“Dying Wasn’t Bad at All” | Michèle Bögli's Near Death Experience

“Dying Wasn’t Bad at All” | Michèle Bögli's Near Death Experience

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Even though Michèle Bögli-Mastria was keeping in clinic, she professional a near-death experience that improved almost everything in her existence.

In this job interview, she talks about how these activities – that transpired precisely on her 21st birthday – arrived about and how they improved her worldview and her spirituality.

00:44 What happened back then in the healthcare facility?
08:54 This thought of now leaving your earthly existence powering was not disconcerting at all?
11:21 This experience of acquiring all the time in the planet, can we have an understanding of it as the absence of any measure of time?
12:16 Did you experience your actual physical agony once more?
13:56 With all these dramatic feelings in your coronary heart, how did points evolve? Did you get to talk about this with any individual?
15:50 Are there things that have an completely diverse meaning for you right now as opposed to just before?
17:19 Did your spirituality, your romance with religion adjust?
21:06 But in essence, your NDE confirmed the existence of a loving deity?
26:21 What’s your situation right now on the concern you employed to have with God making it possible for this substantially calamity?
29:08 Would go as considerably as declaring all ache and struggling is staying put in viewpoint in regard to this phenomenal loving light experience that our human consciousness is really tied into?
32:01 How did it take place that you began looking at spirit beings?
35:03 Is your capacity to see spirit beings a persisting trait?
35:55 How did your professional daily life evolve following your NDE?
37:35 Is reincarnation a reality for you?
39:39 And have you uncovered for yourself that there was a continuity in concerns you are experiencing now and peeks into past lives introduced forth to your conscious mind?
41:08 Do you check out reincarnation as an possibility for personalized evolution or is it instead a little something that we’re all enduring?
41:54 In summing it up, what is the most vital insight you derived from your NDE and your spiritual journey at massive, possibly even as a concept to everybody interested in getting out extra about death and dying?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Werner Nieke
Voice-above: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2020 Thanatos Television EN

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  1. What Happen when a Person Die?

    In order to get the correct answer, let us consult the infallible word of God. And the safest way to start is to ask the question:

    Q. 1) How did God create or form man?
    A. Genesis 2:7; And God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

    Note: In forming man, God used two substances namely:
    1. Dust of the ground
    2. Breath of life

    Note: Now that we know how God formed man, we can safely answer the above question by reversing the process in which God formed man.
    To illustrate:

    At Creation: Dust of the ground plus breath of life = man or a living soul
    At Death: Living Soul minus breath = Dust

    Q. 2) What happen to these two substances when a person die?
    A. 1.) Ecclesiastes 12:7; Then the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit (or breath of life, Genesis 2:7) return to God who gave it.
    A. 2) Job 27:3; All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils.
    A. 3) Genesis 3:17; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread, till thou return to the ground, for out of it was thou taken, for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return.

    Note: The three texts above clearly explained what happen to the two substances that God used in forming man at the time of death. At the same time, they also clearly answer the question. What happen when a person dies? The body return to dust of the ground where it was taken, and the spirit or breath return to God who gave it. ( Ecclesiastes 12:7)

    The belief that when a person dies, there is a soul (immortal) that leave the body, and depending on how the person lived when alive, will determine where the soul will spend eternity, either in hell, to be punished and tortured for all eternity, in purgatory, with the hope of being brought to heaven or direct to heaven as the case maybe. This belief is contradictory to Ezekiel 18:20; The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
    The truth is, this belief is based on the Greek Philosophy called “Dualism” (pls check dualism in the internet) which teaches that the body and the mind are two separate entity, In that the body is physical while the mind is spiritual and immortal. Here lies this very dangerous belief. Why? Because if the soul is immortal, of course it is not subject to death. That is why, when a sinner die, based on this belief, the soul will go to hell to be tortured and burned forever and ever without end. What kind of punishment is this? Endless. Don’t make sense. It is because the soul is not subject to death, immortal. This is unbiblical.
    To dispel this erroneous belief, simple questions need to be asked.
    1. Would our gracious, loving, merciful and longsuffering God, allow eternal torture and eternal life to co-exist? Of course not.
    2. What kind of sin does anyone do, to deserve this kind of endless torture?
    It does’nt make sense at all. According to Galatians 6:7; Whatsoever a man soweth, that he also reap.
    The truth is, God did not create anything or anyone immortal. For had he done this, then sin would be immortalized. The Bible said, that God alone is immortal. 1 Timothy 6:15,16. The reason is obvious, God knows the end from the beginning, Isaiah 46:9,10. Thus, he knew that Adam and Eve would commit sin, Genesis 3:6. and Romans 5:12; For by one man sin enter the world, and death by sin, in the death passed to all men, for all have sinned. The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

    Q. When will the person that died and who return to the dust, be made alive again?

    A. 1. John 5:28,29; Marvel not at this, for the hour is coming in the which, all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. And shall come forth, they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.
    2. Daniel 12:2; And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    Note: The two texts, clearly explained that the dead sleep in the dust and will come to life, when the voice of the Lord is heard.

