7 Afterlife Insights for Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers

7 Afterlife Insights for Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers

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I considered I’d make a exclusive episode for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare personnel who are dealing with a large amount of death even though sacrificing a fantastic deal in get to assist all of us through this throughout the world well being disaster. I truly feel impressed to share seven insights that I have gained all through my preferred contacting of the last 23 yrs, due to the fact I consider it may well be handy to them at this time. If you know a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker who might gain from this, I hope you are going to share it with them.

I have watched the video clip footage on Television set of so several doctors and nurses who are exhausted, depleted, disheartened and mourning the loss of extra people than they ever imagined losing through their professions. And it looks that this tragic actuality in which they now obtain by themselves, battling to overcome a seemingly random and compassionless nemesis, is only heading to escalate before we have a cure or preventative evaluate to begin turning it all-around.

Each time I hear a doctor or nurse speak about their anguish, I believe to myself, I would like for their sake that they knew what I have uncovered from my odd-but-illuminating contacting. For the reason that what I’ve uncovered, which I’ve been sharing with other people for two many years now, has confirmed to simplicity the severe sting of grief. Sometimes it helps a great deal. In some cases it helps just a very little. However even a slight lessening of one’s grief can mean the difference among going forward or being trapped. This episode offers a nutshell clarification of what I have realized that may assistance health care employees suffering in this way.

With enjoy in my coronary heart going out to you and yours,
Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com, BobOlson.com & BestPsychicDirectory.com

PS, Particular thanks to my wife, Melissa, for the gorgeous photographs in video clip.

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  1. Wow, thanks Bob! That was very well said. You have helped me out very much. Last year my father took his own life in October 2019. And, like you, I was very curious to find out where his energy went to. You have been a big part of my research. I am working today, Thanksgiving day, I am a police officer on the East Coast. My father was a Boston police officer and I followed in his footsteps. I really appreciate your kind words today. I will hopefully be with my family at 4 PM, my wife always makes a plate for me – I am blessed. I was always a bit skeptical of psychics and so forth. Shortly after my father‘s death I discovered a fella who was a Salem, MA police officer (The Psychic Cop). He had the gift and when he retired he chose to help out people like myself. His résumé was pretty impressive so I gave him a chance. He did indeed reach out to my father and my sister and I we were able to confirm a lot of things. From that time on Word it seems as though a lot of pieces to the puzzle have fallen into place for me. I am now a true believer of life after death. And you and your guests have been a big part of that. So I thank you and I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving with loved ones. I will continue to watch your shows to gain insight into this amazing transition that we will all experience. Take care – Joe Favrau

  2. My Mom passed from Covid a week ago. She was in the hospital for physical therapy due to diabetes. A nurse came into work sick and was found to have Covid , she spread it to several patients, my mom being one. Mom is supposed to let me know she is ok from the other side. I’m still waiting. I’m so much in anguished pain! And fear. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Bob for another beautiful and very comforting message. I also wish to thank the health care workers all over the world for everything they do in this very difficult field and especially during these times, they are such a Godsend.

  4. Ty Bob I’m a nurse and ur right we have lost a lot of people to the point of breaking down and crying on the job to where u feel like u can’t take no more! My heart breaks for the family’s we had to call

  5. this acknowledgement should be for all caregivers regardless of the pandemic or not…anyone and everyone who has cared for another with selfless sacrifice should be honored. there is usually only one caregiver per family that can be that selfless caring for a parent or loved one…they deserve a throne

  6. Thk you Bob / my mom was a r.n . N she’s passed on my uncle is a doctor / has his own practice n my sister is a r.n. Special Ives in the neonatal / care / so yes bless our health care Wrker’s . Thk u all . Thks Bob

  7. We lost our precious son, just turned 25 only weeks before his death, the day this video was uploaded, November 26th 2020. NDE stories have been the only thing that has brought me any comfort, as my son believed in the after life and was always a spiritual seeker, now I seek with more urgency than ever before. The opioid crisis since Covid has done tremendous damage, worse than any other year so far and we have not yet got all the data. In Canada, even though we only have the first half of the years numbers, opioid deaths are nearly double Covid our numbers, yet it is not treated as an urgent crisis. Our communities are being ravaged by this rarely spoken of epidemic. Nearly all street drugs are extremely dangerous now, even marijuana is being found laced with fentanyl. I know the medical staff and first responders are dealing with this tragic situation as well but as I my doctor put it “if it’s not about Covid, they aren’t giving us the microphone”

  8. Bob, I am lucky I suppose in that I haven't yet lost anyone due to this dreadful pandemic. But nevertheless, this video has still helped me enormously to add to my understanding of the 'big-picture' – having lost significant others along life's way. You are a truly unique hybrid of scientist and spiritualist and much needed in this weird world. Please keep up the outstanding work.

  9. Hi Bob, love this!
    I have been a carer in the hospital but mostly in nursing homes, for four years now and ive had many “paranormal” things happen to me and visits from loved ones on the other side. Also experienced a deal of things when someone I have cared for has passed on within the nursing home! It’s very eye opening and fascinating! Xx