Are All Near Death Experiences Staged Hoaxes By DARK ENTITIES?

Are All Near Death Experiences Staged Hoaxes By DARK ENTITIES?

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Podcast guest 269 is Senad Dizdarević from Slovenia. During the dialogue we talked about how the Earth is managed by negative power beings who are persons from larger dimensions with bigger skills who in these situations pretend to be “gods”, “Jesuses”, “angels” and even deceased family users. They are creating a false image of the afterlife for Earthlings. He also statements that even people today who have near death experiences are finding tricked.

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  1. How can they be “higher” Energy beings and be negative or evil? I read Journey of Souls! No one knows who God is, according to it! Hmm!
    I have read similar in a book online…Interview With an Alien by a nurse supposedly who communicated with a gray who was really Android with consciousness saying something similar & calling this a prison planet, but after Alex Jones had said i first! Hmm… I think he & I read the same book.

  2. But what if we refuse? I demanded to be out of here & found myself in the astral plain, so we must have some say or be able to manifest a strongly desired result! I think we have more power than we had been lead to believe!

  3. I wonder if he’s talking about the Akashic Records Hall! Some in India say the A.R. Hall is just like a super computer ready to throw us back here, so I’m finding this very interesting. Not what one usually hears from India!

  4. this guy is exhausting to listen to! He sounds like a nervous bad salesman>. Not only does he not come from love but he is not qualified to talk about after-life since he never experienced an actual nde. Im not religious at all, but does'nt this guy sound like what they describe as the devil in religions?

  5. This is not the first time, I'm hearing this information. I appreciate You, allowing this Gentleman to share this information. People just want to hear "love and light" beautiful garden, golden streets only and not the opposite.

    So my plan is basically when I die, as soon as I see the tunnel, or any relative, Jesus or an "loving" entity I come across, I'll punch them in the face and run in the opposite direction of the tunnel. If it's a real Jesus or family members they are going to have to forgive Me but they need to have to give me the password or proof because no one is going to trick me into reincarnation or returning to earth for a mission. This is my final mission.

  6. After having my own nde, I understand now that reality is quite LITERALLY what we make of it. This man's insights are no doubt very real to him. My prayer is that he opens his mind to receive the Love that awaits if he chooses to accept it.

  7. There’s a lot of neg comments about this guest’s ideas/reality.. but I thought this was very interesting. I can see a connection with what he was trying to say about the moon. It paralleled with other podcasts I’ve seen (I.e. machine inside moon causing choice less reincarnations). I can see all points of views on his truth but none of will know the true reality until we die.. maybe.. lol

  8. Hello Jeff, I have heard a few people in the new age movement talk about some of the same subjects this gentleman did. The idea that earth is a prision planet and humans are just used as engery food for higher beings to feed on is not really new. I just wish this person offered more advice on how we could help ourselves escape this trap he belives we are in now. It seems we are always depending on someone else to free us? I like the way your show lets people talk about a large range of topics. Thank you, very interesting show man.

  9. I gave up after a short time. Not only is this man's explanation very atypical/confusing, but because of his accent he's very hard to follow. Where in the heck did he get these ideas. It sounds very made up and fictional. Not my cup of tea but different strokes for different folks. Carry on.

  10. Actually, many of the major ancient societies, Assyrian, Egyptian and Hindu, as well as others, tell that in the far past gods came down from the sky and helped man. Then about 3500 years ago, evil gods came down and enslaved us. That is where the Adam/Eve getting kicked out of paradise for eating the Apple (at the tree of knowledge), and Prometheus legend, bringing light (knowledge) down to man and being punished. For a LOT of great information about this, look at The Wes Penre Papers, which goes into great detail. Ive studied NDE's for almost 30 years, and I have been stumped as to why we are coming back to live in this prison hell hole of a planet, I could never understand that, and have been drawing these conclusions for a while.

    This may not be as far from the truth as most of you think. You have look deep at all the suffering, rape, torture, drudgery, wars, fear, hatred and so much more that goes on in this insane world, and all the super rich who are as heartless as a reptile. It starts making a LOT of sense. And that they have been brainwashing us all for decades.

    Then they tell you in the after life to love and forgive?? So you will take this punishment and thank/love/forgive them for it??? The light and all that "love" you feel is sounding more like a drug to catch you, like sugar to a fly. When I die, i am fleeing the Tunnel and Light and heading away from this planet as fast as possible. I wish you all the best.