    Q. What event does the Bible say, would take place, when the dead which came forth from the graves/dust, and who have done good?

    A. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17; For the Lord himself, shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    Note: The event described in the above text, is referring to the second coming of Christ. (John 14:1-3.)

    Q. How about those that have done evil, when will they come to life?

    A. Revelation 20:5; But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.

    Note: In conclusion, with this text, the resurrection of all that died and in their graves, (John 5:28,29) from Adam and Eve at the beginning, up to the last person who will die just before Christ second coming, is hereby completed. The reward of them that hath done good, is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17, and in Revelation 20:6; Blessed and holy is he who hath part in the first resurrection, for the second death hath no power. In contrast, the punishment of them that hath done evil is described in Revelation 22:8, and is called the second death.

  2. Wonder what the NDE experience is like for a Narcissist or a Psychopath – so far I’ve only listened to experiences of good empathic people – what about those who choose to cut themselves off from the Divine and die remorseless after abusing others? Where are those accounts? Do psychopaths not have NDEs or do they hide their experience and not tell others what they witness on the other side? Until I hear those accounts too (without any sugar-coating) I’m not convinced NDEs are the SAME beautiful experience for every SOUL regardless how good or corrupt the soul is / has been. Would love to know from those reporting these experiences if they saw or heard of Hitler or Stalin & other recent or ancient tyrants while on the other side and maybe even met with them in the ‘gardens’ where they were floating about. So qs. is where are those arrogant, self-worshiping ingrates now? Everybody mentions seeing their deceased loved ones, wise souls / ancestors, prophets, angels, even God Himself but where have all these well-known historical criminals gone? Why aren’t we hearing about them in these accounts? What happened to them? Did they just disappear into the dust of NOTHINGNESS?! Or are they in a special place that the good souls are either not allowed to go to or it’s concealed from their perception. It’s bizarre that even a remote mention of these iconic tyrants is completely missing from these NDE experiences and I’ve been listening to these for years now. Not discounting the accounts of those who have had their NDEs but something’s not adding up right here. There has to be an explanation for this absence of information. It’s the MISSING piece no one DEFINITIVELY seems to know anything about. Quite fishy to say the least.

  3. We are here for God's purposes. That is where many people have it backwards. To try to understand what it means to us in the flesh is an illusion that makes people confused because they always want worldly answers. It's all about God. Jesus says it's better to give than to receive, because that's what we are here for to give to God!!

  4. Ive been doing research on this u can say. The ones that i believe to be undoubtedly true. are the ones who were blind from birth. An state what they saw. Theres not many of them that i have found. But the few i have were great.

  5. I've never had an NDE but I love watching and listening to stories from people like this. Each person has something different to say but many people also say similar things. Just one small thing though. Whilst I get that we're here to learn and grow, sometimes going through pain. However I don't think this should be all there is to life on Earth, so I'm not sure I entirely agree that we're not hear to chill and enjoy ourselves. Whilst we do learn through pain, we are also able to grow and give love through enjoyment of our lives. Too much pain can have the unintended effect of causing a person to go backwards if that pain is not balanced by wonderful things as well.

  6. I left my body during an operation and was viewing my physical body on the operating table as they worked on me. This awareness in itself of the real "me" NOT being that body on the table, but the "thinking and observing" me was the single most important experience of life in taking away any fear of death. This was not an NDE as such, but an out of body experience. I'm forever grateful for this having happened.

  7. Read the bible and you will meet that life force you saw and felt near you, it was either
    your guarding angel or Jesus
    your Savior. I too had a nde and
    I know that's who you encountered, because only he could make the decision,to send you back, he alone, created you and he alone can call you back home. He is pure
    living LOVE.

    Please get you a living Bible, and start reading & everything will make sense.

  8. If the pain exists so that we can learn a lesson from it, well what will a young child learn who was buried under the rubble of his destroyed house in the war and survived and suffered for several days. Such a young child, what does God want him to learn?

