusing and seemingly contradictory. But the very comsistent theme is always UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is to me now my ONLY firm "belief". Can anyone relate?

  2. I come from a family where my Grandpa, Dad and Uncles are Preachers. I can understand the religious trauma aspect fairly well. I'm not so sure on the healing people are selling over the phone or internet though. Lots of people claim to do this also, so it isn't a new thing to hear. Just not sure what I think about that aspect. I would like to see some proof videos where the people they helped had some legit medical evidence before and after.

    That being said, most people that consider themselves Christians are actually decent people. I do think a lot of separation from anyone not like them ( and that denomination ) is preached. They are told to be vigilant against the enemy at all times.
    It's no wonder, some of them seem a bit tense.

    To add to that, most people seem like decent people once you get to know each other. No matter which of the worlds many beliefs they hold.

    It's so funny how many different types of NDE experiences there are. Like science fiction novels in variety, basically anything you could imagine.