  11. I just read the entire script cause I am trying to understand this. I will have to respect what he thinks is true, but it is very hard to wrap your head around it!! I don't believe that Evil beings could reach a higher dimension at all. I believe there is a Source of Creation and there is Law and Order in the entire Universe!!! Their energy would be too low for them to be in a higher dimension. Maybe they are right here in our midst!!! I will pass on this one. If it is all true, one day we shall find out!! And one more thing: What is the source of all these information?

  12. WOW, religious people don't like to be contraried.
    Thank you for showing so many different opinions on your channel.
    I saw some negative NDEs out there. but it appears religious people always will ignore everything that is contrary to their beliefs.

  13. Could an evil being fake the honesty an NDEr experiences when he or she goes through a life review?

    Would evil beings have people go through life reviews that usually help people change for the better, or would they just simply extract information?

    Could evil beings fake the divine love that many NDErs have experienced?

    Regarding the last question, I have experienced divine love many times, and there is no way it could be faked by an evil being. Divine love is more than a feeling, it includes wisdom and very favorable attributes such as respect for others, compassion, gratitude and humility.

    In order for a being to share divine love with others, it would have to radiate such love from its own being. An evil being couldn't use something such as a machine to manifest divine love.

    People who believe that divine love could be faked by evil minded beings, would find it very beneficial to find out through experience what divine love is about. More than one's intellect needs to be used as one tries to find out.

    I have read and heard many NDE accounts, and going by how many NDERs spoke, it seemed quite clear to me that they had actually experienced divine love. It also seems as if there lives were changed accordingly.

    If as Senad claims, NDEs are caused by Karmicons, and "our" space friends have dealt with the Karmicons, NDEs should stop taking place. Let's see if that happens.

  14. Why dont the 8th dimension sort out the say 5th dimension negative energy feeders, rather than opting to 'upgrade' all other living things in the cosmos/lower dimensions against their free will? If he is proposing to remove the politicians and military here on earth, then why not the comicons!!!
    Love and peace everybody. Keep an open mind, and take it with a pinch of salt.

  15. There are negative entities, who seek to drag us down to their own levels through tactics such as demoralization & disinformation. In my opinion, this guest has opened himself up to become their tool…

  16. I came to self realization .its one of the 8 principles of ancient wisdom.i woke up a few years ago.its beyond strange when you really wake up.then you wonder why you are still here and you still have your human life to live

  17. I choose to keep shining the light & love! Negative entities run from positivity and love. ❤️❤️ I choose to be a spiritual warrior. I choose not to judge this individual, this is his belief, not mine. Love & light to all! ❤️

  18. I've been thinking on this vid and I remembered a previous NDE that seemed a bit odd that may lay credence to this guy's "theory"(slightly). I remember an NDE I saw a while back where the guy was asked during it whether he believed in God, which struck me as odd. Why would all knowing 'being/beings' ask him a question like that? Wouldn't they know the answer to this question already? Perhaps, if it really was the "karma organization" asking the question they needed to know this in order to utilize the best 'way' to manipulate this guy since they couldn't do it with 'religious figures' (the guy was an athiest/agnostic)? I dunno. The guy seems mentally stable and I can't see a reason why he would lie to people about this and seems to really believe it.

    Another weird thing from another NDE. There was a lady that came on that said that she had a vision of her being in a rounded room with a human who had lots of medicines behind him on a shelf and when the lady asked what that was. He replied that it was medicine that cured all human ills but that it wouldn't be given to humans because they are not supposed to be sick in the first place. That's exactly what this guy was saying that one day they will rid of all hospitals because humans will not get sick anymore.

    Anyway, just some observations.

  19. Wow this fellow really freaked alot folks out.
    I thought he was fascinating.
    I've had my own nde and other out of body experience.
    I didnt think he negated my experience.
    Did I miss something?

  20. So why is he allowed to unveil this conspiracy ?If he's right, then why didn't they get him already, since they are higher beings capable of controlling our consciousness and all that ? Instead they give him a girlfriend and let him continue with that – pointless – experiment.

  21. This is maybe not what I want to hear BUT it wouldn't surprise me if this is true. Sort of things are also in Buddhist texts. And the contradictions in nde stories are many. Total opposite messages.

  22. For all the people saying this can’t be true, we don’t know the truth behind existence and of course we hope and want the afterlife to exist and be positive but we really don’t know. Think about all the bad and war and evil on earth. Why is that yet “heaven” is so good, pure and joyful? Why do pure and love filled souls need to come to earth and make mistakes to learn how to love and be good when we already were?? I’m not saying I believe this but it’s possible.

  23. My guess is what Senad said about the other earth is what flat earthers is talking about. One time I still remember an out of towner on the job told me you have already lived your life out of nowhere and that statement rings a bell with what Senad is saying about our lives are scripted. Maybe that's why we have deja Vu.