  9. Thanks for sharing. Love it. I am thrilled to listen to quite a fewv of you. What you experience exactly corresponds to a text dictated by Jesus, The Course In Miracles.
    For the past few years, I've been 'learning how to practice and live by Jesus's teachings with the Holy Spirit's inexpressable support through materials, guidance and reminders in all circumstances, helping me understand my purpose and living in total freedom and peace reflecting constant forgiveness and love to our brothers/ neighbors.
    The Course teaches to live in Heaven while we are on our planet. We have a few brilliant spirituality texts and teachers who are available to help us as well.
    The more we close the gap of separation, and get closer to God, the clearer what JESUS was saying and why he chose to demonstrate earthly life.
    Matthew 5:48
    "You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

  10. We are not here to learn by painful experience. Yes that we are here to expand our experience and learn in the process, but we are here mostly to have fun. That's the way I like to interpret any NDE. Peace! 🙂

  11. I lost my family – husband died – my fault (he felt unloved by me) – our daughter estranged. I failed at life. I didn't give my heart to the man who truly loved me. I didn't give my heart to our daughter who truly loved me. If I could die – I'd be grateful. To kill myself would just be more violence. So — my only thing I look forward to is to die in an "accident" since going back in time to reunite with my family is not an option.

  12. I have been listening to people speak of past lives, especially children. What I have noticed is that all memories are of earth, not of any other world, only earth. So far this gives me the impression that we are all an outgrowth of the planet itself, like leaves on a great tree, we are children and spirits of this planet only. We come and go, and we live multiple lives because our bodies are only temporary vessels between lives on earth while heaven or the spiritual world is a place tied to the energy and the spirit of this very earth because no one ever has memories of any other place except this one. With that, I often wonder what happens when the sun dies and the earth can no longer support life? Is that the end of us on a spiritually too? When the tree (earth) finally dies there are no more leaves (us).

  13. I have been watching NDEs since my sister died of Covid last month. She messaged thru a dream with my other sister on the 40th day of her passing that she is 'super happy' there on the other side. But I still miss her.

  14. This woman seems like a very old soul. I found it so interesting how she expecting to stay in the astral realm, but then all of a sudden without her consent she was put back into her carnal envelope. I love the way that she describes things.

  15. I am a bit like her. But I would be sarcastic in my thankfulness such as I’m thankful I’m not a victim of rape or murder. I’m thankful i did not have to have my child die at a young age. I’m thankful I was not born in a poor country or had to suffer with hunger or disease.

  16. If we are meant to have all these reincarnations then why does no one ask why? What is the purpose of them? None of these NDE people ever say this or even ponder it. Live life to the fullest? Ok, but why? If our time on Earth is just a playground for material things and physical matter to interact before going off to their soul selves, then why?

  17. Well it sounds like I've had the right approach to life, on some level I've always had appreciation of life even in bad moments because the emotion reminds me that I'm alive. I just a month ago had to give my brother this outlook to help him through a rough patch. It's almost always temporary anyways.

  18. I absolutely love her motto… from victim to creator. I wish that I could somehow to reach out to her about her coaching except I only speak English. Is her contact info available?

  19. These interviews are fascinating to me for many reasons. That these experiences occur at all raises more questions than I can count about consciousness. Even more intriguing to me though is that these experiences don't seem to be particularly well known & when this topic is brushed upon in the mainstream there are two main responses: (1) sensationalism or (2) dogmatic skepticism. We would all benefit from simply listening to & taking in the experiencers stories. That they happen at all is indicative that there is still a lot to learn about who we are.

  20. From the ancient text Srimād Bhâgvâd Gitā (3,000 BC): "I am everything. I am in everything, yet away from everything. There is NOTHING but Me. I reside in everyone, yet away from everyone.
    The "Ātma" (soul or "consciousness") is neither your body, your brain, nor your thoughts. It is something away from these. This life force resides in the heart. The "Ātma" has no beginning, nor middle, nor end. It cannot be cut, burnt, harmed or destroyed. It is immortal. All Āatmas return to the the "Param-Ātma" (Super Soul or "Super Consciousness") when the Ātma leaves your body. "You", at your very core, are your Ātma. The Ātma changes bodies as you change your old clothes to new ones. It moves through space time, with it's eventual goal being "moksha" or salvation, an end from the cycle or birth & rebirth on this planet. Your Ātma ("you") is just a temporary, transient resident in your body. The Ātma is not matter born, like your material body, brain or thoughts. It is not bound by space or time. It is eternal & has always existed, and always will"

  21. This is a superb interview in every way. She is a beautiful soul, both spiritually and physically. She is educated and extremely erudite.
    I would like to add that the translater is amazing. She has an an extensive vocabulary and speaks better English than most native speakers.
    Please mention her name in the credits. Thank you.